• Chapter 1
    The beginning of the beginning
    I dreaded the thought of getting “Cringents disease” as I hid from the invading Acrinium task force. I had heard that there were supposedly 20 Evronians that were immune to the Nilodian’s ultimate biological weapons entirely. You had to have all 20 Evronians DNA linked and spliced into a triple helix to achieve immortality as was thought. But of course 1 of the 20 was lost in the Great Battle of the Blockades, and so 19 were located making a immortality nearly impossible. I had no idea as to why my home world was under siege by the Three Axial powers(T.A.P.). All I knew was that my people were dying by the very hands of my ancestors, and here I am crouching cowardly in an air vent in the Bank of power. Suddenly,
    “Hey what’s this?” the sound of betrayal rang in my ears as my best friend said,
    “P...p...please don’t kill me?”
    “We’re looking for this person,” the unidentified voice said through a rustle of paper.
    Ch,ch,ch,ch, the sound plasma rifles resounded painfully throughout the air ducts. Thump! A shadow lay across the vent’s opening grate before falling below the point at which I could see my best friend Weasel A. Clout dead with a hole going right through his body.
    “What do we have here,” the voice said, the very same one that belonged to the hands yanking at the vents grill. “Youch!”
    All the while I was concentrating on the grates metal increasing its temperature to an egg cooking level.
    “Yep! He’s in there all right and toasty at that” one of the acrinium soldiers as he jumped back shaking his burnt hands.
    Giving up on doing so manually, a biological blowtorch was inserted into the vent blowing at full strength. I quickly jumped back but to no avail did I escape the torches green flame. Suddenly a wave of nausea rushed through me. Then at that very moment, I thought I was going to die. All those that I knew who came in contact with the strangely green flame, died within seconds. As I continued to back up, the flame came even closer. Then I flipped and fell down 30 meters of air duct luckily landing on my feet, only to be met with gunshots and bullets piercing the duct walls and floor. Then with a yelp, I jumped back only to be met with more biological blowtorches blocking my path and closing in on me.
    Filling up with anger and frustration, I closed my eyes briefly concentrating on the direction at which the torches came. And seeing with my mind’s eye the controllers of the torches, I gathered my energy, feeling it pulsate throughout my entire body, rushing through my veins, I released the power gathered from within through my finger tips. All the way to the torches with a violent explosion that rocked the duct walls. And as the explosion finished resounding throughout the building, the torch nozzles retracted from sight. But just as I thought it was safe, a voice said behind me,
    “You may have escaped my people's biological flame torch, but you can’t escape old shredder.”
    All the while I was freaking out, lashing at the duct walls in an attempt to escape whatever he was intending to use to kill me. If only I had had the thought to use my abilities to find out at that very moment.
    “Ch,ch,ch,ch,”the sound of a biological plasma shotgun warming up for the kill resonated along the duct walls.
    “You will certainly love this,” the voice said joyously.
    “You won’t be able to hit me as easily as you think, especially with such a slow weapon as that!” I replied back with a tinge of bluffing valor.
    Then as the shot gun began to warm up faster, the duct floor fell right out from under me in a perfect rectangle as if someone made it for themselves before me. And amazingly I landed on my feet again only to be met with a painful horror.
    “Don’t move,” Dr. Viz said with a mischievous grin on his face holding one of my inventions, the sun plasma musket, aimed at my so-called heart. “Or it’ll hurt even worse, even though it’ll make you feel burning sensations run throughout your pitiful body as pain as it is.”
    “Who,” someone said among Dr. Viz’s troop. Who’s not to move…”
    Sighing heavily, Dr. Viz turned around searching for the curious questioner. Locating him, he took aim, fired and stood there with a smirk plastered on his face as he watched the Acrinium disappear in a flash of dust and light. Addressing the rest of is troop he said,
    “Anymore questions?”
