• I woke up to the bright blue sky with the sun just rising my first thought was, 'I have a hangover.' I paid no attention to the clock as I reluctantly dragged myself out of my mess of sheets then into my bathroom. I quickly downed two pain pills and showered to drowned the smell of smoke from my body.

    After I jumped out and dressed I ran a brush through my waist-length blonde hair that held some black and caramel highlights. I rushed to put on my makeup and headed out of the house with my messenger bag on my shoulder and my phone in my hand.


    Hey Jazmine I am outside your house so hurry it up! I pushed the send button and watched as my friend rushed out the door, apple in hand. We shared a look of tiredness then were off to school. As we rounded the corner of Widow's Veil High School Jaz darted of to Blaine her boyfriend and embraced him then showered him with kisses as I gagged jokingly.

    "Oh hush up we all know you are still chocking up around Josh." Both of them said as my face betrayed me and flushed a light pink.

    "No I am not, I am just fine." I call back before heading to my first class of the day Calculus.


    Calculus was the last class I though I would have first hour of the day but then again school does make you suffer. I took a seat in the back next to the window surprised when my half brother walks in the room.

    "Well look who we have here, How are you Aldora?" Alaric asked as he sat next to me.

    "I am pretty good, and yourself Alaric?" I asked but his answer was shoved to the side by the bell. the next two hours were full of laughs and numbers flying around the room as everyone checked their homework and worked on the new section.


    As the bell rang I tried to make it out the door before, Bump. My baby blue eyes looked up to meet his bright beautiful brown eyes.

    "Um, I'm sorry I wasn't watching were I was going." I said as Josh looked down and smiled at me softly.

    "It is alright Ali, may I talk to you about something?" Josh's deep soft voice rang in my ears and a small smile played on my lips.

    "Sure, I guess that would be OK." I answered as someone cleared their throat. The noise made my skin crawl and my stomach turn but I knew who the voice belonged to. Josh went over to Sara McClain and put his arm around her waist then placing a soft kiss on her temple. I felt my heart drop into my stomach, all of a sudden I felt sick to my stomach and I ran to the bathroom.