• D: Man! When the General said this guy was no pushover he wasn’t kidding around. We already hit him with almost everything we got and he is still standing.
    I: I know this already idiot. How about you state something else, like I don’t know a plan or…
    E: WAIT! Dragon you just said we hit him with almost everything we got. So what haven’t we hit him with yet?
    D: Well Nec still hasn’t used his necromancy yet, but…
    E: Necromancy?!? What the hell is that?
    D: Yeah, it’s the ability to summon the dead as his undead army. The only problem is that the dumbass zombies don’t know the difference between friend or foe.
    I: I told you not to call my legions stupid. The only reason they ever attack you is because you provoked them.
    D: I’ll call you and your little undead friends whatever the ********…
    E: Shut Up Dragon! Nec please just do it, I’m getting tired of fighting this guy.
    I: Alright I’m on it right now. (mumbling the incantation)
    E: Wow this is amazing, isn’t Dragon? *Rumble!*x2
    E: Dragon? Where are you?
    D: Up here.
    E: But Why?
    D: I’m not taking any chances with those zombies in this small area.
    I: Yeah whatever, to bad there is no water in this cave. I could have summoned Pooffy.
    E: who’s Pooffy?
    D: Ooooh no! You’re not to bring out that abomination ever again.
    E: But who is Pooffy?
    D: He’s a Flying Whale that I fused Great White Shark to make him more aggressive and gave it fangs. It was killed in battle, but since Nec is a Necromancer it became his best undead soldier.
    E: So it’s a Megalodon.
    I: Yeah pretty much except for the being undead, able to fly, and not a Dinosaur.
    D: Sorry to interrupt the two of you, but how the progression of your retards doing against our friend?
    I: I don’t know , you’re the one on a pillar genius. How’s about you tell me instead.
    D: Oh yeah I forgot about that.
    I: And here you call my zombies retards. While you’re the one on a giant pillar in the middle of the cave that you made yourself to get away from them and you forget that you’re on it.
    D: Shut up! I’m looking damn it… Hey Nec your undead pals are getting their asses kicked.
    I: That isn’t possible I used his own soldiers to take him out and they were strong when they were alive.
    D: Well it’s happening and we don’t have time for this right now. So I have a plan and the star of this plan is you Vamp.
    E: Why can’t you guys just call me Earnist. I really hate that codename.
    D: Stop your bitching. I need you to pull out your canteen and pour the water on the floor then get as far away from it as you can.
    E: But why do you want me to do that?
    D: Listen you can either do what I said or you can just go over there help out the dead squad with our friend.
    E: Ok I’ll stop with the questions and do what you said.
    I: Hold on for a second Vamp. Dragon are you planning to do what I think you’re going to do.
    D: You damn right I am.
    I: But if you do that you’ll expend all your remaining energy and be helpless.
    D: 1st of all I’m never helpless and 2nd is if you do your part of the plan I won’t have to worry about anything.
    I: I got my part under control. You just make sure you don’t fall off that pillar ok.
    D: That won’t be a problem. So lets get this started shall we.
    I: I’m all set here.
    E: I think I’m ready.
    *Clap* *Crackle*x2 *Splash*
    E: It’s…It’s… It’s a lake!?!
    D: You’re damn right it is. Now Nec do your thing so we can go back home all ready. I’m so tired and hungry.
    I: I’m already on it.
    E: Wait, what are you doing?
    I: I’m about to bring out Pooffy, that’s what I’m doing.
    E: Pooffy! But I thought Dragon said you would never use him.
    D: I did, but in drastic times like this. I have no problem helping him bring out this evil thing.
    I: Now you all that sweet talk won’t stop him from trying to eat you. Alright he’s here now what Dragon?
    D: Now tell the zombies to take him into the water then tell Pooffy to do what he does best.
    I: Alright I’m on it.
    D: They’re almost there tell them to keep it up. Oh no they stopped moving toward the water what’s going on?
    I: He’s fighting back. I don’t think he’s going to go in quietly.
    E: Hey I got a idea. Dragon can you make me a shopping cart out of the water canteen.
    D: A shopping cart? What you going to do with that, go shop for something nice for our friend here or something?
    E: Do you want me to help or not?
    D: Alright I’ll do it but it better be worth it.
    I: Hey dumbasses. Apparently the both of you forgot somehow that Dragon used the rest of his energy to make the lake and can’t use his alchemy.
    D: Damn I sure did forget that I did use up all my energy.
    I: I swear I’m surrounded by retards. How the hell do you forget that you used up your energy when you just said a little while ago that you were tired from the lack of energy.
    E: Ok I got one more idea and I’m sure this one will work.
    D: And do tell what is this brilliant idea of yours? What are you going to do. Pull a bouquet of flowers out from one of your questionable frilly sleeves and give them to him.
    E: To Hell with you. I’m going to use my Sling Blade to knock him into the water.
    D: Oh that thing. Do you actually know how to use that thing. I thought that was just for show.
    E: I tell you what. How about when we get back to the base we test how well I am with this thing against you.
    D: Fine by me, but don’t blame me when I embarrass you and your blade.
    E: We’ll see.
    I: Alright you two can we finish this mission or would you rather stay here.
    E: Fine. Is everyone ready to be wowed by skills with this blade.
    I: Damn it to Hell Vamp. Will you just stop talking and throw that thing already.
    D: Yeah shithead I’m getting tired of being here.
    E: Ok no more talking.
    *Chuck* *Crack*
    E: Bull’s-eye!
    I: And there he go’s into the water.
    D: Yep and here comes Pooffy to finish the job.
    Pooffy: Fiiissshhh!
    D: Jobs done lets head back.

