• The cool morning of a winters sun shinning bright in her eye's.
    She sits still for a moment, nothing clear at first. It's all so bright, so amazingly bright, that she fears she might loose her sight. But as her eye's adjust, she begins to see just how much she was deceived.
    Only a small sliver of light peeks through her curtains. Falling directly onto her face and making a line down her neck to her chest and onto the blankets. She follows the stream of light all the way back to the window. The cool breeze blows the curtains gently, a flowing motion so soothing she might not have noticed it. The mirror sitting at her sill.
    She throws off her covers and rushes to the window, grabbing the mirror in her hands, she stares at her reflection. She see's a girl with large eye's so dark they could be black, hair the color of dark chocolate and cherries, a beautiful auburn, that falls down around her face in loose waves. Her skin is seamless. Perfect even. It's pale beauty making even the most skillful of doll crafters jealous. The perfect porcelain.
    But she hates this girl who stares back at her. She loathes her existence.
    Looking to the window, she grimaces. And, with a movement so swift, the mirror is gone from her hand, flying through the winters sky, until, finally, it shatters at the ground.
    She paces her room now. One hand clutching at the necklace around her neck, the other wrapped around her waist. She thinks and thinks until her mind can't seem to comprehend anything at all.
    Being ever so careful when walking to her door, she cracks it open. It creaks ever so slightly, but the sound cuts through the silence like the mirror shattering on the ground. She peeks her head out, looking left and then right. Being sure that no one is in sight as she slips out of her room and shuts the door gently. She pads down the hallway to her left, her feet making little to no noise as she goes.
    She stops.
    A sound so beautifully enchanting that even the dead would weep fills her ears.
    She follows this sound, not caring how loud she is now. Her feet carry her in the opposite direction of her destination, but she no longer cared.
    All she wanted was to know who, or what, was making this wonderful sound.
    Rounding corners, climbing stares, running down hallways, opening doors, shutting doors, searching, listening, standing still... She finally found it.
    That enchanting sound.
    It certainly wasn't what she had expected to find, but, none the less, she found it just as wondrous as the melody it played.
    How could something so small and so intricately designed make such wondrous music?
    Something like this little music box.
    All her happiness seemed to drain away when she heard them... Those footsteps echoing though out the mansion.
    She looked around the solitary room that housed the music box for a place to hide and found herself crawling under a piano.
    She found the room so peculiar now that she had actually looked about. It housed so many instruments. Ones of which she had never even seen before. But then there where the ones she did know quite well.
    The piano she hid under, the viola to the right of the piano, and next to that was a violin followed by the cello. After them was a large harp made of silver. Then came the drums. All kinds of them. Ranging in sizes from large to small to her height. Some thin, other wide. And then all the other instruments. She wondered about playing every single one of them all together.. Would it be a cacophony of useless sounds, or would it be as melodious as the music box?
    As she pondered this, the door swung open and in stepped three pairs of legs. All of witch where clad in dark trousers. One wore a dark khaki, the other a navy blue, and the third wore a simple black. Their shoes where polished and looked as though you could eat off of them. They drew closer to her hiding place and as they did, she found that she was holding her breath. As if these demons could hear her tiny lungs expand as she inhaled and relax as she exhaled.
    They where mumbling to each other now. She couldn't quite make out what they where saying because the music box had begun to play again. Though it seemed as though she was the only one who could hear it. Then their conversation seemed to reach her.
    "-at couldn't be! We tested her! We know she can't hear it so how would she be able to find this place?" Asked one of the men.
    "She could have been pretending!" Said another.
    "We should find her as fast as possible otherwise she'll be mad. Now both of you shut up and keep looking." Said the last. They split up in the room and began checking things. Inside, outside, around, underneath. They checked all over. And then one of them was in front of the piano. She froze, staring at her reflection in his shoes. Her eye's wide and glassy, tears that seemed ready to fall at any moment.
    Then it was all over. The man had found her. She had screamed, kicked, slapped, bit, pulled, and tried so very hard to get away, but it was useless. They had her now and she feared that she might never get away again.
    The music box seemed to be saying farewell as it played a slightly saddened version of it's enchanting melody from earlier, and the girls scream echoed through out the mansion as the took her away. She didn't know where they were going, but these men had lead her somewhere strange.
    Looking about, she found they where in a garden. One with roses of every color, even blue. Little animals ran around seeming so care free and happy.
    As she walked farther into the garden, she found that the flowers were singing. She listened to the voices as the made a choir of angelic sounds. Each individual flowers having it's own beautiful voice. And all those voices combined to make a melody befitting the sound of the music box.
    She chased after the animals, letting all her anxiety run free. And then there was nothing.
    No music. No animals. Nothing. Just her, the garden and the three men. But now there was someone else. A forth person. One of immense beauty and grace.
    An angel.
    "Hello child." Said the woman, her golden eye's reflecting the winters sun. The girl only stared, unable to speak and the woman laughed at this. "There's no need to go mute. Please, speak. Allow me the grace to her your voice." She said, her eye's turning into slits. The flowers sang out in protest and the music boxes melody screamed of danger. The animals hid and trembled in fear of the woman before her.
    "How is it that such a wonderfully wonderful place isn't dead in the middle of winter?" The girl asked, her eye's large. "And why is it that the flowers and music box sing of danger?" The woman's lips curled up in a devilish smile.
    "Why child, that's because they know their young angel's bell is to be stolen." She said simply.
    The girl backed away slowly, but that made no difference. The woman before her reached out and, with a swift flick of her wrist, the girl fell to the ground, a silver light that shone like a crescent moon floating in the space above her. She could hear the light tickle of silver bells coming from this light, and then she realized, all too late, that this woman was no angel...
    She was a demon.