    And in response, the platoon said nothing with faces filled with anger and sadness for what had just happened. Though in the future this very same troop would help lead a rebellion against evil in the upcoming empire. Turning about, facing me, or was, he pulled the trigger, only to receive a clicking sound warning that the micro fusion cells were empty. Bang! The sound of my micro- sniper pistol rang throughout the room, and feeling searing pain of a .5 caliber bullet embedded in my chest, I dropped to the floor and blacked out. Even though my physical senses failed, my mind, my heart, and my very soul remained active in search of a resting-place at which to rest for eternity. At that moment all that I knew would pass and new would come with a hero’s price, sacrificing what I could no longer keep hidden.
    * * * * *

    “Ha,” scoffed Dr. Viz. “after thousands of years of war, I have finally finished my legacy with the destruction of the Evronians. And now I shall forge a new legacy. An empire of great power----more powerful than the Triple Axial Powers of whom exiled the Evronians, according to my plan. None shall stand in my way in creating this empire and restoring this galaxy’s position in the earthling universe, no one. Ha, ha, haaaa”
    “Beep, beep, beep,” the comm. went off.
    “Sir what should we do with the body?”
    “Dump it with the rest of the Evronian scum in the Quadrius nebula. And oh, take some blood samples and do a few bio tests. Report anything you find!”
    “Yes sir!”
    Shutting the comm. down, Dr. Viz began analyzing the inventions of the previously killed, Joseph Hirner III. As he analyzed each invention, he began to realize the technological advancements of the Evronians and their advantages as having powers.
    “But why did they not fight back and defeat my invasions, why did they feel that they did not need to do so,” thought Dr. Viz as he continued to analyze the inventions that not only went beyond explanation in circuitry but also in use. Ignoring the cries for help, he tossed aside the inventions and began planning for his next campaign not realizing that he had made his first major mistake, but not his last.
    * * * * * *

    10,000 years passed by without movement in my body and almost anything living or dead would decay into the cosmos in the Quadrius nebula. Unfortunately, all those who were dumped cold-bloodedly into the Quadrius nebula were vaporized within 24-hours of being trashed. But by some unknown reason, my body remained intact save or my breath, held in limbo, for who knows how long. As each thousand years passed by I steadily grew bored with anger, since I couldn’t leave my body and enter the great universal cataract because technically I didn’t die, till I reached the point of creating great catastrophic events in the nearby quadrants. I would continue to do this because of my feeling of power from sheer anger based boredom. I would mentally charge my body with plasma particles and hurl them with my mind into nearby asteroids creating chain reactive explosions 2 times that of a super nova that went off in the Romulan nebula of star-date 832.27A. I continued to do this for 2 thousand years more, at least until all that remained of the nebula was a quasar of immense size and power. If only I could warp space and time to teleport to my home world Evron, and avenge my people, and bring justice down on the heads of the Triple Axial Powers, who invaded my home world and sent the souls of my people into the great universal cataract. But I knew that the war was far from over, at least in this universe, even though half my people were dead. If only I knew….
    * * * * * *
    10 thousand years earlier, Dr. Viz started his campaign building an empire of great dark power. He brought his fist of steel down on those who dared to disobey him, by execution or torture---either way they died anyways. All was going well for him, at least until he had a son, predicted to keep the empire running. At the age of 60 thousand years, Dr. Viz died on his death bed with these words on his lips,
    “Destr---destroy all Evronians, every last one and let none escape. Fulfill your destiny as the true son of the Dark Trueity; keep the empire alive, my son. Keep my legacy going, remember to…” all went quiet as the first emperor of the “Dark Empire” went still all pale, no skin color in his face whatsoever.
    In a fit of rage, Dr. Viz’s son threw open his father’s sacred chest of secrets, only to be opened by those sworn to never tell what they saw inside as long as they lived, tearing through it only to discover a bin of lies. But then… “Click”… “Click”, the sound of an imperial assassin’s bio rifle being loaded, and then “boom” a shot rang throughout the Imperial palace. Before the second shot rang out Dr. Viz’s son, by the name of Alexander Crypto Viz, vaulted into the air back flipped, cart wheeled, all in the air before landing on his feet, challenger blade drawn. Then suddenly the second shot rang out from behind the curtains on the southern balcony hidden deep within the shadows. As the bullet flew for its target, time seemed to slow for Alexander and quickly he deflected the bullet with a side thrust strait back to the assassin’s fire-arm with a violent explosion. As the smoke cleared there stood the assassin in plain sight, an Evronian spy assigned the job of eliminating the imperial family.
