• Gunners #7 Satanic World
    Hands of Guns

    The Skull Gunners, also known as the rebels of the Gunners. Well use to now. Long ago Hakuru was framed for murder who they thought killed one of the students in Gunners Academy, stripped from her power, her demon partner Hinkyo she is nothing more than once more as a bio weapon. She is sent back to Earth and will never come back. However what she doesn’t know is that the Order of the Gunners Council decided to use Hakuru’s friends to execute her. her very own friends. Hakuru’s friends had no choice but to agree and went hunting for her.
    This drove Hakuru into a state of weakness and madness. But however she did not intend to die that easily, she never wanted to hurt one of her friends ever, this was her first time of betrayal, her feelings became to drive into madness as she began running and running trying to survive. She ran across with V, a demon that has escaped Earth and once like Hakuru. They plan on working together and began a new squad group known as The Skull Gunners. After that they began to recruit just two more which was Asuka the Undead Chainsaw and Hiyane the Skateboarding Moon. The squads main goal was to protect the city, and protect every single human from danger.
    Sukya showed up with an evil grin. Hakuru was talking with Hiyane while she showed up out of nowhere. Sukya began to talk with Hakuru but however it actually shocked her. she told her that she was a clone, nothing more, Rukina and Tomoka were not her real parents, nor did she had any. She was nothing more than just a simple creation of mankind.
    Lured by madness Hakuru could not fight, could not move as Onimaru the head of B.W.F showed right in front of her and also the wife.
    “it is true Bio #01, you are just a creation”
    All of her friends showed up one by one. Hakuru’s last order was:
    “I’ll take things from here, all of you guys go, it’s been great having you as my friends”
    Hakuru: Far-Sight mode is it?
    Yamota: what’s wrong Hakuru?
    Hakuru: says here on my file is that I have Far-Sight mode, I have the ability to shoot further now so in this case I don’t have to shoot medium range all the time
    Yamota: hey that’s great!
    Hakuru: yeah haha!
    Yamota: hey I gotta ask you something
    Hakuru: yeah what is it Yamota?
    Yamota: remember that time when you were first expelled from the Gunners Academy?
    Hakuru: yeah of course I do, why?
    Yamota: did you ever…. Hated us?
    Hakuru: what do you mean?
    Yamota: I mean…. Did you ever hated us when we first betrayed you?
    Hakuru: oh come on Yamota, just leave the past behind already
    Yamota: but I’m serious!
    Hakuru: yesh talk about in the pain in the butt
    To tell you the truth, I never once hated you all, it’s the real truth Yamota and I mean it
    Though I was driven in madness and berserk, my bio cells couldn’t stop running full speed for days
    Though I didn’t want to hate you, hate grows stronger in me all the time Yamota
    Hakuru: I never understand why you guys did it, but however you guys did put the lives of others in danger, so I couldn’t allow that to happen
    So then that’s when I bumped into V, Asuka and Hiyane
    Hakuru: we formed a squad Skull Gunners so someday if the Gunners showed up, we would protect them no matter what, even if we had to reveal our powers
    Yamota: so…. You never hated us?
    Hakuru: yeah man, why would I hate you all?
    You guys are my friends
    Hakuru: you guys are the ones who saved me from my hate
    So come on! Let’s get ready we’re leaving soon
    Yamota: heh….
    Yeah got it
    Hakuru: is everything prepared?
    Yukina: everything is up and ready!
    Hakuru: alright then!
    First stop is at London!
    Saya: London
    Kikio: we’re going there why?
    Saya: I sense an evil presence, I suggest we destroy whatever is there now let’s go!
    Rev: yo girls, let’s go London
    Ritz: London?
    Rev: some big o’muda ******** is there
    Something dark and something big, what you guys say?
    Rainfall: I’m in
    Downfall: me too
    Rev: alright then! Let’s ehad out then!
    We’re going out for war!
