• Another world in time

    In this world there exist things that cannot be understood and places which nobody knows of...

    Some say that there exists a dimension different from ours, others say that the is a second earth, one which has not yet discovered what we have and then there are those that say that there exists two worlds on this planet, one which we live in and another which is below the surface of this world.
    But I have seen this place; it exists in time, time goes by the same as in this world, but it remains an older version of this world and the only way to reach it is to pass through the barrier that exists in the middle of nowhere.

    The Bermuda triangle, this invisible barrier, can only be passed through when one has all three the keys that is needed, but without these keys one only goes pass it, thus is where all these mysterious stories come from, of ships and planes that just vanish and of communication that is lost and navigation instruments that fail, of people that where still maybe hours away from their destinations and in just minutes or even seconds reach an ever further away place from where they were heading, but I don’t even know exactly what can happen in this area, or even how!

    The keys one needs are a clear and open mind, knowledge of this place hidden behind the barrier and a reason for passing through the barrier, these keys are needed for passing through on either side.