    Back at the Base

    M: Hey, looks likes the worthless ones finally finished their mission.
    D: The Hell with you Knives. Aren’t you and your low rate colleagues suppose to be teaching those snot-nose kids or something. M: Yeah, yeah. Well the only reason I’m here talking to you is because I have a message for you.
    D: Ok so spill it already so I can go rest before the General sends us on another
    M: I came to tell you that Shadow found out that you saw her face and she’s planning to umm… Talk to you.
    D: What?! But how?
    M: She’s the leader of Team S.P.Y. what do you mean how? Man, I’m starting to think if she kills you it would release those two lonely brain cells in that prison you call a head.
    E: Wow all this sounds really interesting, but Dragon and I have some pressing matters to deal with.
    D: I don’t have time to kick your… On second thought I would love to teach you a lesson on how to wield a real blade.
    E: Well then shall we start this supposed lesson of yours.
    D: Indeed, lets.
    M: Hey, now this is going to be a great show.
    I: Vamp. Dragon. Please don’t do this in here.
    D: He’s the one that wants the fight so bad it would be rude of me not to give him what he wants, and I think it’s time for me to give him what he wants.
    E: Please don’t stop us Nec. We got to solve this now and besides that I’m tired of him being on my back for nothing always. So lets start.

    ½ Hr. into Battle

    M: Man, Vamp is real good with that blade of his.
    O: I agree. He’s good, but he’ll never beat Dragon when he is serious whit his Dragon Fang blades and you know this.
    I: Don’t instigate them any further. If they do anymore damage in this hall the General will kill them.
    M: Ok, just stop all your bitching already will you.
    I: I was just saying…
    O: Will the two of you be quiet.

    From the Ceiling of the Hall

    S: I knew I would find him here. It would seem as if he’s in the middle of something.
    Y: That’s his new teammate. His codename is Vamp. Real name Earn…
    S: Not to be mean or rude to you, but please shut up.
    Y: I’m sorry.
    S: Don’t be.
    Ph: Is Dragon seeing your face really a huge problem? I mean Yer and the General seen your face. So why not the rest of us? It’s because of how he saw you isn’t it?
    S: You get only one warning. You can either shut your mouth or I can slit your throat from ear to ear.
    Y: So Shadow what are you going to do?
    S: Yer I’ve told you before that you don’t have to call me by codename. As for Dragon I’m going down there and find out how much, where at, and when did he see me exactly.
    Ph: So you’re not planning on killing him.
    S: I didn’t say that. It depends on his answers rather he lives or if I kill him.
    Y: No Silya please wait!
    Ph: To late. She’s already heading down there.