    They opened up their portals
    Yukina prepares her chopper and loads up the muscle car as she enters through the portal with the rest of her friends
    Saya gets her car and enters inside of the portal with her friends
    Rev get truck and gets everyone in as they head through
    Aja: so, they went off…
    Well then, I won’t be left behind
    Aja: squad move out! We’re heading for war!
    They opened up their portal and headed out as well
    Meanwhile in London
    Hakuru: here we are
    Yamota: WOO! I love that portal man!
    Sukya: we’re finally here
    V: so where do we set up?
    Yukina: for now we set up in this large warehouse
    Rizumi: this is excellent, we can use this as our base of operations
    Kanome: come on Fuka let’s see if we can find anything useful
    Fuka: yeah gotcha!
    Asuka: …
    She opens up the generator and fixes it
    Hakuru: nice work Asuka
    Asuka: hm
    Hiyane: this is great! Now I can skateboard freely!
    Yukina: I’ll work on everything here, you guys can go
    Hakuru: right we’ll leave it to you then Yukina
    Yukina: yeah
    Hakuru: come on Yamota let’s take out for a walk
    Yamota: what about the car?
    Hakuru: just leave it, we won’t be needing it for a while
    They walked out and began walking down the streets
    Hakuru: damn it’s cold here
    Yamota: well it’s London man
    Hakuru: huh what’s this?
    Yamota: a marking?
    Hakuru: Satanic…. World
    Yamota: the hell does that mean?
    Hakuru: could be a group, let me use one of my powers
    She closes her eyes as she tries and detect any suspicious energy
    Hakuru: close by!
    Come on!
    Yamota: yo wait up!
    Hakuru: left!
    Right! Straight ahead!
    Hakuru: !
    Hakuru jumps up with her and knees the person behind the person
    Hakuru: gotcha now you-
    Yamota: oh boy
    It was just a business man
    Man: wha… hey! What are you doing ya bloody b***h!
    Hakuru: uh….
    “Sorry, I did not mean to do that”
    Yamota: woah Hakuru never knew you could speak English plain off
    Man: the hell? What do you mean you did not mean to do that! ******** kids!
    Yamota: HEY! ******** YOU MAN! *in Japanese*
    Hakuru: leave it Yamota, we got the wrong person
    Yamota: ********, I hate that guy!
    Hakuru: not to mention he called me a “b***h”
    Yamota: hey Hakuru
    Hakuru: yeah?
    Yamota: you’re… hair
    Hakuru: hm?
    Ah! It’s blue?
    Yamota: it’s turning back to it’s original color
    Hakuru: it msut be the affects of the blue Evil Energy
    Yamota: blue?
    Hakuru: I use to have red Evil Energy but now it’s turning blue, though the Evil Energy is still inside me
    Could it be the affects of my feelings?
    Hakuru: not to mention now all of my black hair is turning to my original color
    Yamota: you know you should keep it that way, I miss that dark blue hair of yours
    Hakuru: you think so?
    Hm… maybe I should I could either way wear my green jacket once in a while
    Yamota: yeah maybe you s-
    Hakuru: ah what the?! A gun shot?!
    Yamota: ah hey Hakuru…
    I feel kind of….
    Hakuru: Y… Yamota!
    Blood was dripping down from her body as Yamota falls down to the ground
    Hakuru: oh no Yamota no!!!
    Yamota: I can’t…. heal myself for some…. Reason… *cough*
    Hakuru: don’t talk!
    Yamota: ah…. ********! I can’t believe I was careless!
    Hakuru: I said don’t talk!
    Hakuru: I have to take you back to Yukina!
    Yamota: ah….. Hakuru behind you…
    Hakuru: …..
    Hakuru pulls out her blade and slices their necks open as the blood gashes out from their throats
    Hakuru: …..
