• I'm still thinking about what Cassandra said by suppertime. Mother and Father are sitting at the other end of the table. right in the middle of the meal a knock comes on the door. Father walks over to get it, but I think I know who it is at the door. "No, no, Father. I'll get it." He grins. "I'm grateful, Guinevere." I open the door to the ashen blonde boy from this morning. "Come outside, Gwennie." I walk through the doorway, close the door behind me, and sit down on the steps. "Now what, Troy?" He hands me a piece of parchment. It read:
    Hello there. This is Troy Tailor, at your service. i have decided to run away from my home, for my parents do not seem to care about me anymore. However, I will need an assistant. I have chosen you, lovely Guinevere of London. I do not know where we will go, or if we will even come back. Please accompany me.
    I gasp at the letter. "Troy! I simply cannot go ahead and leave my home. Yes, I've known you for a long time, and i like you, I...I..." I could barely get the words out. "I love you." Troy acts surprised, but I can tell he feels the same way. I guess Cassandra was right. The boy grabs my waist and starts to pull me closer to him. Out of nowhere I instantly decide to make a move. I leap up and kiss him on the lips, his cheek in my hand. Troy does the same. When I pull away, Troy smirks at me. "I don't know much 'bout girls, but I think this means yes." I hold his hand as we walk down the street. Luckily I still have my messenger sack on, so i have all of the supplies for running away. "...Seriously, where are we going?" "Well...how about we just get on a boat and go where the boat goes?" I stare at him. "But we could end up as far as America!" Troy looks over at the Centre. Beyond the Centre is the boat harbor. "But isn't that the plan, Gwen?" "Don't you mean 'Gwennie'?" "Well, once you've kissed a girl I think you should call her something more mature." I nod in agreement. "Aww, but I kinda liked 'Gwennie'."