    Then suddenly he began to hover in midair, clutching his throat as if someone was physically choking him,
    “Please,” the assassin said in pure desperation gagging the whole time. “Let me and my family and my people live they are few and we were attacked for no apparent reason as you may have seen in your father’s sacred chest. Why must we die for some lifeless campaign, meant to annihilate many so that others may enjoy seeing us die? How many more must die?
    Seeing the assassin’s so called truth, Alexander thought to himself “Yeah, why do I have to fulfill some thing as bloody as war that was not meant to be?” Dropping the assassin Alexander, proceeded to the council area when again the loaded his rifle and placed the cold star-iron barrel against Alexander’s neck saying, “ I cannot disobey orders, so don’t move young one, I don’t want to do this either so…” but before he could finish Alexander whipped around thrusting a telekinetically charged air bolt into the rogue assassin throwing the assassin into a nearby pillar sending a shock- wave throughout the entire Imperial grounds. Seeing the pool of blood collect at the base of the pillar but no Evronian to be seen, the Dark Trueity that was flowing in Alexander's bloodline in his very genes, pulsating in his body began to activate. Suddenly a flash of light from behind him made him stumble but not fall on his knees. Whirling around he saw nothing at first but then his dark ray sight kicked in, and seeing the assassin Alexander threw a great bolt of lightning that followed the Evronian and on impact vaporized him with a short scream for help.
    “Never under estimate you opponent, for you might be greatly mistaken. Especially when your opponent is a “Trueity”. The empire is mine for the taking. I will fulfill my destiny. My destiny is to destroy all Evronians and to place this galaxy back in the universe of the humans’.”
    Then suddenly a light clapping began to sound out from behind the council area doors as they began to open. As they opened fully in walked the imperial advisers and the head adviser said with a pleased voice,
    “You have done well young Trueity, now you have passed the test your father set for you so that he would know, though dead now, that you were the true new emperor of the this great empire. And so now we accept you as our ruler. And…”
    Alexander cut him off, “I will then no longer have need of your services, and you can do nothing about it.”
    “But you can’t just push us to the side, that wasn’t part of the agreement you father made with us 2 thousand years ago and we----
    “You either stop pestering me or die, though I would prefer die, and oh, yeah, I forgot, you’re traitors by mark now and that cannot be reversed, idiots!”
    As Alexander said so a great dealing of screaming and wailing sounded out from the room all the while Alexander was joyously concentrating on placing the mark of traitor on the forearms of the council members. Suddenly turning about he gathered his dark energy and let it flow throughout his body and directing it at the newly branded members of the imperial council through his finger-tips striking down all ten of the council, laughing hysterically with a new found gruffness in his laugh.
    “This universe and many others are mine for the taking and no one can stop me now! Ha ha ha haaaa”
    * * * * * *
    “Joseph Hirner III”
    A wavering voice said and suddenly my eyes opened, I took a breath for the first time in 10 thousand years filled with relief thinking that I was waking from a dreaded dream that never took place. But then shock and convulsions of some sort overtook me and I began to hold my breath for as long as I could thinking that I was going to die of suffocation before long then realizing that if I held my breath in hard vacuum my lungs would burst. So I let out a quick breath preparing for the rushing in of darkness as I would die from suffocation. But then I suddenly sneezed.
    “Wow, that doesn’t happen often in space.” I said allowed in my thinking out loud way that I do some times when I get a new idea. And in utter shock I began to hyperventilate.
    “It is okay, young Light Trueity you are safe now, though you had me worried that you wouldn’t awaken from your “sleep of thought.” I had to work on your body for about 3 thousand years since your train of thought was definitely set on saving your home world and destroying my peaceful home of asteroids and star-dust. The work was extensive since you body was so badly injured from that micro-sniper pistol that you invented. Luckily I had enough plasma to not only repair the wound but also to make you immortal since I know that in your heart you will fight for justice no matter where you are.” The voice said again even closer and clearer than before.
