• Place: Horangi Camp
    Date: 1/3/19XX

    Partying. That's all it meant tonight. Greff sighed with a big heave. He pushed all the prostitutes aside and started for the outside.
    He couldn't stand such outrageous behavior and he began to think why he came for the raid anyway. He stood tall and handsome, his hair dancing with the wind. His mighty axe placed firmly on the ground. Giving off the fearful aura of his glare.
    He wished for this to all end, so he could go back to his lover at home. The raid on the Yong clan was uncalled for. He knew that this would turn into a full fledged war soon enough. And he would once again have to serve as the mighty general.
    He started to channel his rage into Aera and started to chant. He was frustrated with the world, frustrated at the cruelty of his own clan, frustrated he couldn't go against it. With that in mind, purple characters started to dance in a circle in front of him.
    The tent behind him started to catch on fire, and started towards the other tents. Screaming, panicking.
    'Why?' he asked himself. He was almost done chanting until that burst of flame interrupted him.
    He started toward that fire... also wondering how that boy was.