• "Airi please come with me to the bathroom!" Kanoko said "Kanoko are you still scared of Hanoko?" as Airi laughed, "N-no its not that i just hate the bathroom thats all" as the two girls were walking down the hall of their school, "Oh fine but you owe me 1 yen then" Kanoko smiled as she said
    Airi rolled her eyes "all right then just come with me" Kanoko followed her friend to the toilet, "Okay were here goodbye" said Kanoko "Hey! get back here!" As she pulled on Kanokos arm "your staying with me!" Airi shouted
    "fine" Kanoko mumbled, they went it and Airi went to the last stall and decided to knock there 3 times to make belive that Hanoko was real, *knock...knock...knock* "whoo-s there...?" A voice said Airi gulped "it-it-its Airi..." "Airi shut up!" kanoko said "stop messing around"
    "okay kanoko" "cooome on i-nnn" Airi opend the door and....."
    "Ahhhhh" one of the little girls cried "no no no i dont want to listen!"
    "shhh its okay its okay" the camp leader said the little girl pouted.
    "Okay everybody bedtime " the camp leader said the little girl made her way with the others, "hey you were really scared you big baby" one of the girls said "oh shut up okay" as she climbed into bed she fell asleep rather fast. ZZZzzzZZZ she awoke because she had to go to the bathroom she climbed out slipped on her slippers and walked to the restroom, she went in and heard a voice "heeeelp me......." "Hello?" the girl said "..." she went into the stall she heard the noise and screamed "Ahhhhhhh"
    "shhh its okay baby just a bad dream" the little girls mother said as she was in her room "mommy i was scared" the little girl whined "its okay....its over once and for all" as the mother stabbed her child "AHHHH"
    gasping i woke up from the dream the nightmare which had consumed me now its over.

    Hope you liked my story smile by Maid destiny