    Even though the surrounding asteroids looked old and the star plasma and the star dust of many colors ranging from red to violet on the visible light spectrum, I could tell that I had destroyed a natural sight and that father time had had to come and repair what I had done. Also I could not tell directly where the voice was coming from so I yelled out mightily,
    “I am truly sorry for what I had done and…”
    The voice cut me off with wavering sorrow and joy, “It was not your fault as to what happened to my home, you were supposedly killed dumped here and forgotten by that murderous Acrinium, Dr. Viz. and if I had of stopped him all this would not of taken place. But that is of the past now. You are the future; you must fight your half brother a Dark Trueity to stop all the killing of your people and his. You have…”
    “My half brother?! Are you insane, I never had a half brother. All I have is me; my parents abandoned me so that they could live in the empire, and not have to have me killed! Don’t you understand?” I cried out in agony for that was all that I knew of my past in family. And what I knew was not natural to me and that I somehow contained more information than the largest Evronian library contained, but still most of that was in controversy since I could only pull that information out at certain unpredictable times.
    “Besides why can I not see you?”
    “You do see me; look strait in front of you for there you will see the answers you seek young Trueity. A cloud is not a cloud without substance, remember that.”
    As I looked ahead of me I realized that the answers to my questions were there all along. I was shocked that it was not that I would have realized was a being that healed me but actually a quasar, at which I never knew was alive, nor did anyone else. Nor did I realize that not all beings had heads, legs, or even arms for that matter until I met this one. Then I began to sense a growing feeling that trouble was headed my way. I knew not what it was that I was sensing, so uncontrollably I searched the outlying areas that surrounded the quasars home with my new found power, my minds eye, only to discover an imperial star ship headed for the quasar’s home quadrant. Before I could speak the quasar explained,
    “I am not just any quasar as you can see, I am a Quadrian exile exiled for helping those in need that were not of my own kind…”
    “There are more of you?” I queried.
    “Silence, and let me continue,” the Quadrian commanded. “When my kind exiled me, I took a great deal of grief with me as I left my home, but that was not all that I took. I took the power of Remusti which enabled me to carry the power of a great healer and protector. The power that I had is gone now for I have given you a new array of powers added to that of which you have already. You must use them for the light and the light alone. Only time will tell you of your new array of powers. What I can give you is that your home powers now control Plasma, the most powerful element of all the Elementals in the universe. Use them wisely and you will lead a prosperous life in the fight against your half brother and the growing darkness.”
    “But why me, I am young, I have no idea who my half brother is and who my true family is? For me to fight I must know this.” I said in response to his speech.
    With a great sigh the Quadrinian using an tendril of star-dust drew a circle in space and muttered a few inaudible words and at that very moment an image appeared in the circle of dust that the Quadrinian had drawn.
    A baby was formed in the image, as a mother was giving birth to a child, a girl at that. As the scene continued a doctor said,
    “She’s an Air elemental; she must be protected well for she will help save the galaxy and all the known universes.”
    Both the father and the mother looked pleased, but as the father turned away for a small moment the mother gave a mischievous look at the child and returned to her normal posture as a mother giving birth would. As the image continued to move in the background an imperial guard was smiling with his gun at ready. But then the guard vanished in a flash of darkness and as he disappeared a laugh filled the room, an abnormal laugh at that that shook the room.
    Then again a mother giving birth was shown and the very same thing happened except that the doctor exclaimed that this girl baby was a Water elemental and too must be protected well for she would bring justice to the empire and its evil doings.
    When it came to the third child, the doctor said,
    “Wow this is the most powerful of all the Evronians but also the most dangerous and the darkest of them all and must be killed. This time the father was furious and so released a bolt of light from his red glowing eyes knocking over the doctors tool table, saying
    “He must not be killed; all must have a chance to live and to fulfill their destinies. If we cannot keep him we will find some one that will keep him and allow him to live his life to the fullest of its potential.
    Then the image change and the child was being dropped off by the grieving father at the Forgotten’s Safe Home of Full Potential’s, or known most often as “F.S.H.F.P’s”, doorstep with just a knock and a note on the baby’s carrier basket saying,
    “Let him live to the full potential of his life and let him live out his destiny, for all must be given at least one chance. His name shall be; Joseph Hirner III, an elemental of an unknown origin. Protect him well.”