    Hakuru: damn, I didn’t kept on alive, screw it
    Hakuru gets Yamota by her arms as they headed back
    Saya: hm…
    Sorry but this is all we h-
    Saya: no, it’s fine, I like it
    Kikio: damn a small a** room, there’s only one bed
    Saya: at least the rest of the group has the best one
    Kikio: yeah with all that luxury stuff….
    Saya: want my bed then?
    Kikio: huh? Oh no you can have it
    Saya: well somebody has to sleep on it
    Kikio: uhm…
    Saya: well I’m guessing we have to share then, come no let’s unpack
    Kikio: by share you’re meaning
    Saya: anything wrong?
    Kikio: oh no it’s just that
    Saya: am I making you feel uncomfortable?
    Kikio: what? No way Saya!
    Saya: that’s good, come on, help me set this up
    Kikio: uh yeah sure!
    Meanwhile down at the roads
    Rev: ******** seriously man?
    Sorry rules are rules
    Rev: ******** bro! well do you know where we can park our truck man?
    Well you can’t park it here
    Rev: goddamn it!
    Ritz: ******** the authorities Rev, just park at an empty space, park at a disabled parking lot if you have to
    Rev: yeah yeah whatever
    Rev: the hell?!
    Rev: Ritz take the turret!
    Rev gets out her P90’s out and runs out
    Rev: Rainfall and Downfall, take left and right! Flank em! I’m going in!
    Rainfall: got it!
    She kicks In with her right leg and fires out a huge wave blast
    Rev: come out wherever you are!
    AH DAMN!
    Yuko: ….
    Rev: Yuko, use you’re axe!
    Yuko: understood
    She throws in her Axe as she got someone in the leg
    Rev: nice throw!
    They run in as they see the man
    Rev: you!
    Man: ah…
    Rev: why did you blow this place up?
    Man: in the name of Satan, may thy soul bring power to your name sake!
    He swallows a pill which he kept hidden in his mouth as he dies while white stuff came out of his mouth
    Rev: ********!
    Yuko: Rev Look
    Rev: an emblem?
    Satanic… World
    Rev: well, I can’t wait to meet them heh
    At other side of London
    Aja: London, it’s been a while since I’ve last been here
    Sometimes I would always go to my favorite café to see my lovely darling
    Taja: darling? Ohohoho
    Aja: I wonder if she is still alive
    They all head over to the café
    Aja: yes! It still hasn’t closed down yet!
    She ran in there
    Aja: ah….
    Uhm? May I help you?
    Aja: excuse me but is there a woman name Michele Robbins?
    Oh the original owner?
    Sorry but she passed away five years ago
    Aja: p-passed away?
    Yeah, she had lung cancer
    Aja: she’s been smoking…. I knew I shouldn’t left her
    Is she a friend of yours?
    Aja: more of a…. close friend, thank you though
    Hm… I’m sort of closing this place down, unless you guys want it
    Aja: you serous?!
    Well nobody comes here anymore
    Aja: I’ll gladly have it, unless…. Can this place still be in business?
    Well it’s bankrupt so I don’t think you can-
    Aja: we’ll get more customers then!
    Come on Taja let’s open this place up!
    Woah! Why are you getting me involved?!
    Hakuru comes back to the abandon warehouse as she place Yamota onto the table
    Hakuru: help her please!
    Yukina: what happened?!
    Hakuru: some guys known as the Satanic World shot Yamota!
    Yukina: quick! We have to get the bullet out!
    Asuka :… understood
    Asuka gets her equipment out and grabs a scalpel and other equipment
    Asuka: hold her down…
    .Asuka: Asuka wait are you-
    Hakuru: Asuka! Hurry up!
    Asuka: there…
    Yamota: AH! Damn it!
    Yukina: this is a strange bullet wound, hm?
    It’s starting heal
    Yamota: ah… I feel.. better?
    Hakuru: now I see, those bullets can only be taken out during surgery
    Yukina: this bullet would have been tricky to pull out, Asuka how did you-
    Asuka: cut through….
