• “October 13th, 2006”

    In the year of '97 after I passed out at a family party, awaking the next day to remember nothing, I was diagnosed with an unknown condition. I was sent from doctor to doctor who had no idea what they were doing. That is until I made my first visit to the Fresh Air clinic known as Rosewood Heights in '03.
    We met with Dr. Ceres that day and was told that he was doing a study one another girl who had the same condition as me. It was then that I had to make the choice if I wanted to be part of it or not.
    We were informed that we wouldn't have to pay at all. The study would pay for everything even if I ended up going into the hospital again.
    It was something that my mother and father thought was a great idea. That was until the doctor told them that they would have to stay down in the city of Rosewood. Which meant we had to be stationary.
    They thought about it for all of two minutes before they stepped out of the room and made a phone call.
    It was the most awkward moments of my life as the doctor glanced at me then looked at the door. No doubt thinking that my parents were selfish idiots who didn't care if their daughter was on the brink of losing her mind. All they cared about was the travel.
    My mother entered the room with a smile on her face and told Dr. Ceres that we would take the study.
    It wasn't till after that I found out that I would be staying with my Fathers mother Grandmother Larraine.
    Now my Grandmother wasn't that horrible of a person, though she did see things in a different set of light then my parents did for sure. She was one of those old fashion women who felt that it was their duty to make sure that their next of kin was brought up proper.
    Between the normal visits the clinic and my intense studies, my Grandmother sent me to these clubs where they taught edict and made you learn a musical talent. I hated it all. I was just in the mindset that if I went into another dark spot (which was the name for my moments where I pass out and wake up forgetting everything that happened in the past couple years.) I would forget everything that they taught me.
    But then a girl named Faay Childs came up to me and introduced herself. Explaining that in a way she hated this place to, it was like they always squashed her artistic dreams and what not.
    Needless to say, we became fast friends.
    Then when we started school we were introduced to another girl our age names Aei Lynn. She was different from us in every way though. She was extremely smart, part of the student council, head of the Northern Rosewood (which was Rosewood highs newspaper), didn't really have an interest in boys. Well except for Faay's brother whom we knew she had a crush on.
    She was our ear to the ground though, our own personal national examiner.
    The only difference between them and myself was that their family was brought up together, a mother a father and even siblings.
    After my parents dropped me and my belongings off at my Grandmothers they never came around again. They would send my postcards now and then, but never once did I get a phone call or email.
    Even when my Grandmother passed my parents didn't show up.
    Though she left me everything she owned. A trust that I wouldn't be able to touch until I was 18, but sent me a monthly allowance of $2000.00. The beach house that was way too big for one person. Ms. Raymond, who was my nanny/maid who took care of everything... I wasn't quite sure on how she got paid though.
    But, alas none of that matters. I’m actually getting off topic.
    What really started my life off was the first sighting of this mysterious boy.
    He was on some popular TV talk show with a busty blond asking him questions. He was absolutely stunning, his feathery black hair that framed his face, his piercing blue eyes. Not to mention his body, he wasn't built but he had a nice smoothness to him, and you could see it when he stood up. His tight pants clung closely to his hips, showing off his physique. Multiple tattoo’s decorated his body, running up and down his arms, his stomach, and back. Piercings lined his lips, left eyebrow, and ears.
    Though even before his looks there was something about him, something that screamed to me like I knew him. What the hell made him look so familiar? But then again I lived in Rosewood Falls and there was no doubt in my mind that he had ever come out to a small city like this one.
    So knowing a guy like this, or even having a chance to meet him was out of the question for sure.
    I exhaled and pressed my fingers to the cool glass, not even caring that I was leaving my oily prints all over the smooth finish. “Oh my Gosh.” I whispered under my breath. “He’s perfect.”
    “You've always been a sucker for the band guys.” My best friend whispered as she walked up behind me. “Though I must say that not one person is actually perfect.”
    “Then he’s pretty damn close.” I whispered.
    I finally pushed off and turned to Faay as she stared into the TV. She was wearing her normal attire. A tight back Lolita style dress that went to above her knee, where then the lace of her petty coat then peaked out. Her beautiful blond hair was pinned up in ringlets and adorned with a black lace bonnet.
    I went quiet for a moment before biting my bottom lip and looking back at the screen. “Would you just look at him though?”
    “Yes Rena, I see him.” The blond stated as she then turned her attention to her fingernails that she had just gotten done.
    That's when I noticed a look that she gave normally when she was hiding something.
    “Faay,” I stated leaning up against the glass. “There something you’re not telling me?”
    Faay looked up at me with her brownish-green eyes. “I don't know what you’re talking about.” For only a second her eyes flitted to the screen.
    Then it clicked. “Faay, I've never heard you talk about your boyfriend before.”
    Faay looked at me quickly. “I don't have-”
    I cut her off and smiled. “How many years have you been together?”
    “Four.” Faay whispered quietly.
    “And how did you meet him?”
    The blond looked away and inhaled deeply. “His family lived here a couple years ago. Then when his brother wanted to go on tour they all picked up and left.”
    “Tour? Your guys in a band?”
    She shrugged. “It's not like he likes the lime light. He's actually quite shy. But he plays the bass and his brother thought it would be good publicity if both of them were in the band together.”
    “How old is he?” I asked as I started to walk down the sidewalk towards our actual destination.
    “Seventeen.” She answered.
    “How many siblings?”
    “Four, One younger sister, a twin brother and two older brothers.” She said growing a smile.
    “What about his name?” I asked turning around and looking at her.
    “Haze,” Faay whispered as she bit into her bottom lip, as if she really wanted to spill the beans about her mystery man.