    Back at the Fight

    *Clink*x4 *Slash*x6 *Dodge*x3 *Clink*x3 *Dodge*
    D: I’m really impressed at how well you know how to use that piece of scrap metal. I’m also surprised that you’re able to block and counter so well with it.
    E: I don’t care about impressing you. The only thing I’m here for is to kick your a**.
    *Slice* *Drip*x4
    O: Hey, why did he just cut himself?
    I: See! This is exactly why I said not to provoke them into this fight. Now they’re not going to stop until one of them is critical or dead.
    D: If you wanted to be cut so badly all you had to do is tell me. Now listen closely you fool, I’m your partner so as much as it pains me. I’m not going to kill you, but don’t take it the wrong way. I’m going to kick your a** all over this hallway just for using your ability in this fight. After that though I’ll take you to the medics so they can fix you up. I sure hope your ready for this.
    O: Look everyone. Dragon is getting into his infamous Black Dragon Stance. I told you all that this match was good as in the bag. No one has ever bested him while he was in this stance and we all know this.
    I: Usually that would be true, but this is a special case.
    O: What makes I’m a special case.
    P: Please allow me to answer that question Nec.
    I: By all means go right ahead. He use to be one of your students not to long ago.
    O: Ok so what the story?
    P: Well you already know that Dragon’s Black Dragon Stance is all of his other stances refined into one form.
    O: Yes I already know that. That’s why I said he won the match. So what’s that have to do with Goth boy over there? I wanted to know why he was so special.
    E: Hey, I’m not Gothic.
    D: You better keep your eyes on me and not everyone else.
    P: I was getting to that. Vamp is special because of his ability. It a form of Vampiric powers in the sense that he becomes faster, stronger, and heightened reflexes from blood. But it isn’t from drinking it all he has to do is see it rather it his or from another source. O: So what are you saying to me. That because of his ability they’re on even grounds.
    P: No, what I’m saying is that we don’t fully understand her ability. For all we know he could actually be better then Dragon at this point.
    O: That can’t be possible.
    M: Finally, someone is going to embarrass him and that stance of his. Ha! ha!ha! ha!
    O: Shut up knives. He’s not going to lose. No way, no how.
    Jes: So what’s going on over here?
    I: Ahhh!! It’s Cross Wolf!
    D: What!?!
    I: Wait, if she’s here that means the General is near by!
    Jes: Nec you’re just a detective. You are in fact correct. I would have to say he would be here in about 5minutes. Oh and did I mention that he’s in a foul mood.
    I: Did you say 5minutes!? Is that all we have?
    M: RUN! Everyone for themselves!
    D: It looks like we’re going to have to settle this at a different time.
    E: What are you talking about we’re going to settle this right now.
    D: Your stupidity is unrivaled if you can’t sense danger in front of you. Do you realize that if he sees us fighting out here in the mood he’s in. He’ll literally take our souls out, torture them, then put them back into us.
    Jes: Not so fast Team D.Y.E. I’m sure the General would love to have a little conversation with the three of you.
    S: Sorry Wolfie, but Dragon is coming with me.
    D: Silya?!
    S: That is in fact my real name, and if you’re being so formal with me you must know why I’m here for you then.
    D: *Gulp* Yes.
    S: that’s good so lets go somewhere more private so we can talk.
    D: Aww Damn it.
    Jes: Shadow, stop right…
    E: Ok what the Hell just happened? Who was that and where did they just vanish to?
    I: Well that was Shadow from Team S.P.Y. and I don’t have any idea where they went. Unfortunately for us we still have to deal with the General.
    E: So about the General. What do he look like exactly? By the way everyone reacted when they heard that he was on his way here. Everyone didn’t hesitate to scatter in every direction. He must be huge and fearsome or something like that, right?
    I: Are you serious about this? You really don’t know anything about the General?
    E: Look, the only thing I know about him is that he’s in charge of everything here. Other then that no I don’t.
    I: So how the Hell are you in a team without talking to the General?
    E: I don’t know. I was just a student 2months ago, then Element told me to report to you and Dragon to join your team.
    I: So Steve just told you to come and join our team without getting any approval from the General? This is going to bad.
    E: But he said he was giving instructions from the boss to send me to you.
    I: I still can’t grasp the fact that you never seen the General ever.
    E: Well before he gets here. Why don’t you tell me some stuff about him.
    I: Well the 1st thing that you will notice is that he’s not human.
    E: Not human? What do you mean by that?

    Around the Corner of the Hall

    Student: Hey guys check this out. It’s a Penguin in the hallway and it has tank treads for feet. It’s kind of weird.
    G: Get the Hell out of my face you little s**t. I’m in a foul mood and despise kids, so if you value your life even a little bit I suggest you leave… NOW!!
    Student: Hey the thing can talk, but it got a attitude on it. It was probably was taught to act like this.
    G: Since it doesn’t seem you care about the well being of yourself and heed my warning. It’s time for us to part ways preeminently.
    Student: What’s that suppose to mean?
    *Fush* *Clank*
    G: Good bye!
    Student: Oh my god. It’s a cannon! Please mister Penguin don’t kill me!
    G: Sorry kid but it’s time for mister Penguin to say goodbye to you.
    Student: Noo!…

