• Junior year was going to be a great year (or what I had hoped to be a great year)
    I had my best friend’s kali, coral, Lonnie, Judy, and Sean. They were my everything.
    So it was the first day of band camp, which every year is held two weeks in the summer before school starts. My friends and I were excitedly awaiting the freshman’s. I was impatient and remember pacing the band room waiting for the first one to appear.
    "Hi I am Adam" the first freshman appears through the door, as I ran to him excitedly.
    "I am Keira. Nice to meet you" I showed him a kind smile, I wanted to be friends.

    Adam was the first freshman I had met in the morning of practice. When the others arrived we showed them where to get their name tags, and who to look to if they needed any of their questions to be answered. I was the president and it was my job to make sure the first day was running smoothly.

    After introductions, we headed down to the "gopher field" (we call it the gopher field cause of all the holes. But we might as well call it, "this is where you will get your first broken foot if you haven’t already field", yeah it was that bad, but anyways) we got into a line, putting the freshman’s in one area and the returning band students in another area. The freshman’s were to go by themselves to learn the basic rules of marching, while the returning students watched.

    I remember thinking, 'wow there are two cute freshman’s'. One of the freshmen was slightly shorter than me, but had green eyes and shaggy dirty blonde hair. And the other was tall, tan, and had dark brown hair, with dark brown eyes. Both gave of the aura of "hard to approach" but, I was eager to make this year of band fun.

    When it was time for break, the returning students and I went around talking to the freshman’s and starting up conversations. The two cute freshmen’s were by themselves talking to each other with my best guy friend Sean. I wanted to walk over there and talk to them as well, but I was to shy. To be honest I had a crush on Sean. I know your best guy friend, but I really had liked him, and sometimes it was hard to approach them. Also I used the excuse of the heat to not go over and talk to the three of them, so I resisted and stayed underneath some shade made by a shed talking to Adam, who I met earlier.
    Practice was running smoothly and I was in a great mood. Now it was time for GAMES! I loved game time, I was in charged, and I love being in charge.
    I got the band to gather around the band room, my friend Terry got their attentions for me.
    “Listen up everyone, Keira is going to explain the rules to today’s game” He looked to me to go ahead and start.
    Before I could open my mouth to start, a freshman from next to me, rudely butt in.
    “Why do we have to listen to her?” he sneered
    “Well she’s the president and is going to explain the rules” Terry answered his question.
    The freshman just glared at me and walked away “I don’t have to listen to her” he said walking away from me.
    And to think I thought that tall freshman was cute I yelled in my head.
    “Don’t worry about him Keira, he’s just a freshman” Terry calmed me down.
    Even though I knew Terry was right, I couldn’t help but feel a little hurt by that freshman’s words.