• The night felt endless, with billions of stars over everyone's heads and a big, mandarin moon hanging above the distant horizon. A swaying, slow song came from the patios stereos, trembling in the cool air and gradually fading. The indoor lights were warm and illuminated the dark night. Some of the guests had went in, sneaking off to find wine and a place to make out. All the rest had stayed outside, dancing and laughing.
    Sabrina and April had thrown the party, sitting together in the gazebo, both wearing beautiful black dresses from Saks and reapplying their lipgloss every five seconds.
    "Look at Amanda, who dyes her hair like that?" April whispered, giggling a little.
    "Oh, that's nothing compared to Natalie. You can see her roots, it's so gross," Sabrina murmured back, knitting her eyebrows together.
    The girls were judging each of their guests with distaste and drunken laughs, thinking tonight would be like any other party. They had no idea that one of them would be dead in an hour.

    ~ Sorry, it's inspired from Pretty Little Liars, I know: I'm horrible