• The cold air stung her lungs as she stared down into the ocean. She sucked in another breath of air, her emerald eyes opening along with her lips.
    Thunder rumbled overhead as the waves sprayed her, calling her in. She had time to think this over, to run away before she flew with the birds for only seconds.
    The dark outlines of rocks suddenly came into her view when lightning flashed overhead. She was going to do this. There was no turning back now.
    Her feet danced against the edge of the dark cliff, the woods behind her silent as if holding its breath to see if she really was going to perform this.
    She spread her arms out like wings, the wind whipping her loose white shirt against her petite frame. It was now or never.

    “Good-bye,” she whispered to herself, to the woods and to the world. This was her finale and she was glad she picked it on her birthday.
    She glanced at the hungry waters once more before she flew with the birds and then crashed down, down, down.

    “Audrey!” a voice yelled. Thunder clapped. The ocean cried.