• I smiled and walked over to the people who just entered. "Zero, Yuki so nice to see you both again." I gave Zero a huge hug and lightly hugged Yuki. "Yea. Hey for once we're about the same height as me Risa." Zero teased. He saw it fazed me I stood there fuming slightly. I always hated people much taller than myself.

    "Nice to see you Risa! Ayame!" Yuki said perkily and ran to praticly glomp Ayame. Zero looked over at ayame and chuckled lightly. "She still looks like a little kid but with the body of a 20 year old. You guys sure are gonna cause trouble around here." He said fondly. I smiled brightly at him. "When are we Not trouble?" He walked toward my sister and Yuki I watched his retreating form.

    I sighed slightly and turned just to run into something. "Oof" I fell right on my butt and my skirt hiked. I looked up glareing at what cased me to fall. Kaname Kuran.
    "Hmm Intresting never thought you would be a silk girl." He said raiseing a brow. I fixed my skirt quickly and sat up. "You dont have to think and you Shouldn't think of me, too much trouble for you sorry." I said in a fake polite voice. For some reason I felt on gaurd not like when we first met though.

    It was strange, then suddenly I was sitting in our old sitting room with mom and Ayame. We all looked so happy but then the maid came in worried. Oh god no not this again please no! My mind screamed as I watched my father storm into the room and knock the made to the ground. He approched mom and Ayame slowly, like a preditor stalks his prey.
    "No!" I screamed and then all eyes where on me. I was back at my uncle's office Kaname didn't seem too shocked but he didn't expect my outburst either. "I.. Uh.. Sorry!" I stammerd quickly got up bowed slightly and ran from the room. "Ris-" "Risa!" I could hear Ayame get cut off by Zero and next thing I know my wrist was caught.

    I looked up tears stinging my eyes, it was Zero. "Wh-what?" He took a deep breath then pulled me to his chest. "Its okay.." He whisperd in my ear and lightly stroked my hair. I was wondering why he seemed unfazed then remeberd this has happend before... My tramas all my bad memories come to bite me in the a**! Why must He be the one to know damn it! And at that momment I saw someone with blonde hair, pretty blue eyes and well my type. My eyes widened slightly as he aproached. "So your what smells good." He said smileing showing off a nice pair of fangs. Zero tensed. Hmmm "Hello my name is Aidou Hanabusa, Night Class student." He stated proudly I almost smirked. "What do you want Hanabusa?!" Zero said sounding a bit pissed Hmm very intresting. "Oh just to meet this lovely young lady." He looked over me like food. Now im pissed and zero seemed to notice he backed off, good boy.

    I stood and looked him in the eye glareing slightly and I walked close to him swaying slightly. "Oh Really now well Its Fangtastic to meet You." My voice was complete diffrent from its normal melody it sounded abit slutery and needy but deadly too. Mr. Hanabusa froze Good boy.
    I lightly wraped my arms around his neck and smiled showing my own fangs. "I am Risa. Risa Cross." I said my name it wasnt a total lie.
    I knew my pretty blue eyes with a purple tint now looked slightly red with a deeper purple tint. I smirked at his expresion and walked away. I looked at Zero. "Kimasu." He noded and followed me back to the office where we found the worst thing I could see so soon. Ruka Souen.