• Lillian Michaels sighed as she walked along the quiet Orange street. It was about 9:00 a.m. or so, and she seemed to be one of the few early birds out. But she didn't mind. She turned the volume of her mp3 player up. Here I Am by Ryan Morrisen. He was the hot new popstar of this generation, it seemed. Everyone was in love with him. Well, maybe except for her. She loved his music, just not him. He seemed to be another one of those stuck-up teenage celebrities who think they've got it all just because they're young and famous. She would have none of it.
    She wished she could tell it straight to his face-how she felt. But, Ryan lived in California and she lived in Massachusetts, so no luck there. Oh well. There's always Facebook. Or twitter. Or stalking. No, she wouldn't stalk. That would be taking it too far. She didn't want Ryan to think that she was just some other teenage girl who had the hots for him. No freaking way.
    She was crossing the street when she first heard the screaming. It wasn't terrified screaming-more like cheering. I wonder what could be going on? Lillian wondered, turning the volume down as she came closer to the memorial near the center of town. A huge tour bus was turning into the One-Way lane and she had to wait for it to cross, which got her annoyed. Why now? If that bus didn't hurry up, then she was probably gonna get caught waiting for the train and would most likely have to take the long way!
    A sigh of relief escaped her lips and she raced across the street before she had to wait for another car. Girls and boys and families alike waited excitedly in the memorial area and around it as well. Lillian spotted some of her friends a few feet ahead of her. She hurried over to them. They were both wearing their Ryan Morrisen T-shirts. Alexis wore capris, while Mariah wore shorts. They looked so alike you would swear they were twins. But they were only sisters. Alexis had shoulder length, black hair and light blue eyes. Mariah had light brown hair that stopped at her chin, and she had dark brown eyes.
    "What's going on?" I asked them, curling a loose strand of my dark brown hair behind an ear. My own hair reached the middle of my back. The longest of the three. And the thickest. Eh. The two looked at each other. "You didn't hear? Lilly! It's been all over facebook!" Mariah said excitedly, jumping up and down, making her short hair bounce around her face. By the look on my face, Alexis elaborated for me after she heaved an exasperated sigh. "Ryan Morrisen is coming here to promote his new album!" She squealed after she said this. I was taken aback.
    Why would Ryan Morrisen come here of all places?! I rolled my eyes. So that must be why the tour bus is here. Please. I began walking away, after waving goodbye and good luck to my hopeless friends.
    In a few minutes I had made it to the library, where I would be swathed with peace and quiet. I headed up the stairs and walked in, shifting my bag to ease the weight. I pulled out a couple of books and went up to the front desk. One of the librarians-sadly I didn't know her name-smiled up at me. "Good morning," She said kindly. I smiled back. You gotta love that peaceful feeling.
    "Good morning," I laid the books on the top of the desk. "Returning," I reached in my bag and pulled out an unfinished book. "Renewing," I reported. "Okay," She returned the books on the table. "Do you have your library card with you?" She asked. "Oh, yeah." I said, pulled out my wallet and got out the key chain and handed it to her. "There you go," She said and handed me the book I hadn't finished reading. Actually, haven't even started.
    I was just opening the door when I felt it collide with someone. I gasped. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" I rushed outside and knelt next to the victim only to find that this victim was Ryan Morrisen himself. He sat up.