• Welcome to my nightmare.
    Its a dream that I can't seem to get away from.
    I can fell the world around me as if I were completly aware.
    My body is trembling as if I am to afraid to move.
    I see the one I love and she is crying.
    I walk over to her side and ask her what is wrong?
    Then her whole body, her existence, swirls like that of a halogram.
    She dissapears without a sound.
    Then one by one everyone I know they walk up to me but, they all dissapear.
    A rope falls down and I pull it as if to climb it when the sky falls down.
    I am in a dark void alone and there is only a single beam of light.
    I read my name on a tombstone that said, "He who doesn't cheerish life will not live it".
    I begin to panic and I run.
    I fall off the place and hit the ground I make an imprint into the earth.
    Looking up I see family members one by one throw a flower on me and a tear from each one hits my face.
    An angel falls from the heavens looking down at me he is asking me if I will make something of a second chance?
    I answer him quickly yes I will do whateva it takes but, there is not a sound.
    The angel is struck with a flash and his wings dissapear he falls down on me telling me he will be my burial.
    "Am I all alone?" I ask myself will it always be this way?
    "Let me out!" "I don't belong here" "Why me?"
    I mutter all this to myself as if anyone could here.
    The angel answers me because you were chosen to lead the example tonight you leave this world.
    I awaken in a cold sweat and I am shaking as I was before the dream came on me.
    If you have lived what I have lived you would understand this nightmare is not jus a dream to me but, it is life.