• Earth, an area infected of human lives. This world is full of people that go through daily pattern of activities. They go through such frequent and repetitive patterns, that it makes themselves seem like programmed robots to follow the same routine forever until upon death. Some get along, and others make it difficult for the people around them to bear with living. Living is possibly the slowest way of dying. Tragedy can also happen at any time, having your life end sooner than expected. This is how life is; it’s dreadful. What I ever wondered, is if there is something more to this world? Not something like religion, but something on or around the Earth that was invisible to the naked human eye. Like a fantasy existing in reality.

    A Hellish Verisimilitude Fantasy

    Day I


    My name is 暗い天使.

    It’s Japanese for Kurai Tenshi, which means “Dark Angel”. I had a Japanese mother, and it was odd for her to name me such a thing. I would ask her why she named me that, if she was still around. Unfortunately, she passed away when I was just an infant.

    I'm nothing special; just an ordinary school girl is all. As of my looks… my height would be about 65 Inches. I have quiet the slim body, but not to the point you can see my bones. I’m also awfully pale, reason being is that I don’t enjoy going outside much. The sun is rather a nuisance to my sensitive eyes and skin. My eyes seem to be something that stands out to most people. The color of my eyes is violet. I have thin, long, jet-black hair. My hairs length reaches down to my thigh. I’m not much of a person to tie up my hair, but on some occasions I will. I enjoy the feeling of my long soft hair brushing against my arms and neck.

    I dress in dark clothing; it’s my choice of style because I enjoy the dark colors. I also feel like a ninja blending into the dark, but that’s not my main reason for my choice of clothing. I wear genes, or sometimes skirts. I don’t expose myself much or at all. I hate the feeling and the attention from the public. Colors I enjoy are black, red, pink, violet, and blue. I honestly am delightful with how I look.

    If you’re wondering for my breast size, then you can piss off! Other information of myself, I don’t have “friends”. I much rather keep to myself. I live with my father in a small quiet town, inside a decent house. It’s a full house with 3 floors. I have no brothers or sisters, and I have no knowledge of the existence of my other family members, if I have any other family members. My father never told me anything about them.

    My Father’s name is Fred. He’s about 69 inches tall, short brown hair, brown eyes, and lightly tanned. He is a very evil man. One a child should not grow up with. What he is to me is strict, mean, unfair, physically and mentally abusive, everything that makes a bad father. He doesn't care for me. He doesn't feed me enough, he doesn't buy me new clothing, doesn't care for what I enjoy and what I don’t. I can’t stand talking to him. Seriously, I could never have a descent conversation with him. For example, one time at school, I had to take my father to my classes. At lunch, some guy asked me for the time. Then my father blew up asking all kinds of questions, demanding for answers for if he was some kind of drug addict or if I was meeting up with him after school. I would think to myself, “You can’t be serious!”

    This is something that I find really embarrassing, especially when he’s shouting in the cafeteria. I wish I could just crawl into a hole and disappear, or watch his head fly off after I hit it with a gold club. Either way would work for me, but I shouldn't let my imagination take over at the moments. I just shout at him for thinking these kinds of things.

    Then my father, being an a*****e that he is, would tell me I’m giving him an attitude, and that I’m giving him an attitude and will be punished… or whatever. This would make me really stressed and upset. Adults use the whole attitude deal as an excuse for demonstrating “I’m right, you’re wrong. Deal with it.”

    Well anyways, I'm getting a little off subject. Starting from the beginning, I was on the rooftop of my father’s work place. Reason being is because it was that fiendish take-your-child-to-work-day, ugh... It’s a 30ish story business building out in a middle of an open field, away from the town. It’s a bit odd for a building to be out in an open field, but this was an important business of some sort. I don’t know, nor care for what the building was used for. On the rooftop of the building rested a helicopter pad. You know, that thing with the big “H”?

    My father’s job currently was to test new model version of a helicopter. He never lets me ride with him though; he thinks I’ll jump out. Hell, maybe he was right. I wouldn't stand sitting next to him for a minute. Resuming the current moment, when he was flying around in his little toy up over the clouds, a jet flashed by out of nowhere, and, well... crashed and exploded right into the helicopter my father was in. I was shocked, staring up at the big, infernal ball of destructive flames burning in the air. Scraps of metal were raining down from the sky, with some flakes of fire sprouting out of the burning object in the sky. After seeing that, I felt kind of dizzy. This was all so sudden and unexpected, I wasn't sure if I was happy or not. Actually, I didn't feel anything. I was in shock.

    Then suddenly, the ground started shaking. An earthquake? At that time I just happened to be standing on the building’s rooftop edge. As the ground was shaking from the sudden quake, I lost balance and tumbled off the edge. As I fell, I knew in my mind that this was the end. What happened next was then beyond my imagination. As I stared at my shadow being dragged down the building along with myself, something seems to have been popping out from among the walls. Such as a figure, some sort of creature that was falling along with my shadow. It did not speak, but it was talking to me. Not in a way with words or any sort of physical communication. It wasn't in any language either. Just staring at it, I can understand what it was saying. It just broke into my mind with some form of telepathy.

    It seemed to have been smiling at me, as if it was humored. It was mimicking my dreadful moment by having me think of time, the little time I have before I breathe my last. It was communicating with me, offering me safety, a way to escape the faith that approaches. Wanting for such thing would lead to an exchange though. It wasn't being straight forward; it kept beating around the bush as to what it wanted. The floor of the earth was growing bigger as I fell. Panicked, my will of wanting safety was stronger than my concern of what it wants, and it acknowledged exactly what was on my mind. Lost in the moment, all I wanted was to be safe; I want this all to go away. I have no idea what’s going on, and everything is happening so fast all at once.

    Suddenly I felt that the wind had stopped blowing against me. My hair was still, as well as my clothing. Everything felt completely different. I open my eyes to meet the ceiling. Behind my head felt something soft and I turned my head to see that it was a pillow. I sat up with my eyes darting around to finally realize that I was in my room. I was staring at the wall, shocked and confused by what just happened. The first thing I thought to myself was what the hell just happened!?

    I felt traumatized by the memories, and questions were starting to fill in my head. Was everything that I remembered true, or was it all just a dream? I jumped out of my bed to make contact with my mirror. My hair was a mess… but the cause of this could have been from me waking up from a bad dream. Everything that I remembered felt too real to be a dream though. But it couldn't have been, my hair is too puffy and tangled up, my skin feels ice cold…

    I was confused, tired, and thinking too hard. So many thoughts are rushing through my head, and I couldn't comprehend the situation. Getting dizzier by the seconds, I start to feel faint. Within the next few seconds, I've fallen onto my bed and passed out.