• Lights bright, horns blaring, the darkness eveloping her. *I didn't do it, I could never do something like that. They have it all wrong!* Frantic thoughts ran through Melodys mind as she ran for cover in the deep surounding woods. Emotions played across her face like an old movie reel running out of tape.


    "We have breaking news here tonight in Manhatten. An escaped aslyum patient is running around New York city. Be on the look, she is traveling on foot wearing white scrubs, standing at only five foot three with green eyes and curly blonde hair. The Police are on the look out, call NYPD for questions or concerns."


    "I have to go mainstream, theres no other way to blend in with the New York crowd." Melody says to no one in particular. A little butterfly flies in front of her face and she sticks her finger out for it to land on. The black butterfly with brillent blue inside colors lands on her finger, sitting for a moment to let her examine it. "I'll have to get a job, maybe even a few if I want to make enough money to get out of here. My only real talents are piano playing and singing. That will never get me anywhere in a town like this." She sat there contemplating a little bit longer trying to figure out a plan.

    Melody gets up and starts walking, she's close to the outer areas of the city by now on the bad end of town. Dawn is approaching soon. "I guess I need to find sonewhere to take shelter for the day and rest." Melody takes her pick from an old abanded warehouses that isn't to broken down looking so that wind can not come through and make it drafty. She climbed in through a broken window and made her way to the rafters and settled in for the day.

    [I don't have the will to write anymore. That's all I got.]