    Back Down the Hall

    E: What was that!?
    Jes: It seems as if an opening just popped up in a class down the hall.
    E: Are you serious? Do you mean the General just killed a kid just now!
    Jes: Yep.
    I: Crap this is really bad. Vamp listen very closely to what I’m going to tell you. The General is a Penguin.
    E: What do you mean by Penguin?
    I: I mean he’s a real Penguin, but that isn’t the part you need to know.
    E: Then What is the part I need to know?
    I: He’s extremely dangerous. He doesn’t care if you’re young or old. He will kill you if you cross his path.
    E: I can tell that just by what he did to the kid down the hall.
    I: Shut up and listen, We don’t really know how he came be that why nor where he came from to begin with. Some think he’s a alien that came to Earth and got stock here. While others think he was a regular Penguin that got into nuclear waste and was transformed into what he is. But right now the only thing you need to know is that if you wish to stay alive threw this you should answer all his questions anyway you think he will accept.
    G: So that’s what everyone think my origin is huh. Well sorry to disappoint everyone but it’s a little more complex then those you all had in mind. Sadly that a story for a different time. Right now all I want to know is were you trying to tell this intelligent fellow to lie to me… hmm, Nec?
    I: General sir! Oh I didn’t realize you made it here already.
    G: Well I set my treads on hover, but don’t try to change the subject at hand. I’m only going to ask it one more time then it’s soul torturing time. The question was are you trying to feed this dumbass answers?
    I: No sir! I was just advising him not to say anything stupid to get us killed that was all.
    G: Well I have a bit of advise for you. You stay quiet while I ask dipshit here the questions you were suppose to answer. I’ll even make a little interesting if you don’t give any bad answers you can ask one question but if you give a bad one all of you will have your souls tortured for 2hrs. One more thing Nec if you open you mouth you will regret it, get it?
    I: Understood sir.
    G: Alright dipshit you’re up. 1st question, what’s your name?
    E: It’s Earnist sir.
    G: Are you ******** retarded? We just went over the rules of the game and you fail on the easiest one.
    E: But that is my name sir.
    G: We don’t go by real names around here only codenames. That’s why we have one, so what is yours?
    E: It’s Vamp sir.
    G: That’s the dumbest name I’ve ever heard. Who gave you that name?
    E: You did sir.
    G: How can I name a person if I’ve never meet them before?
    E: But it’s all true. My teacher told me that you told him to give me that name and to report to team D.I.E.
    G: Is that right, well by all means please tell me the name of your teacher.
    E: It was Element sir.
    G: Oh okay I remember you now. You’re the kid with the weird vampiric abilities right?
    E: Yes sir.
    G: Now that I know who you are lets get back to business… Oh yeah, that bad answer earlier was your one and only free one. If you give me anymore bad answers you will suffer.
    E: Yes sir.
    G: Ok, 1st question, where the hell is Dragon?
    E: He was taken by Sil… I mean Saddle.
    G: Who the hell is Saddle?Jes: Sir he means Shadow.
    G: Ok I understand a little bit how you could mix saddle with shadow. But what would make you think I would name a trained assassin that?
    I: Wait are you still talking about shadow?
    G: Your stupidity hurts my heart. If I didn’t need you for a mission I would kill you where you stand.
    I: Excuse me sir, but you said something about a mission?
    G: Yes that’s right and it involves the three of you going to kill the Blood Core Organization.
    I: The Blood Core!?! But I thought they disbanded after the incident happened 4yrs ago.
    G: It was a ruse. The only thing that happened 4yrs ago was that Brain left and all the lower grunts were killed. I was just hoping that b*****d Havok died in the incident but no luck. It turns out that he’s alive and if that wasn’t a big enough pain in my side it seem as if he still has some of his top men with him. Sad to say I’m not entirely sure who’s still with him.
    I: I’m sorry sir but I don’t see any real threat from them. It’s only him and a hand full of his guys.
    G: The point that they are so small right now is why I see them as a high threat. They need money, a new base, and new recruits. Since they almost destroyed us with only a hand full of their people I’m sure he’ll be heading here to take this place.
    I: But if its this dangerous why send us? Why don’t you send the Reinforcers or team S.T.O.M.P.
    G: Because Team S.T.O.M.P. is the main defense here and the Reinforcers are only sent out when the team that was already sent out on a mission was killed. If you want the Reinforcers to go so bad hurry up and die.
    I: But sir…
    G: You got your orders. Now hurry and go find Dragon or it will just be the two of you.
    I: Yes sir.