• Books of sorrow
    "Why did you bring me here Zack?" Rylien asked as they walked down the steep grassy slope that led down into a large valley. "I need to talk to you as your brother not your king." Zack said taking the lead as they walked. "You may want to make it quick bro." Rylien said staring up at the darkening sky. "Its going to start snowing soon." Zack nodded his head and when they reached the valley he spun around, the heel of his boot gouging the ground as he turned and smashed his fist into Rylien's jaw sending him sliding backwards. "Ow!" Rylien glared at him rubbing his sore jaw. "What did i do?" Zack's eyes cut through him like glass. "You need to wake up!" He yelled. "Do you have any idea how bad the council whats to banish you?" Zack asked retoricaly. "I have half the mind to let them!" He yelled at Rylien who ducked his head hiding his face behind his white hair. "It was an accident." He mumbled. "It was not, you would have killed her if i hadnt interfered!" Zack shouted furious as he walked away from him."killed her, a sixteen year old girl who is your comrade, over what, the fact that she told you that you were acting like a stuck up brat that thinks he can do everything on his own?" Zack spun around to face him. "Im not.." Rylien started. "Shut up you are and you know it." Zack growled cutting him off. "You slap every helping hand thats ofered to you. On every mission you run ahead of your squad trying to do it on your own leaving your team vurnerable and weakned. The only reason you havent been punished is the fact that some how no one has been killed by your anticts. And ive been shielding you from them as king. But no longer you need to shape up!" Zack snarled stalking towards him. "Im sorry." Rylien mummbled. "No your not. Do you have any idea what people call you?" Zack asked. Rylien shook his head but knew full well about the name they whispered behind his back. "Rylien sorrow the frozen one." Zack spat the name. "Not because your an ice user but becuse your heart is frozen." Zack grabbed Ryliens head pressjng his forehead to his own and stared into his brothers remaining eye. "If i couldnt see how much you love Denise i would belive that name was true. But if you dont change soon you'll be to cold for her and she'll be gone." Rylien lowered his eyes and Zack sighed. "Look one day i'll be gone and as the last sorrow you will be king and it'll be you duty to protect our people. If you dont act right the peope wont like you or respect you so they wont listen. So promise me you'll change so that when i die you can protect them." Zack smiled holding up his hand. Rylien looked at it and took it. "Deal." He said with a grin. "But dont go dieing on me." Zack laughed ill try not to.
    "Hold on zack i'll get some help." Rylien pleaded as he knelt on the ground in a pool of his and zacks blood as he held his brother up with his remaing arm. Zack gasped for air his hand covering the bullet hole in his chest. He coughed and blood gushed past his bluish lips and ran down his pale chin and and neck. "You need help more." Zack wheezed pointing out Rylien's missing arm and the hole burned through his stomach. "You know that i can regenarate, but you cant!" Rylien cried his tears splashing his brothers face. "Dont cry little brother, im going to meet our family." Zack said with a distant smile on his blood soaked lips. "But you can't, i dont want to be alone!" Rylien sobbed. "Oh brother, you wont be we will always watch over you." Zack said softly. "Do you rember your promise?" He asked. "Yes i do. And i will protect them." Rylien choked out. "Good." Zack said satisfied and looked up to the sky. "You were right it is snowing." He said watching a single small flake dance towads them. And he reached up, his hand drenched in blood. Rylien watched helpless as the flake landed on his brothers finger tip and melted. King Zachary Sorrow smiled took his final breath and died his head rolling back and his hand falling to his side. "No." Rylien cried softly then pulled his brothers body close. "No!" He screamed in defiance at the sky and it exploded into a torrent of snow. He lay his brother down and twisted to look behind him at the the figure on the valley ledge holding a rifle. It lifted a hand and beconed him forth. Rylen screamed in rage darkness rising from his body. He grabbed his great sword from beside him and stood, breaking out in a run across the valley the snow tunneling around him mixing with the darkness as he ran towards the murderer.... to be continued