• The thunder booming in the distance distracted Kim from the movie credits rolling down the screen, displaying a few names she couldn‘t help but be amused with. She turned to the window just in time to see the onslaught of rain pouring down from the heavens. Some droplets gently clung to the glass pane of the window, glimmering in the artificial light from the television. She ran her fingers though her midnight black hair to straighten it out a bit before turning her attention to the snoring mass laying on her lap.

    Obviously, Brian hadn’t liked the romantic comedy he had picked earlier that afternoon, considering a small trail of drool was slipping out of the left corner of his mouth and onto Kim’s leg. He was simply adorable when he slept though, the silky brunette locks fanned his face and made his elegant cheekbones more prominent. Yet it made his face look softer and took away the usual mischievous look, replacing it with untold amounts of innocence. She resisted the urge to coo, scared that the noise would wake her boyfriend from his deep slumber.

    Kim looked back to the window and the strangest urge overwhelmed her, the sweet and refreshing scent of the pouring rain seemed to be calling out for her. She eased Brian’s head off of her lap and quietly stood up and walked towards the sliding glass patio doors. Kim slipped outside into the crisp night and instantly felt the moisture permeate the thin fabric of her nightgown, within seconds she was soaked to the bone and absolutely freezing, yet she felt completely exhilarated. The raindrops trickling down her bare arms and legs washed away previous feelings of unease while the plush grass tickled the bottoms of her feet, making her giggle lightly at the sensation.

    She leaned her head back, letting the gentle droplets caress her face. A bead of moisture dripped onto her bottom lip and her tongue slid out to wipe it away. With the taste of the most delicious of water assaulting her senses, Kim opened her mouth and caught some of the descending rain, savouring in it’s unique flavour. Then, once she was sure she understood the rhythm, she began to dance.

    At first it was just a moderate shake of the hips, but as she got more into it she became more courageous with her movements. Before long, her entire body was caught up in the joy of her new found passion. Kim let out a wave of laughter, overwhelmed by the pure bliss and happiness rushing through her veins. She began to twirl, arms stretched towards the sky as the raindrops continued to fall around her.

    A random potted rose upset her balance, however, and she tumbled to the earth. A gasp of surprise broke through her plush lips before she began to chuckle at her predicament, not bothered in the least by her fall. She continued to lie there, body and spirit being washed by the gentle rain. Her gorgeous emerald eyes drifted closed and she focused on every single droplet crashing against her goose bumped flesh. A pleasant heat suddenly surrounded her, leaving her feeling so damn comfy.

    “You’re so adorable,” Brian whispered into her ear, his warm breath making her shiver. Kim reopened her eyes and looked into the beautiful brown ones glancing into her own with love.

    “Oh hey babe!” She grinned and softly kissed the lips mere inches from his own. Kim than sprang from her boyfriend’s grasp and rolled before standing up and offering him a hand. “May I have this dance?’

    “Well of course,” he took the given hand and pulled himself up. Brian placed his calloused fingertips on the still swaying hips of his love, while he felt a pair sliding around his neck and pulling them close.

    “So how long have you been watching me?”

    “Only a minute or two, I managed to watch you twirl like a princess for a bit before you tripped ever so gracefully,” he teased, eyes trained on a single droplet of water on Kim’s bottom lip. He encased it with his own and delighted in the combination of flavours his taste buds received.

    “And did you like what you saw?” Emerald eyes glimmered with mischief in the barely existent light as she gauged her boyfriends reaction to his question.

    “Hmm, how could I not like watching you dance half naked while water droplets cascade down your perfect body. In fact, I may have been jealous of the rain.”

    “Oh, and why is that?”

    “You were so happy to be in it’s embrace, while your poor boyfriend was sleeping on the couch thinking he was cuddling with you,” he pouted, trying his best not to smile.

    “Awe, does BriBri want a kiss to make it better?” Before she even received an answer, she closed her eyes and puckered up her lips like a little child, urging Brian to make his move. Instead, he gently kissed each closed eyelid before nuzzling his face in Kim’s hair. Soft giggles broke through the night’s silence as they continued to slow dance to their own rhythm.

    “When did the rain stop?” Brian asked after they had been dancing a while. His love lifted her head from her boyfriend’s shoulder and glanced around, curious as to how she didn’t notice the downpour had ended. Brian just laughed at her expression of bewilderment. “You are too cute!” Kim casually blushed in reply, but settled herself back into her love’s embrace to dance the rest of the night away.