• "No, I will not go through that, I don't want to go into university again!"
    "You will have to or else you won't have a good job to support you'r family with and you will have no home if we don't have any money.." My mother said.

    "I want to be a scientist!" Annibelle giggled and held Agatha's hand which was her mum.
    Annibelle was a good young child that was clingy to her mum Agatha, she never really ate much so she's really skinny but not that skinny.

    Ronald felt scared that he was told off by his own mum to go to university again and start his classes of being a 'nerd' he called it, Agatha & Roger already paid for this 4 year long trip in Manchester of £2,000 and they gave Ronald a full £10,000 for his long journey for 1 or more years.

    Roger was Ronald's and Annibelle's dad, Roger called Ronald when he was first born on December 1st 1988 and Agatha called Annibelle when too she was born on her first day on the Earth; Her birthday was August 2th 2004 so that means she is 7 years old.

    Soon Roger booked a train towards Manchester since they lived in Hull, cold breezy Hull.
    When Ronald figured out, he was absolutely furious and he said these very words, "DAD! COME HERE NOW!!! I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU FOR LIFE! I HATE THIS FAMILY AND I HATE YOU, I HATE ANNIBELLE, I HATE MY MUM! I HATE ALL OF YOU, I'M GOING AWAY TILL I DIE SINCE I WON'T BE NEEDING YOU LOT BECAUSE YOU NEVER DID ANYTHING GOOD FOR ME!" He shouted as loud as he could and he walked to the door and slammed it shut noisily.. Ronald's family was all gathered around when he said that, those words made the whole family feel sad, irritated and now un-completed without their son not in the family as they thought and as Ronald spoke, they thought that he didn't want them as a family anymore.

    Annibelle cried and so did Agatha but Roger stayed strong and got angry, he went to the kitchen and trashed the place, they cried even more. Then Roger went to the garden and started to smoke and shout to himself, he said, "RONALD!!! YOU ARE SO RUDE, YOU SHOULD NEVER TALK TO YOU'R FAMILY LIKE THAT!" After alot of words spoken and a cigar smoked, he finally went inside up to his room.
    He locked it and he started to call Ronald and say so many mean things to him as Agatha overheard, she didn't want to be shouted again right in the face so she never told Roger anything about it.
    Annibelle and Agatha both wiped their tears and Agatha said too Annibelle, "Its okay, Ronald will be back soon, its fine, nothing to worry about, I promise." She said softly and warmly she hugged Annibelle close to her.

    Ronald was so furious but he regretted those words he said and he felt sorry for his family, he walked his path across the park towards the train station to collect the tickets his dad bought for him.
    "Hull to Manchester: Train 5 - 5:30 PM" It said on the board, he ran quickly towards the train since it was nearly 5:31 PM, he got inside the train and made a glum face and looked down and the train's floor.
    He sat down next to this old woman, she asked him, "What's you'r name dear?" And then Ronald Answered, "Ronald, what's you'rs?"
    "My name is Saphire."
    "That's a nice name."
    "Where are you from boy?"
    "I'm from Hull."

    The train started to stop and he said bye to Saphire and told her that it was his stop, Saphire said bye too as he walked by the pole and leaned against the posters on the walls.
    He was thinking about what he said to his family, how he regretted it so much, then he started to mumble those very words that he said, he started to become tearful and he cried suddenly. Saphire suddenly popped out of nowhere and touched his left shoulder, Ronald gasped and quickly stepped away since he thought it was a stranger, he stared at Saphire for a bit and then he said, "You scared me, I thought you was still in the train waiting for you'r stop but you'r here, at mine." He looked confused, then Saphire said, "Hello Ronald, my name is not really Saphire." She suddenly looked pale and her eyes were empty and grey, her voice seemed to tremble and creak, he hair was so different like a bit of red and black, Ronald now knew that she was transforming into some different creature of person.

    "I am The Devil and I have come to get you." The Devil said.
    Ronald screamed and then he fell down and deeper in some other place, "What's happening!? Where am I!? I demand to know you Devil!!! TELL ME!"
    It was blank and then Ronald fell into this soft cloud somewhere light and he saw ghouls, different people fading, he then caught a glimpse of his family but it faded away and seemed to come closer to him, dissapearing and then re-appearing much, much closer to him each time he blinked.
    Ronald was scared, terrified even. He asked these ghouls to stop fading away then they all turned their faces to him, cracking their necks and their eyes all black all around.
    Suddenly The Devil appeared and said, "Here is you'r family that you did not want, here are you'r friends that you have abandoned, here is you'r cousins that you tricked, be with us, join us if you are evil enough to but you are because I have chosen to do so." Ronald said, "No! I will NEVER join this evil group, I want to say sorry for my family, I really do want them!"
    "No you don't, you wasn't prepared to go on you'r journey youself so you was provided with all the things you need but you did not want them, you did not accept them. You just left them." Ronald was thinking, was that actually true?

    When Ronald was a little boy, he was like an angel more good than Annibelle because he always ate his food and accepted what he was given, he was bullied in school and he told the always told the truth to his parents and now the boys that bullied him was suspended from school and they were to follow the rules that they given them and all the days were better and good again.
    Ronald got older, about 10 to 11 and he was then turning to be bad, he started to do all these tricks of visiting his cousins and his friends, trying to trick them into his traps and flooding them with anger but Ronald but laughing but old enough to understand and 1 day, he felt a little big queasy and wanted to eat.
    He told his mum and Agatha gave him food, Ronald didn't accept it and pushed the plate full of food away, when he was a little boy at the age of 8, he was granted a wish by a priest, Ronald said, "I want to be a trickster, where I trick people and so that I can laugh at them."
    The priest was shocked that this little boy wanted that wish but he granted it since he was only little and never thought that it would actually come true for some wishes.
    He was then asleep at night, he dreamt about heaven and he met God in real life, God said in his dream, "Do not become bad, become good and be invited to stay in Heaven with us through the Graceful Gate, you shall be invited for us if you shall not be bad, come, come stay with us and have peaceful eternity with others, laughing with each other and friends."
    Then this dream ended, he forgot on how it ended just like other normal dreams.
    He then told his mum and dad that he went to heaven in his dream and then he told them how he is going to be a trickster instead, his mum and dad was worried so they tried to convince him not to be one of those since they take other peoples money from tricks.

    He was still sat on the soft cloud with The Devil right in front of him with different other ghouls next to The Devil.
    He didn't say anything for a while and he said, "Yes, I want to be in." But he was thinking of Heaven, not Hell but he was falling already with this tiny creature on his shoulder, it crawled from his shoulder to his feet and them dropped into this colourful flame at the bottom, he saw it drop and burn in the fire, it was in the flames and then Ronald saw it's soul rise up towards him and he screamed, screamed and then he felt like he was going to his grave, the grave to hell.

    Ronald dropped into the flames of hell and died, he was never to be seen again not even to his family and so many people were wondering where he has gone and no-one ever knew that he died, not even his family.
    Agatha and Roger were sad that they couldn't find Ronald, so was Annibelle so Roger called the police to have a search for Ronald but they never found him.
    Agatha and Roger then carried on their life and Annibelle too, Annibelle became what she wanted and stayed to be good, Agatha and Roger passed away sadly but at least they are in Heaven because they have been taken good care of their children including Ronald but Ronald decided to get the wrong choice, the wrong side of Earth.

    The End.