• In a few years ago, I was alone in the streets, walking to nowhere, without family, without friends, and without memory. I lost it somewhere with my name. I didn't know my name either like I was a new born child still hadn't been named yet. I felt someone following me, but I couldn't see him, I just felt him. He was everywhere like he wanted something from me, but what? Did he know my past, my memory, and my name? I felt like I would wander to many towns to find the answers.

    One day, when I was sleeping above a mountain of trash, a man came while holding a silver gun and wearing a bloody red coat and he tried to kill me! I didn't know why! Did I do something to him in the unknown past? Or was he the one who took my past? I ran quickly, but I was surprised because he didn't follow me; he only smiled like an evil without moving a step. I saw him before. Where and when? Who was he? I couldn't remember. That day was a real nightmare.

    I went to another town. It was very cold and the uncolored sky was snowing. I couldn't sleep because I didn't find a home that would give me the real warmth I needed that time. I was setting alone on a chair in a white park. I saw him! He was walking toward me slowly like a ghost and smiling at me evilly. I was scared so I looked around me, but I didn't find anyone to help me. I couldn't scream. I still don't know why! It was like someone was holding my tongue. He came closer and closer and before he took out his shinny gun he said "Long time no see, Lucy".

    I remembered everything at the moment I heard his voice calling me. I don't know how, but I ran. Not because I was scared, but to find something that I could kill him with. I was running, taking stones from ground, and throwing them at him. But he was only smiling! What a cold blooded man. I kept running until I reached a frozen river and he was following me. After he saw that river, he threw his gun and kneeled, holding his head, and screaming like he remembered a painful thing. I don't know a lot of his past, but that moment was my only chance to kill him. I took the gun from the ground and I aimed at him. He looked at me like a thrown poor puppy. I felt sorry for him, but I thought I should kill him before he kills me. I killed him with three shots on the head.

    I cried after I saw his corps floating on that red blot because I've never thought that I would kill a human being. Although he was a body without soul and a man with a black heart, he was like me. We both didn't have a family. His father was killed by mine when he aged as my age now. It was just an accident, but he made a promise to himself that he would kill my father's entire family because his father was his only family he had. After he became 25 years old, he killed my parents in front of me so I lost my memory. Now I'm alone in this world. He is lucky because he left this place. I think if he killed me, it would be better for me than living my whole life alone.

    The end