The girl groaned as she tried to lift her head full of golden straw hair. She couldn't open her hazel eyes, but the smell of pine and moist earth suggested that she was in a forest of sorts. Underneath her she felt cold, uneven ground with roots jabbing into her back, legs and head. The girl let out another groan, for her whole body ached, and every time she tried to move, a new wave of pain rushed through her. Then, the darkness returned.

    The girl cried out. Now her eyes could open and she flicked them around, looking for the source of the pain. Another girl her age, this one with dark hair, eyes, and skin, sat beside her rubbing her skinned knee. Behind the dark girl were the outlines of trees, shrubs, wild flowers, and other plants that came in a wide variety of shapes and smells.
    "Sorry about that, didn't see you there. Well can't all be my fault. You were lying across the path in the middle of the night." The dark girl muttered. The girl realized now that the dark girl had tripped over her.
    "Who are you?" Our blonde friend questioned the dark girl.
    "I am Farfalla Whitney Castoff. Who are you?"
    "I...I don't know." The girl stuttered. It hit her like a wall. She didn't know who she was. Everything else was there, but when it came to herself, the blonde girl's mind was a dark hole. The girl looked up to see Farfalla looking at her worriedly.
    "You... Don't know?"
    "Well I will call you Sunny because your hair reminds me of the sun." Farfalla decided.
    "Farfalla, that's an odd name isn't it?"
    " Not where I am from. It means butterfly. So, you look a little lost. I could help you get out of this forest." Sunny looked around, she would definitely need help, she hadn't a clue where she was.
    "Would you really help me?" Sunny looked up at Farfalla with wide, hopeful eyes.
    "Of course I would! You can come with me, I am on my way out of these woods, I could take you into town if you'd like." Sunny nodded with a sad smile on her face. What a nice girl, to help me when she doesn't even know me Sunny thought.
    "Are you okay to go now? We need to leave quickly, I have a deadline to make."
    "Oh.. okay... yeah we can go now." Sunny tried to sound strong, but she felt weak, and she was also dreadfully confused. What deadline? What was Farfalla going to do in the next town? These questions nagged at Sunny for reasons unknown to her. Sunny had a bad feeling deep in her gut, like something bad was about to happen. However as Farfalla began to lead Sunny down the path, she dismissed her gut feeling as hunger and hurried after her new, mysterious friend.