    Yukina: oh I get it now, you understand how a demon works with a host, so you forcefully cut your way through to take the bullet out as fast as you can, then you also knew a demon would also help the human body to close up wounds, pretty impressive
    Yamota: thanks Asuka
    Asuka: no problem
    Hakuru: I owe you one Asuka
    Asuka: friends help each other
    Now, must go back to work
    Yamota: got to hand it to ya Hakuru, I’m glad you picked her up
    Hakuru: I choose my friends wisely Yamota
    Yamota: heh, well wanna hunt down those Satanic bastards?
    Hakuru: not yet, we need more clues on how to find them, you rest here okay?
    Yamota: okay okay
    Hakuru: Yukina can you look up on Satanic World?
    Yukina: I’m on it
    Hakuru: I’m gonna go head out, call me if you got any leads
    Yamota: huh?! You said we’re not going yet!
    Hakuru: yeah but I didn’t say you can go, I said you have to rest here
    Yamota: no fair dude!
    Hakuru: don’t worry I’ll make it up to you okay?
    Yamota: fine whatever, see if you can pick up a KFC Chicken Box on you’re way
    Hakuru: what the hell is KFC?
    Yamota: Kentucky Fried Chicken
    Hakuru: that’s…. a weird name
    Yamota: just go! If yo use a logo of an old guy with glasses and his all white, red and blue! That’s him!
    And use these pounds!
    Hakuru: Yamota, when did you-
    Yamota: when you sliced one of those bad dudes throats off, I snagged one of their wallets when they were on the floor
    Hakuru: heh, clever
    I’m heading out later
    Yukina: don’t get shot!
    Hakuru: I don’t die that easily!
    As she walks out she heads down to the exact same area where they were attacked, she kneel down and picks up one of their bullets
    Hakuru: it has a message on it?
    Thy soul grant power to thy Lord himself
    Hakuru: Satan huh? Well this isn’t his doing I know that, that guy doesn’t even care about a damn thing about his worshippers
    Hakuru: wait is that you Saya?!
    Saya: yeah it’s me, what are you doing here?
    Hakuru: well I decided to get out of Japan once in a while
    Saya: well we did the exact same thing
    Hakuru: is that so?
    Saya: yep
    Hakuru: well you can help find these so called Satanic World
    Saya: Satanic World? I heard on the news that they attacked on severe areas, these guys are hard to find and also they can come out of nowhere and anywhere, this is why most people stay in their homes
    Hakuru: what about the police?
    Saya: they can’t do a thing, most of the Satanic World groups already took out one of their police stations
    Hakuru: was that in the news?
    Saya: yeah
    Hakuru: then we got to put a stop to this then
    Saya: hang on for a second, why did you left Japan?
    Hakuru: do I have to repeat myself again?
    Saya: you didn’t really tell me the exact truth though
    Hakuru: fine, because there’s not much fighting in Japan!
    We already took out all the rest of the evil things that spread around Japan, we can’t just save one country Saya, there are still other worlds that are in peril
    Hakuru: I’m taking over The Demon Knights job
    We’re going to kill and kill em all, that way nobody has to suffer for no reason
    Saya: …..
    That’s ******** foolish, and I thought you never cared about the world
    Heh…. You’re really something
    Saya: to tell you the truth Hakuru, as The Blood Shed myself, I wasn’t that evil actually
    I helped you’re mother stopped a Guardian Rocket from destroying all of the worlds
    Hakuru: wait… what?
    Saya: besides you’re mother couldn’t even fly for s**t! So I had to use Kasumi to do the job and take her up to the flying rocket!
    Inside was an evil man, an evil man none other than anyone on this world, he used his knowledge for power, for greed and for his dreams
    He said…
    “Dreams are like reality itself, you can turn the tide if you keep believing in your dreams, and someday they will come true”
    Saya: *sigh* ******** bullshit I tell you
    But you…. Have you ever dreamed?
