• Part1

    "I hereby absolve you, off all your sins!" The bishops voice was deafening. It boomed throughout the town square. All the Crusaders of Florence and neighboring villages gathered around.

    "Soldiers of virtue! Your humble father absolves you off all your wicked actions you may commit on your journey to reclaim the Holy Land from the heretics!" I stood there amongst the crowd, weary of the bishops statement.

    I look at the Crusader standing next to me. He looked as if he was believing every word the Bishop threw at him.

    "Excuse me, sir." I said.

    "What it is?" He replied.

    "Do you actually believe the Bishop? That our sins can be forgiven without confession or...."

    "He is but a man of God, why would he lie to us?"

    "Your right, but it just feels deviant."

    The Bishop spoke for a few more minutes.

    Not done