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    6:24 PM Day 2
    ~Joe, The First Coming~ (Contiuned)

    Joe: You should have ******** saved me!

    Frank:well i did actually

    Joe: no you didn't!!!

    Frank: i did because you are alive. . .

    Joe: So that is my work let me say it agian i ******** Tied my Guts together to hold my body in 1 peice

    Mike:still, that is pretty ******** psycho

    Joe: i did it to live and not be cut in half crawling waiting for the zombies to eat me!

    Mike: dude if you got cut in ******** half you should be dead instantly!

    Joe: Dude its a parody i can live through anything if i wanted

    Frank: that is true Mike, he could live through anything.

    Mike: then why did the clown die?

    Frank: i dont know, he wasn't a main person so he can die.

    Mike: ********! so Joe is a main person!!! that means his dumb a** is gonna like be in every scene!!!

    Joe: no im sorta a Expandable Person, so i can die if you like beat me a lot.

    Mike: weird, i thought i was gonna be a expandable.

    Frank: yea you are sorta a Expandable like person.

    Joe: wait im here to kill you so shut the hell up!

    *Joe pulls out a Battle Axe*

    Frank: Holy s**t!!!! how did you get that!

    Joe: Battle Axes r Us. . .

    Frank: hey i've been there

    Joe: cool. . . so ummm yea im gonna kill you.

    Mike: no way!!! not without a fight!!!!!!

    Frank: my hero i ******** love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Mike: Get off of me!

    *punches in his face, Mike pulls out a Katana*

    Mike: Ready to die. . . AGIAN!!!!!!!

    Joe: how did you get that?

    Mike: Swords R Us

    Joe: i wanna go there. . .

    Mike: to bad!!!!!!!!!

    *Mike runs to Joe and cuts his arm off*

    Joe: OWWW why the ******** would you do that! you dip s**t a** hole im gonna kick your a** and make you lick my blue waffle you dip s**t a** hole, im gonna cut your nuts off and shove them down Franks mouth you d**k head!!!!!!

    Mike: i thought you were gonna stab us. . .

    *Joes Organs get loose and body falls in half*

    Frank: hell its time to make sure hes dead. ..

    *tears heart out*

    Mike: we got Dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Frank: yes!

    *eats the heart*

    9:12 PM

    ~What a shity way to die~

    Frank: to day has been weird. . .

    Mike: yea. . . next thing we are gonna see is like some Ninjas or some s**t

    Frank: haha yea. . .

    Mike: lets go back to the security room

    Frank: yea we need some rest, like for real today we found a cat, killed it, the floor crack and i fall through the floor, Joe comes back alive and we kill him and had a heart for dinner.

    Mike: the heart needed some salt. . .

    Frank: yea i was felling it needed some salt.

    ???: Hello little boys

    Frank: who said some crazy ***** MJ s**t?!?!?!?

    ???: oh, did that sound gay?

    Mike: yea. . .

    ???: fine, hey would you like some Candy?

    Frank: holy s**t you are still making gay lines!!!

    ???: s**t i suck at this! let, let me just come out.

    *jumps off teh second floor and lands in front of Frank*

    ???: i am Rape,er-of'lil,boys:ninja'Man but people call me Ninja.

    Frank: that explains so much, so tell em are you a psycho?

    Ninja: yea i came here to tears your sack off

    Mike: wow

    Frank: wow

    Zombie: wow

    Mike: what the ******** talking Zombie!!!!!!!

    *Bites zombies nuts off and eats them*

    Frank: oh god im gonna throw up!

    *Throws up all over ninja*

    Ninja: oh ym god throw up makes me sick!!!!

    *throws up in mask splatering it all over his face*

    Mike: oh god i fell the nuts coming back up!

    *throws up nuts*

    Frank: Holy s**t! i think im dieing!

    *every one throws up, Ninja drowns in Puke and dies*

    9:59 PM


    *in the bath room*

    Frank: make sure you clog paper towels under the door so the water does not go out.

    Mike: already did. turn on the water

    *turns on all the sinks, the bath room floods 5 feet deep of the bath room*

    Frank: might as well get naked

    Mike: BUT!!! don't be ******** gay!

    Frank: i know dumb a**!

    *both get naked*

    Lacy: Hello.

    Frank: holy s**t a hot 26 year old girl!

    Mike: how do you know that

    Frank: i know s**t

    Lacy: let me give you a relaxing break.

    *goes under water*

    Frank: H-OlY S-HIT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mike: dude what is she doing

    Frank: i think they call it Sucking the Pop

    Mike: Nice!

    *lacy comes up*

    Lacy: were the ******** is it? all i saw was a thread.


    Frank: what my ****

    Lacy: ewww no. . . your gun i need one. im a survivor

    Frank: then what felt so good down there?

    *some one comes outta water*

    Obama: sorry wrong tub hehehhe*


    Frank: Obama is gay!!!

    Mike: Knew it

    Lacy: Knew it

    Lacy : By the way, im Lacy, and I need a Gun.

    11:21 PM
    ~sleep time~

    Frank: lets go to bed

    Lacy: yea sure.

    *goes to sleep*

    To be continued!