    Hakuru: …..
    No, only nightmares
    Nightmares that would haunt me forever for decades in my sleep
    Hakuru: you?
    Saya: nah…..
    Hakuru: ....
    Saya: come on, let’s go, why the hell are we standing here? Let’s go find these bastards and take their heads!
    Hakuru: y-yeah!
    They left the area when a man in a cloak suit came out of the darkness and picked up his phone
    Yes, it’s them, Saya Hurisha The Blood Shed and Hakuru The Death are here
    They were investigating the area their here to destroy us
    “Is that so? That is excellent news then, now we must lure them in”
    Hakuru: this is like a ghost town
    Saya: yeah it is, even the train stations too, not even on single train comes there, this is like a cage where nobody can leave
    Hakuru: ah! Could it be-
    Saya: look!
    Hakuru: it’s them!
    Saya: BLACK FIST!
    She unleashed a fusion black magic that connects to her fist and fires out a large heat wave explosion against them
    Hakuru takes out two of her 9mm pistols
    Hakuru: let’s do this the old fashion way Saya
    Saya: gotcha
    She takes out her Crusader Pistols as they switched sides and began shooting at them
    Hakuru: watch you’re six!
    Saya: *bang*bang* Hakuru up top!
    Hakuru points her gun and fires out a Skull Bullet!
    Hakuru: SENFUKEN!
    She jumps up and fires out a triple air kick
    Saya: they grow too many numbers
    Hakuru: that’s good! The more we kill! The less numbers they grow!
    Hakuru place her pistols away and grabs out her katana
    Hakuru: Rukina, watch my back yeah?
    She swarms in there and slices everyone with her blade as she twist her body around and moves her body with the flow
    Hakuru: HEH!
    She sliced five heads off with only one move, the blood gashes on her blade and onto her clothes and face
    Hakuru: ******** Yeah! I’m too good!
    Saya: *half personality mental disorder affect, most bio’s have that sort of affect, usually by activation but for Hakuru it can be activated automatically*
    her powers began to transform into a huge bubble then it was being sucked into Hakuru’s body then seconds later she made everyone flew to the walls
    Saya: oy oy, you’re gonna destroy everything
    Hakuru: oh sorry about that, got a bit carried away
    Saya: *she changed back huh?*
    Wait a minute
    Saya: blue hair? When did you change your hair color?
    Hakuru: oh, today
    Saya: man remembering that blue haired color makes me go back in the old days
    Hakuru: enough about my hair, let’s go find this organization
    Meanwhile later
    It is time now
    What shall we do, Lord Medusa?
    Medusa: hmph, do whatever you want
    Medusa, with yellow and black hair with yellow lips, with a yellow bikini with a yellow and black striped jacket, with a yellow mini skirt with black leather shoes and with black and yellow sleeves with black and yellow nails with a piercing on her tongue
    Medusa: this Organization has been running for what?
    Nine years?
    Medusa: trashing, killing, destroying, worshipping, and power
    What is it do you want from the “Almighty” Satan himself?
    It is Power and Magic
    Medusa: power…. Hmph
    Medusa: do whatever you will, The Snake Gunners cannot help you any further
    After all I am the one and true leader of the group of The Snake Gunners so I cannot guide you anymore, you’re on your own
    Man: but how will we fight Hakuru?
    Medusa: just use the resources that I have given you, stop whining
    Besides this group is no “********” fun
    Medusa: my goal is to have fun and have fun, I will not listen to man, nor woman.
    I will do whatever I please, teehee
    Medusa: I would like to see Hakuru face to face, I want to have fun! And I want to have more fun!
    This is the way how my life goes!
    Medusa: now go, die before me!
    Hakuru: Saya take right!
    Saya jumps up and twirls her body and slices the soldiers with her blade
    Saya: I sense their base is near!
    Hakuru: how come we couldn’t sense it earlier?
    Saya: it’s their barrier! Their Barrier has a special ability to block our senses!
