• Chapter Two


    Adon looked at the doll in shock and amazement. How did this doll knew his father's name and why did it call him master? He shook his head to try and clear his thoughts. "Ok let me ask you a few questions." he said.
    "Okay." said the doll.
    "How did you know my father?" he asked.
    "I just said he was my master." said the doll.
    "What do you mean by master?" he asked again.
    "I serve under him and I do what he asks of me." said the doll.
    "How did he become your master?" he questioned.
    "He saved my life many years ago and said I would repay him for the rest of his years alive." said the doll.
    "Where is my father now?" he asked.
    "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." said the doll.
    "I want know where my father is." he demanded.
    "He has been kidnapped by a group of people working under a powerful demon." said the doll.
    "What's this group called?" he questioned.
    "They call themselves Doppelganger." said the doll.
    "What does that mean?" he said. The doll sighed and placed it's paw on it's forehead.
    "Don't you know any folklore at all? Do you have any idea what I am?" the doll asked.
    "A talking doll." he said bluntly. The doll sighed again and hopped into his lap.
    "Is there anybody in the family that might know something about folklore?" the doll asked. Adon thought for a moment.
    "I think Fumiyo might know folklore and stuff like that." he answered.
    "Alright. Let's go talk to her then." said the doll as it tried to walk away. Adon picked up the doll by the scruff of the neck and turned it around to face him.
    "Listen here, doll. Everyone will have a heart attack if they see a talking doll around the house. Is there anyway for you talk to them and not freak them out?" he said. The doll looked at him for a moment.
    "Yeah I can do that. I can take on a human form so they won't flip out." said the doll. The doll pulled out a leaf from out of nowhere and place it on its forehead. Then she closed her eyes, concentrating on her new form. The doll disappeared into a puff of smoke and when it appeared it took on the form of a teenage girl. She had silky smooth silver hair tied into two long pig tails and deep violet eyes that hid behind a pair glasses. She wore a school uniform that mimiced his own and around her waist was a katana. Adon could still see her fox ears and three tails.
    "Hey I can still your tails and ears." he said. The doll chuckled softly at his comment.
    "Only people who have the Sight can see the ears and tails on my human form." said the girl.
    "The Sight?" he asked with a tilt.
    "I am starting to doubt if you are my master's only son. The Sight is the ability to see us and hear us, the mythical creatures. Many people can see us but very few can hear us speak. That's why you were able to see and hear me speak in my true form." she said.
    "So what are you exactly?" he asked.
    "I am a kitsune." she said. Adon looked at her with a puzzled look.
    "What's a kitsune?" he asked. She sighed again at his stupidity.
    "Let's find this person who knows the mythics well. Let's go." said the girl. The doll now turned girl walked out his bedroom door and down the stairs.
    "Hey wait up!" he shouted. He turned the corner and down the stairs to find the doll-girl thing looking around the house. "Now before we talk to Fumiyo, you need a name or do you want to keep calling you a doll?" The doll looked at him with a strange look on her face. "Do you have a name?"
    "No. My master just called me kitsune." she said.
    "Well let's give you a human name. Let's see....." he said. He thought for a minute on what to call the doll. "How about Erica? That's suits you well."
    "Erica? I like it. From now on I am Erica." Erica said. As she said that, somebody knocked on the front door. Erica looked over at the door. "Expecting guests are we?"
    "Yeah I am. Just act normal, okay." he said.
    "Okay!" she said. She saluted at him as he walked over towards the door. When he opened the door, Donner waved at him.
    "Hey there Adon! I told you it wont last long. May I come in?" he said with grin.
    "Of course." he said. Adon moved back to let Donner in. Donner headed towards the kitchen to see Erica there.
    "Whose's the girl in your kitchen?" he asked. Adon just shut the door and walked in.
    "Donner meet Erica. Erica this is Donner." Adon said. Erica gave a formal bow.
    "Nice to meet you. You must be a friend of Adon." she said. She stood striaght up and smiled at him. Donner looked at he strangely. "Is something wrong?"
    "Hey Adon. Why do she have ears and three tails like you see in storybooks?" he asked in shock. Erica looked at him in shock. He had the Sight as well, although he wasn't bright as well, she thought.
    "Well, there a good reason for that. You may not believe me when I say this but you see, I'm not human like you. I am a kitsune." she said. Donner looked at her with a dumbfound look on his face. Then he started to laugh loudly and nearly fell over laughing.
    "You got to be joking right. This is one heck of a joke you made up, Adon." he said in the middle of his laughter. Adon gave out an uneasy chuckle when Donner looked at him.
    "I wish it was a joke but its not. She is a real kitsune. Whatever that is." he said. Erica gave him a sour look and sighed.
    "I guess I have to tell both of you know." she said. She looked over at Adon. "Where is Fumiyo?" Adon shook his head and had a worried look on his face.
    "She should have been back by now with Lalita and Essence. I wonder what is taking them so long?" said Adon. At that very moment, there was a loud banging noise coming from the door. "Wonder who that is?" Adon hurried over to the door and opened to a shock. There stood Fumiyo and Lalita breathing hard and covered in dirt. Adon stood in shock at the sight of Lalita and Fumiyo. "Fumiyo! Lalita! What happen to you two?!" Lalita ran over to Adon and threw herself onto him. Her face was covered in dirt and tears ran down her face.
    "You have to help Essence, big brother. We managed to get away thanks to her. You have to help her. Please big brother!" Lalita shouted admist her tears and sobs. Adon picked Lalita up and carried her over to the stairs.
    "I'll go right now. You hide up stairs until I get back, okay?" said Adon. Lalita nodded at him and hurried up the stairs. Adon turned to Erica and had a serious look on his face. "Let's go, Erica." Erica simply nodded and ran out the door with him. Donner and Fumiyo was close behind them as the hurried out the door and down the street. He looked back at Fumiyo as he ran. "Where did Essence go?"
    "When I looked back I saw her heading out of town into the nearby woods." said Fumiyo. Adon faced out front and closed his eyes. I just hope she is okay, he thought. They hurried as fast as they could to save Essence before it was too late.