• Magic Society

    Chapter 1: Moonstone

    Moonstone Academy was the most famous private school known to man, only geniuses can even be accepted to take the entrance exam. The start of a new year meant that there would a new set of first years taking the exam; this was an important time for the school.

    What normal humans do not know is that Moonstone Academy isn't a school for the geniuses; it's a school for the gifted. Only those few with special innate abilities are able to take the exam and since these gifted beings are naturally smarter than most humans, Moonstone Academy has been viewed by the public as simply 'A private school for the gifted and talented'. Simply by becoming a student of the prestigious academy gave you a status as a celebrity.

    The to-be-first years hustled nervously into the school grounds, staying in groups. There was one girl, however, who stood out from all the rest; all the magical beings in this universe were viewed as elite simply because of their outward appearance, except for her. She was either extremely ordinary or extremely extraordinary, depending on your perspective. She didn't seem to know any of the other applicants, yet she didn't look nervous or inferior at all. In fact, you could say she looked calm, or even, eager for the exam.

    The new student's entrance exam consisted of three separate parts; the written exam, the ability exam and finally the obstacle exam. These exams lasted from three to ten days depending on how well you do. The applicants were instructed to head to the exam hall and prepare for their written exams, they were allowed to site where they desired. As expected, all the boys sat on one side of the room and all the girls sat on the other, all the girls except one. The girl from before was the only girl who sat on the boys side and immediately rumors about her were spread.

    "Who does she think she is? Is she a VIP or something?"

    "What world is she from? Don't they teach manners there? I heard she hasn't got any parents or relatives."

    "I think she hasn't got powers, I think she's a human!"

    "Maybe it's not a she, maybe it's a cross-dresser? That would tarnish the reputation of this academy!"

    There were many more like this, and it was definite that she could hear and know about all of them, yet, she sat there in silence as if the whole world around her didn't exist.


    "All right you may start!" the exam proctor announced after all the test papers were handed out.

    The whole room went silent and the girl turned the page and wrote her name, 'Alyssa', at the top of her exam. Across the whole room you could hear the sound of pens and pencils moving furiously as each applicant completed their exam paper.

    Alyssa sat there staring at her exam paper; she carefully read the first question.

    'Who are the strongest elemental magic users in the universe?'

    The answer was obvious, in the universe, there exists twelve supreme ones. Each came from a different world and they were the strongest of their world. They represented their world and its element and were also the rulers of the magic society.

    Alyssa skipped the first question and read the second one.

    'What element does the world 'Solarion' control?'

    Each world had different powers, Solarion had the fire element and each citizen in Solarion had fire abilities, the twelve other worlds were likewise in this way. Alyssa wrote 'Solar energy?' on her exam paper.

    'What is the official gemstone of Aufeis?'

    This was also an easy question. The world of Aufeis Glaceon, was the world of ice. The gemstone would inevitably be Diamond as it was also the strongest world.


    After just three questions, Alyssa got bored and decided to look around her when the exam proctor wasn't looking her way. Situated on her right side, which was in the half of the boy's side, was indeed a very cool and mysterious-looking person. He seemed to have finished half of his examination and was effortlessly completing the rest.

    Alyssa saw his exam paper but was inclined to cheat; in fact, she just sat there reading his answers for the rest of the examination period.

    Question 20: How many different elements are there? Name them.

    'There are twelve worlds in the magic society, so there are twelve elements. These elements are: Ice, Lightning, Fire, Water, Nature, Wind, Metal, Technology, Music, Creatures, Darkness and Psychic.'

    After reading the answers to the five final questions, Alyssa turned back to her own exam as if signaling the exam proctor who immediately announced that time was up, exactly at that moment.

    A few other instructors came in and collected all the exam papers which were taken to another room to be marked while they lead all the applicants to the Combat Zone.

    The combat zone was like an empty piece of land with what looked like bleachers situated all around it forming a somewhat egged-shape sort-of oval. The floor was made constructed with a metal panel which was as big as at least one football field.

    There were a number of third-year students lined up across the length of the field and the applicants were instructed to line up opposite a third year student, in an arranged order of their application number. Alyssa was somewhere in the middle and was standing opposite a timid and shy looking third-year.

    "Alright! Third-years, introduce yourselves and start explaining to these newbies what one-on-one Combat is!" A tall, dark and handsome-looking man ordered the seniors. He was the Combat Coach at the academy and looked to be in about his mid-20s or so.

    The timid-looking third-year student standing opposite Alyssa introduced herself as Misha.


    "One-on-one combat is one of the most basic ways of battle." Misha started explaining. "The name pretty much explains what it is; one person versus one person. Except in Moonstone Academy, you're allowed to use your powers, rather than just martial arts. With me, so far?"

    Alyssa nodded.

    Misha continued. "The rules are simple, who ever falls first loses. There are two ways to enter one-on-one combat, you can either accept a challenge from another element user or challenge another element user, but only if both sides agree. That's basically it, wait…one more thing, you're allowed to challenge others for one-on-one combat at school, the battles will take place immediately after both sides agree. All combat takes place in the Combat Zone."

    Suddenly, metal walls grew around each applicant and the third-year standing opposite them, forming a sort of enclosed space perfect for confining something in. It was pitch black then, you could then here the voice of the Combat Coach echoing through the walls.

    "One-on-one combat shall begin now!" the Coach announced.

    Alyssa was stunned. None of the applicants had expected this. Her eyes started adjusting to the darkness but it was too late, a gush of energy slammed her against the metal wall. She couldn't see where it came from and where she was supposed to attack; she was at a disadvantage, moreover, she didn't even know how to control her powers let alone summon them.

    Another force pinned her down, this time against the cold, metal floor; she couldn't move. Before she could even try to get up she had lost consciousness.

    The walls around them had disappeared, light shone down on all the third-years and applicants still standing. Misha stood next to the unconscious Alyssa trying to wake her up but without success.

    The applicants were taken to the dining hall while the remaining unconscious applicants were being carried to the infirmary.

    Two exams done, only one to go…The obstacle exam was the hardest, as well as the most important for securing your place at Moonstone Academy.