    Hakuru: ********! Well let’s hurry before they bring it back up again!
    Saya: *odd…. Why did you shut down their Barrier now?*
    Hakuru: Skull Bullet!
    Saya: *could this be a trap?*
    Saya: Hakuru slow down! We might be lured into a trap!
    Hakuru: a trap?
    They stopped
    Hakuru: what do you mean?
    Saya: they shut down their barrier for a reason, I don’t know why but it’s probably to make us go into their stronghold
    Hakuru: I’ll take my chances, if it’s a trap then fine! Let’s just go and destroy everything!
    Saya: idiot, you may be a damn clone! But that doesn’t mean you’re unstoppable!
    Hakuru: I know that! But these bastards shot my friend and it almost killed her!
    I won’t stop till they pay!
    Saya: shesh you are insane
    Hakuru: hell, don’t forget I was the one that wished for you as a human being, I didn’t you want to suffer as a clone like me all the time, you’d be whining and trying to blame me for it all the time
    If there was no Soul/Fate you wouldn’t be human now huh Saya?
    Saya: …. Yeah you’re right, whatever fine fine!
    We’ll go into their strong hold!
    Saya: yesh now I don’t know why I’m in London
    Ah where did she…?
    Hakuru: outta the way folks!
    Bullet Crusader!
    Hakuru: I haven’t said that in a long time
    Note: Bullet Crusader and Skull Bullet are the same bullet move, though Hakuru intends to say Skull Bullet because she never liked the Crusaders
    Hakuru: well back to the Skull names
    Man: stop her! fire the Kurai Crystals!
    Hakuru: Kurai Crystals?
    They took out their RPG’s and fired out little rocks which exploded in front of her
    Hakuru: AAAH!
    Man: keep firing!
    Hakuru: Releasing Energy to the right eye at maximum percent….
    Unleash Skull Blast!
    She opened up her right eye as she fired out a large beam out of her eye that shaped like a skull
    She then takes out her Lucky Long Shot, she transforms it into a long machine gun and fired out 10mm rounds
    Hakuru: Saya! You’re late!
    Saya: yeah whatever! I hope you saved some for me!
    Hakuru: go get em!
    Saya: Blade Crusader!
    She unleashed her katana and threw out a large wave
    Man: damn!
    Medusa: haha! Alright! This is fun!
    Hakuru: hey look, who’s she?
    Medusa: oops looks like I’ve been spotted, gotta run
    Hakuru: hey! You! Wait!
    Man throws a grenade
    Hakuru: why you!
    She throws her katana at the man’s chest
    Man: GAH!
    She walks up to him and takes it out of his chest
    Hakuru: Saya hold them off while I go get her!
    Saya: whatever just go!
    Hakuru jumps up and sees Medusa
    Medusa: come and get me!
    Hakuru: damn this is like a cat and mouse game! Stop running!
    Medusa: hahahaha!
    Hakuru: what?!
    Medusa: meet my friend Herka!
    Isn’t he big?!
    Hakuru: damn you!
    Herka grabs her katana and throws her to a wall
    Hakuru: AAH!
    Maximum input, 100% to both arms
    She grabs his arms and throws him over to the other side
    Medusa: hahaha!!!!
    Hakuru: laugh at this!
    Skull Bullet!
    Medusa takes the hit but then regenerates
    Hakuru: regeneration?
    Medusa: heh, you think you’re the only ultimate being?
    Idiot, I am you
    I’m the same blood as you!
    Hakuru: wait you’re also a B.W.F Clone Bio Weapon?!
    Medusa: haha of course I am silly
    Except that I’m from a different company
    Hakuru: a different company? Not even the Hurisha Company?
    Medusa: no, I was created from an Organization known as Hope
    The Hope Company was suppose to be like inventing vaccines, medicine, chemicals that would cure illnesses and cancer
    However since the head of the Organization lost his own daughter, he decided….
