• "Here is our new transfer student, Kiri Woodman. Please greet her kindly."

    Elis looked at the new girl. She was clearly beautiful with her shiny, big, brown eyes and her long eyelashes. Her nose was a little flat, but it made her look even prettier. She had a pair of thin lips and a long neck. Her blonde hair came down to her chest. Kiri had a brown bow in her hair to match her eyes. It was patterned with red and black lines.

    It was always strange to see new people in Taiko Academy. Who would ever come to the deserted castle of doom? It was a luxury to live in Taiko Academy, but there was no connection to the real world in the academy. There was no need for the real world, actually. There was plenty of food, plenty of clothes, plenty of everything. Who would need the real world in Taiko Academy? It was a luxury to have everything provided. A benefit. A privilege.

    Nevertheless, Kiri seemed unimpressed by anything in the school.

    "How boring."

    The teacher glanced at her, her glasses falling down her nose. Her young eyes stared into the dark holes of Kiri's.

    "What is it, Kiri?"
    "These tables aren't made out of gold."

    The class looked at her for a second before dropping their mouths simultaneously. The teacher looked at Kiri as if she was a bomb that was about to explode. Elis' eyes widened at Kiri who was staring at the ground.

    "That flower is fake. And those windows are dirty. The floor has dust on it. There's not even any pens. What's with all these pencils? This is stupid."

    The teacher clutched her clipboard. She looked as if she was having trouble breathing. Her face red, she stepped towards Kiri who didn't lift her gaze from the pencil jar.