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    A week ago, I was sitting in my purple wall home when a tired Cani came in. Cani, my bff and me LUVA, enter in the house, tired barely able to walk straight she forced a smile on her face when she looked at me. I was lying on the bed stretch out tired, from shopping for the house. I just brought this beautiful little couch set with a coffee table --OH and you should have SEEN this stove they HAD--Ah...but I digress...

    Cani sat on the edge of the bed looking at me has I stare back with my eyes half open and she utter four hideous words.
    "You need a job."
    Offended, I jump up and exclaim how hard I work trying to find beautiful pieces for the home we share. But seeing how it was Cani's money to begin with, my words was of empty barrel.

    The next day while she was off, shooting inanimate objects for a paycheck, I grab the Gaia newspaper hoping to find a job. First in the list I saw was fishing!
    I never fish before but how hard could it be?
    About time I was finish buying all the pieces I need to go fishing I was short 200 gold. So I left.
    Frustrated I got in my grey banged up car and drove, but being new to Gaia I got a bit lost and accidently turn into a dark alley . I saw a sign stating they were having a car race.
    Interested, I drove deeper into the alley. When I finally arrived I saw spaceships, jeeps, and deck out cars. Yeah, I just backed up and drove away.

    When I finally left the alley just park my car on the side of sidewalk and sighed, and when I was about to give up I saw a bunch of people leaving this huge building. I looked up and saw I was park right infront of Gaia University. After a couple of hours talking to the counselor in the school. I signed up AND they help me get a job within the University stacking away books.

    So I got a job earning my money!


    So NOW when i come home I am not tired because I went shopping--I'm tired because after class I go straight to work and from work I come home to a dirty place that Cani has left behind...One of these days...I'm going to have to mention this mess to her....