    “Why not we just make a clone….?”
    Medusa: though he did not care a damn thing about his daughter
    What he was that he killed her on purpose so that he can make her daughter into a freaking bio weapon
    There’s no such thing as bringing a person back to life because we have no technology like that
    So they cloned her and here I am
    Medusa: me! Bio weapon Medusa! That’s what they called me!
    Some ******** clone that has been turned into someones puppet! Don’t you feel the same…. Poor poor Hakuru?
    Hakuru: I’ve been hunted, I’ve been betrayed, used. I actually left that behind and focus on the present
    Medusa: heh…. So you wouldn’t care if they keep hunting you?
    Hakuru: they stopped actually; I solved all of those problems myself
    Medusa: so you just leave it like that?! You didn’t pay them back?!
    Hakuru: no, it would be meaningless
    Medusa: then you’re weak!
    No matter anyways, let’s just have some fun shall we?!
    She takes out her sword and slams it onto hers
    Hakuru: tch!
    Medusa: come on! Blast me already!
    Hakuru: *she’s certainly is strong… what is this era?*
    It’s hate….
    Medusa: you’re not the only one that has Evil Energy Hakuru Sakura
    Hakuru: yeah I can see that… ah!
    Kurai Shi! Grim Reaper!
    It comes out of her back with a half naked lady with a torn cloak with a scythe looking at Medusa with black pouring eyes
    Hakuru: “huff” “huff”
    Medusa: oh…. Doesn’t that hurt….?
    Hakuru: I don’t care…. As long as it kills you….
    Take her soul Grim!
    Medusa: heh…
    Body Sync
    A yellow snake crawls out of her back as its army of snakes became her wings and the body became it’s back
    Medusa: heh…. Haha…. I told you I’m the same as you!
    Hakuru: talk s**t!
    The Reaper throws her scythe but Medusa uses the snake to shoot out poison at it
    The Reaper uses her powers and brings the Scythe back to her hand and uses her left hand to fire out a psychic force
    Medusa: HA!
    She jumps out in the air and kicks Hakuru with her heel
    Hakuru: gotcha…
    Black Skull Blast!
    Medusa: hahaha!
    Yes this is fun!
    You are me! And I am you!
    We’re both the same!
    We both have pain! We both have the motivation to fight! We both of determination!
    We must kill Hakuru! We must do this for the sake of our living!!!!
    Hakuru: this is… ah!
    Medusa: we’re both in the same state
    I work for the so called The Unknown
    And I control most of her regions across the world
    Hakuru: what?! The Unknown?!
    Medusa: the one that has killed you’re so called foster parents
    I am her 2nd in command, and I’m here to have some killing time with you
    Medusa: most of the groups are clones, half are human beings, some are angels and demons.
    We all work to keep an eye on you
    Medusa: awww…. I can’t wait to ******** you over….
    You’re going to be mine and mine; I’ll wrap you with snakes and ******** you over with my fangs
    How about it…?
    I feel like murdering you while I do it
    Hakuru: n….
    Her half personality awakens as she grabs Medusa’s neck and bites off one of her snakes then she punches her multiple times in the wall
    Medusa: GREEN SWARM!
    She sends in a pack of snakes but that didn’t stop Hakuru
    Hakuru: alrioght Grim Reaper, take a rest!
    I’m going to do this the old fashion way….
    She takes out her two 9mm pistols
    Hakuru: come on! Medusa!
    You do have your own set of guns don’t you….?
    Medusa: heh….
    She takes out her Glock’s out
    Medusa: come on b***h, let’s do it
    Hakuru hops right in and does a front assault kick, then she turns and shoots her gun at Medusa, Medusa dodges and knees her in the gut and slams her glock to her face
    Hakuru jumps up and flips over as she fires her guns on top of Medusa, but then Medusa moves her body like a snake and dodges the bullets
    Saya: ah…. Bloody hell, so these are Kurai Crystals huh?
