• The rain was pounding the old metal roof. The strong winds blowing through the holes in the walls. From inside the old, abandoned house, came the sound of ticking as if coming from a clock. The old man, sitting in the old rocking chair, just barley lit by the tiny dim fire in the fire place, sat and stared at the fire, while smoking from a pipe. It had been years since he last had a visitor, and this was the way he wanted it.
    From the upstairs bathroom, their came a noise. A dripping, as if from the sink. The halls were invaded by tiny, fast moving creatures, that had made this place their home.
    The kitchen sink was full of old, dirty dishes, and hadn't been touched in months, if not years. The refrigerator door was wide open, there was mold growing on what little food there was.
    There was no power in this house. In fact, the house was almost empty, with the exception of the chair, the fridge, and a bed. The old man didn't need much, he never had company. On this day, however, he was to have a very unexpected guest.
    The old man, got up from his chair, and moved toward the bed, that was sitting in the living room, as you entered the old house. The fire was beginning to fade, the dripping from the sink was slowly dying away. The rain outside had only grown louder. Half way to his bed, the old man stopped. He heard a soft, faint knocking at his door.
    "How unusual." The old man said. As he slowly made his way toward the door. He glanced out the peep hole, only to find darkness staring back at him. He unlocked the door, and turned the knob. Slowly, he pulled the door open. He stepped outside and looked around. Nothing around but the trees of the forest that he had became all too familiar with. "Perhaps just my imagination." The old man said, and slowly he turned, and walked back inside, closing and locking the door behind him.
    The old man finally making his way into the bed, began to remove his glasses, and placed them on the table beside. He slowly fell asleep, underneath the warmth of the covers, and the comfort of his pillow....To be continued.