• The excitement finally died down and everyone had gone home, the apartment was a mess with glasses and gift wrappings of multicolors, it was Christmas Eve. I got up from the couch and began cleaning things up, I put the cups and dishes in the sink, I would clean them later I thought, and gatherd the trash in a large bag to take out. While picking upsome tissue paper from near by the tree I spotted a small gift box that hadn't been opend, I inspected it and saw a tag with my name on it, how hadn't I seen it? With nimble fingers i tore at the wrapping and opend the little box, and began to weep. For inside that little box was a ring, a ring sent from Andrew who hadn't shone up at the party. I had everything planned out, everything but him was perfect. I even hung the mistletoe for us but I waited for so long. I hadn't spoken to him in ages it seemd like, no letters no calls not even a simple post card, and he thought sending me a ring would cover for it?
    By and by i got past my emotional distress and continued my work. I came out of my apartment and walked to the trashbin, the outside smelled sweetly of gingerbread peppermint and hot chocolate, but I didn't stop to enjoy the aroma, I kept walking and threw out the two enormous bags of garbadge. One of my neighbors came up and said, "Ah good to see you Elaina, Merry Christmas!" I smiled haflheartedly and replied, "Merry Christmas Joe, how was your evening?." He smiled and said, "Quite well but you look a little run down for someone who had as grand a party as yours, tell me child what happend?" I explaind to him about the disappointment of not seeing Andrew and he sighed, "Ah, I see. Perhaps you wil hear from him soon, it is Christmas after all." I sighed and payed my gratitude and regards and came back to my apartment. I finished the dishes and got ready for bed. I looked once more at the ring and drifted into a light sleep.
    I dreamt that Andrew was at the party but everything was off, he was angery at me and I was so scared. I awoke with a fright and had to catch my breath, it was Christmas Morning. I got dressed and ready for the day. I came out of my room to a surprise, the underside of my Christmas tree was glowing with gifts! Who brought them though? I was startled by the sudden embrace from someone behind me and turn to an even greater surprise. I shrieked with joy and spirit seeing Andrew. Oh he had come! i yelpd for joy, "Oh Andrew you came! I was so worried and pset when I didn't see you last night, why didn't you come!" Andrew kissed me lightly and replied, "I wrote you a letter saying I was going to be late, i sent it in a gift did you not get it?" we exchanged a strange look and then like a singed cat i ran to my room to get the box with the ring i looked under thering and saw a small note, quickly reading it and crying out loud I came back to Andrew and embraced him, "Oh I'm so sorry! I had no idea it was there! Please forgive me!" He smiled again and said, "Look closely at the ring, and the little note with it." I inspected the ring and in small leters I saw this enscripted on the ring "It was then that i carried you" reading the note I understood. It was the happiest Christmas I'd ever had with my husband