    They sure did take a beating out of me….
    She has bullet holes all over her body with crystals slipping out of her wounds
    Saya: ah…. “huff” “huff”
    Now die Blood Shed, this is where you’re legend ends!
    Saya: ah… “huff”
    YO ******** NUTS!
    Rev jumps in with her P90’s and fires away, she throws her knife and her grenades as she kept twirling around firing her guns
    Rev: YAHOO!!!!
    Saya: Rev?!
    Aja: hello
    Saya: Aja?!
    Rev: yo Aja, what’s up with the whole maid outfit s**t?
    Aja: sorry, I opened up a café recently
    Rev: yo girl why didn’t tell me you opened up one? I would of came over for some cookies and donuts
    Aja: I’ll let you come over but let’s just finish up the job, Saya can you still fight?
    Saya: ah… of course I can
    Rev: then let’s rock n roll!
    Medusa: this is magnificent!
    Hakuru: this is crazy Medusa!
    Medusa: crazy or not! It’s still fun!
    Welcome to my world Hakuru!
    Yellow Sting!
    Hakuru: AAAHH!!!!
    She transforms into Hinkyo
    Hinkyo: BLACK KATANA!!!!!
    She swings it and throws her katana like a boomerang
    Medusa catches it and throws it back
    Hinkyo flies in and grabs her blade as she swings it around at her, attacking her with all different directions. Medusa kept on dodging as she flips back and unleashed her form
    Medusa: alright, if you changed into you’re demon form
    Then I’ll change into mine
    (Child of a thousand generations springtime tree)
    Chiyoko has white hair as she grabs out her morning star and shield. She wears a long dress with armor with black and white wings
    Hinkyo: black and white wings? Who are you!
    Chiyoko: Chiyoko Haruki, they call me the Child of a thousand generations of springtime tree
    Hinkyo: shesh, that’s a long legend name don’t you think?
    Chiyoko: they call you the greatest Gunner elite are you right?
    Hinkyo: you bet on it, I’m the greatest Gunner elite there is
    Chiyoko: let’s prove it then
    Hinkyo: heh!
    Hinkyo runs in and slams her blade in, Chiyoko however blocks with her shield and slams her morning star into Hinkyo. Hinkyo grabs the morning star and push kicks Chiyoko with a full Dark Black Crusader from her eye. Then she jumps up and spins her whole body and slams straight into Chiyoko
    Chiyoko: Morning Death!
    She throws her morning star as the spikes came out and launched themselves straight at Hinkyo. Hinkyo unleashes flame shield and fires a flame cannon
    Hinkyo: BURN YOU ******** ANGEL!
    Chiyoko vanishes the flame
    Chiyoko: angel…?
    You could say…. I’m both
    Hinkyo: both?
    Chiyoko: I am both angel and demon
    Hinkyo: both angel and demon? That’s impossible! That’s ******** impossible!
    They don’t even exist!
    Chiyoko: idiot, we do exist and we intend to exist
    We do not work under the lord, or the devil himself.
    We do not prey nor do we give mercy
    We are who we are
    We are the Domination
    We will dominate each and every one of you
    Hinkyo: how do you people even existed?!
    Is this the Unknown’s plan?!
    What Is she planning?!
    Chiyoko: planning? I don’t know, I am merely just her 2nd in command
    Nothing more
    You are strong, but not nearly to defeat me, I shall spear you
    Hinkyo: no! don’t ******** go!
    Chiyoko: oh and one more other thing, try re growing you’re wings, it’s pathetic for a demon with no wings
    Hinkyo: AAAH!
    Chiyoko disappears
    Hinkyo: tch! ********!
    Saya: Hinkyo!
    Hinkyo: Saya?
    Saya: what happened?
    Hinkyo: ah…. She’s gone
    Saya: who was she?
    Hinkyo: she was….
    A being of death
    To be continued
    Next Chapter: #8 Death Continues