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    It was HORRIBLE!

    I came home from work at the University too a dirty house. I saw dishes in the sink, the couch pillows flat and the very own bed I slept on was dump with mountain of clothes. I couldn't even have the energy to even complain. I sat my things down where I stood which was inches away from the door entrance and went straight to the kitchen drawer where I pulled out my gloves and begin with the dishes.

    Two Hours later the whole house was sweep, mopped, dishes put away and clothes in the closet. And up comes Cani oh-ho all happy and cherry. She takes one look around and did something that sent me over the edge.

    She did nothing. She came in smiling and saying hi went straight to the fridge pulled out her snapple and flopped on the couch.
    She didn't even acknowledge the fact that SHE left this place CONSISTENLY in a mess not just today, not just yesterday oh now ALWAYS! How on earth do she thinks this place gets clean the clean fairy?...Wait...Do gaia have one of those?...Well i don't think so...anyway she knows I clean up after her and couldn't she even utter a thanks? an apology? ?


    Well I SNAPPED I told her how i am SICK of her always acting like a kid and leaving me with all the work in the house! I come home from work and though it doesn't pay as much as her precious zOMG adventures its certainly not any less easy. She then counter attack my arguement with how she thinks I use her to buy my luxurious things which is....APPALLING and and NOT TRUE!

    Granted....she did brough some of the most expensive items in the home but all together everything I brought to make our home cozy could add up to her ONE item...Wow I'm not making myself look good...look the point is we bickered to the point where she's even thinking about moving out and I told her to leave and...she did.

    And now I'm ...lonely. I didn't mean for it to get that far. She's my snuggle poo after all!