    As the father left the door opened and a bright light flashed before a set of arms reached out from behind the door and carefully picked the child up out of the carrier basket with the note and walked inside out of view.
    As the fourth was born the doctor began to choke on his own blood as a Heart Stone detonated in his lungs. Before he died, he gurgled,
    “He is a fire elemental, predicted to also assist with the resurrection of the Evronian Empire and to push back the darkness. Protect him with great caution, for if you don’t you will die!
    Then finally, a fifth child was born only that the doctor and the father were different. The father was the Dr. Viz, my sworn enemy, with tendrils of darkness wavering around and out of the mother, my mother. As the child was being held by the doctor, Dr. Viz commanded his new evil wife,
    “You must go back to your original husband and say, “we must leave this universe to survive the emperor’s wrath. We must enter the Forbidden Portal of the Lost and never return unless the war is over at which can now be checked with the portal gate keeper. For if we don’t all will be lost forever, and take the children we must. And once on the other side choose a home world and never return, for one day soon I will join you for the rest of our lives. Do what you must to survive; this command will be active in 2 days, remember this!”
    Then the mother was of my half brother was wheeled out in haste as the doctor in command commanded so with the child in hand smiling viciously.
    Then the circle with the images disappeared and a great explosion took place knocking asteroids aside exposing a gaping hole in the Quadrinian’s home and a star ship entering, firing energy nets aimed at me.
    Time seemed to slow for me, and unsheathing a Trueity blade that I never knew I had access to slashed net after into useless energy particles that soon disappeared into unstable quantum spheres. Heading for the star ship in flight of some sort thinking that I could take it on alone I increased by speed only to be blocked by the Quadrinian who said,
    I will hold them off, you must start a new life as a three year old in another universe, you will forget everything until time tells, when you make that passage. I know that you need to do this for this will lead you to your destiny and one day you will see why!”
    “But why,” I yelled. “Why must do this, you need help too, more than I need.”
    “Because all those who died to fight the darkness, will not have done so in vain, and because the future depends on you. You have an Achilles heel, but that will only weaken you, temporarily, remember so. Now concentrate on the ones you have never seen, concentrate on your father, for he will show you the path of the Trueity.”
    Seeing his desperation and frustration, I concentrated forming an image in my mind; the image of my father, the image of his pain, the image where he would be in my time of need. Then somehow I weaved the images into another the image of myself at the age of three, playing on a primitive farm on a world known as earth in the 20th century. As the image completed I flew somehow against my will to fight for the Quadrian at the solid image and I passed through. As I did so, I shed a tear of sadness as the portal closed and the Quadrian was being harnessed in energy nets preparing him for his life of in an energy production plant being processed into energy pellets for weaponry for upcoming battles. Then a voice in my head said,
    This I give you, treasure it for all of eternity for eternity is what you will be in even when all is thought to be lost.”
    Then in through the closing portal a Trueity blade and shield flew and struck both my left and my right shoulders. Then the sword split into two parts, each heading for a part of my body, first was my head and instead of marking me, it placed its blade in the knight dubbing manner. Then the same for my heart, and finally my hands, then rejoining into one blade it vanished in a flash of light that I would always remember even at the age of three. Then on my back and shoulders formed a shield and sword image that glowed throughout the darkness.
    “Remember me always, Joseph. The mark on your back and shoulders symbolize the blade of truth, the dubbing of the knight in two parts represent who you are in truth, a Light Trueity that will never stop until the job is finished, no matter what, even when time may seem bleak. The shield is the power that you have to fight the forces of darkness.” The voice finished saying so and left me wavering, as the portal exit pulled me through like a teleporter beam on rescue star ship. Then everything went black as the transition finished. Then opening my eyes at which I never closed, even though I had forgotten so, and I stared up at the bright unlit multicolored ceiling fan in a room that seemed oddly familiar but was not, on a hard wood floor and said,
    The Beginning of the Beginning of a war has come!