• I walked into the school grounds for the first time. It was my freshmen year, but to me it was the second day for hell. I have already walked through hell once and now again. First time it was the first day of middle school, number two was right now. Oh how I hate these days of going to a new school. Well anyways, I walked to the lunch tables and looked at my schedule. I had Algebra two for first, which is what happens when you’re too smart for humans. It was going to be in the same class as 10th graders. So far, not a good way to start the first day. I walked around and found an empty table. I thought about what was going to happen. I wondered if I was going to be the only smart one there. I also wondered I there was going to be others. People that were like me, but not a rebel, just supernatural. Sometimes I look around and pretend my old pack was here, but they will never be with me anymore. They kicked me out of my own pack for falling in love with a human in middle school. I couldn’t help it; he and I were almost like soul mates. Now we are in different schools. I have a gut feeling I am going to die today.
    I looked around the area and sniffed the air, hoping there will be others. I closed my eyes to focus. "Hey, you!" i jumped up and opened my eyes. If I wasn’t focusing on my nose then I would have seen the five students in front of me. There were three boys and two girls. "Um...yes?" I asked. One of the boys leaned to me and said "this table is claimed" I eyed him for a second. He had bright blue eyes with black hair. It was a good combination, but I wasn’t here to be pushed around. "Why won’t you just back off, I was here first!" I said with a defensive voice. He laughed, "Get off our table or I will get you off myself" I got up and walked away. No way were they, normal. I could tell they were 10th graders, and believe me, they did look smart. I walked to an empty bench and sat there waiting for the bell to ring. It was four minutes left till I go to class. Instead of waiting like a normal person, I sniffed the air again. This time I did smell trouble, well not really trouble. Two girls were walking to me, with their fist clenched. I stood up and asked with a angry tone "what do you want?" I could tell they were the girls from the little group. They walked to me and one of them graved my shirt, "we want you to stay away from Zack." then the other girl behind her sad, "he is ours, and if you get in the way. We will kill you." I looked at them in confusion. "Wait who is Zack???" the girl punched me in the face and I stubbed backwards. As much as I wanted to punch her back, I didn’t. "Don’t act stupid! You looked at Zack as if u wanted to kiss him" one of the girls said. i looked at her and shook my head, "no I didn’t, for one I am already taken and two he is older than me, and third of all I don’t like your attitude!" I braced myself for another punch but the bell rang. "You got lucky" the girl graved my shirt again. “Next time you won’t be lucky." she let go and both girls left me.
    I never knew how high school girls get so violent. I walked to Algebra two and saw an empty seat. I walked to it and someone had tripped me. "Okay who did that?!" I yelled out as I was getting back up. "What a nerd!" I heard someone say. I turned to that person and growled, "Better watch your tongue!" then I sat back down. I was resisting the urge to be the hell out of someone right now. The teacher walked in and pointed me out saying, "Okay class, and settle down. Today we have a new student joining us. She is a freshman that was transferred here. Please may you stand up and introduce yourself" I hesitated. This was not elementary. I got up and said in a low voice; "Hey... my name is Lia Track." I sat back down. The teacher was a bit shocked, "well okay then, well today's lesson is....." I swear I wasn’t going to listen to her. So I let my thoughts trail off. You would think I would be pleased to be smart, but in my family, it wasn’t about smartness. It was all about survival.
    My family is filled with super natural creatures like the werewolf, lizard man, widdigo, and I can go on forever with the shape shifters. My parents were both human, but the generations before them were shape shifters. My parents know what they could have become, but it skipped a generation for some reason. To me it just makes it worse. First of all, my grandparents are all dead, second my parents see me as a burden, and third of all I have no one I can get advice from. I would think life sucked if I was my old pathetic weak self that I was in elementary. Since I am older, wiser, and stronger I learn to live with those three things in my head. Well I was born on a red moon and given a lunar birthmark. It was bad enough to be a burden but to also be a freak of nature. I looked around the classroom seeing the teacher talk on and on about graphs. I looked behind me and people were passing notes. I shook my head and the bell had rung. I got up as fast as I could out to the lockers. My locker number was one hundred and twenty one. I walked to the locker and put in my combination. The locker was empty and I closed it again. I looked at my schedule and saw I had English next. I looked at little closer and it said 10th grade English. I crumbled the paper and shoved It in my pocket.