    “Oh I see,” I stated. “What a strange name.” I whispered.
    “Yeah, his family has something with the letter H. Almost every one of their children are named with a name that starts with H.” She stated with a snicker. “Well except their oldest son. But that could be because he is only his father’s biological son.”
    “Huh, that is strange.” I whispered.
    “Anyway,” Faay said as she cleared her throat. “I didn't call you out here to discuss my love life.” Faay stated as she tightened her hold on her hand bag.
    I raised my eyebrow and gave her a questioning look. "Okay, down to business I see."
    “My brother wants to go on a date with you.” She stated quickly as she turned walked into 'Amour Cafe'.
    Before I could wrap my head around what Faay had just dropped on me a petite waitress walked out dressed in a little maid costume and stared at the two of us.
    “How many,” The waitress asked without skipping a beat.
    Faay held up two perfectly manicured fingers.
    “What are you talking about?” I hissed as I grabbed onto Faay’s velvet sleeve.
    Faay didn’t answer though, just followed the waitress through the array of booths.
    The waitress led us to a solitary part of the cafe where we normally sat. We liked it back here because there wasn’t a whole lot of people.
    Once we were seated the waitress stared at us. “What can I get you ladies?”
    Faay tapped her chin with her index finger. “I’ll have a chocolate shake and my friend here will have the root beer float.”
    I stared at her, not because she ordered for me, but because she wanted me to seriously go on a date with her older kin.
    “I’m not going.” I hissed after the waitress walked away.
    The blond looked up at me from under her glasses. “I thought you like my brother.” She whispered pouting her painted pink lips.
    “As a friend.” I hissed as I pointed at her. “Nothing more than that, and you knew that.”
    For once the waitress was on top of things and brought out our drinks in a timely fashion. Faay smiled at the woman then looked back at me.
    “Besides if he really wanted to go on a date why doesn't he ask me himself?” I wondered. “I mean it’s no secret that he likes me, he could just come and ask.”
    “So you are interested?” Faay stated with a smile and she stuck the pink straw between her lips.
    I shook my head. “Still no, I was just wondering why you came to do his dirty work.” I answered as I took a long sip from my glass.
    Faay rolled her eyes. “He’s scared of rejection, just like any other teenage boy.”
    “Well then why doesn't he just ask Aei, she likes him doesn't she?” I offered.
    “He doesn't want to date Aei.” She answered as she placed a quarter into the little jukebox that was placed on the table.
    I stared at her speechless until as she looked through the song list. Once she found the song she was looking for she typed in the three numbers. A song that I had never heard started to play over the speakers.
    She then stared to tap her nails to the music.
    Within the new found silence I found myself starting to drift into my own world. One that had all of us in it, and everyone with whom they were supposed to be with. Aei with Wraith, and me with Damon. That was perfect. Just why couldn’t the boys see it that way.
    “I don’t see why, Aei’s beautiful.” I finally whispered.
    “Why don’t you just go out with him once? It wouldn't kill you would it?” Faay insisted.
    I shook my head, and looked out the window.
    As if on cue there was the brother we were talking about, walking across the street with his devilishly handsome counterpart Damon.
    Now, there was a story waiting to be told behind the two boys.
    Wraith was the epitome of boy next door. He would help you with your homework, wait for you after class with a bouquet of flowers, take you out to romantic dinners and really make you feel like your loved.
    Damon on the other hand, was the boy that your parents wanted you to stay away from. He rode a motorcycle, he always wore dark clothing and biker boots. He had one piercing that was on his lip. He was a player and all the girls in Rosewood knew it, though when he would ask you out you knew that you would be crazy to deny him.
    There was no way you think that these boys would be friends in a normal world. But, since they had known each other since they were small, there was no way that they would stop being friends just because they changed.
    “Uh, Ren?” Faay whispered snapping in front of my face.
    I looked up at my best friend and raised an eye brow. “Yes?”
    “You have a little drool on your chin,” She whispered as she pretended to wipe the drool from my chin.
    I slapped her hand away and growled under my breath.
    “What if it was more of group thing?” Faay whispered trying to change the subject.
    I tilted my head just to look at Faay. “I’m listening.” I then knew some how Faay was going incorporate Damon into the little scheme. Then I would have a hard time saying no to her.
    “Well Wraith is Eighteen almost nineteen.” She started.
    “Which is why he is going away to collage.” I stated a little to happy about the fact.
    You see, it was no secret that Faay’s older brother had a thing for me, and trust me that’s not just me being into myself. Oh no, when ever I would go over to Faay’s house her brother would find some excuse to come and hang out with us. Which was no problem to me when he had Damon along.
    Faay grunted. “Not the point.”
    “Alright, will you make the point then, your losing my interest.” I hissed as I turned to look out the window and once again fixated myself on a certain Dark blue haired boy outside.
    “We could get into the Dancing Skeleton.” She finally blurted out.
    My eyes widened as I turned my attention to Faay. “Your parents fetish club?” I whispered trying not to talk to loud.
    Faay nodded, all to excited for something that I hadn’t even agreed to yet.
    “So your using me.” I growled.
    Faay looked hurt for only a split second then smiled. “Yeah,” She started to wave her hands in front of her as if to tell me not to jump to conclusions. “I really want to go. But, don‘t get me wrong, I wouldn‘t make you go through this unless there was a really good reason.” She ran her finger around the lip of her milkshake glass, “My boyfriends band is going to be playing there and I really want to see them in action.”
    “Do you even know the bands name?” I wondered.
    She nodded her head. "Lucifest.” She could see that I was on the verge of cracking and it made her ecstatic. “This will be the last time for a while. See, they are moving here and they are going to be taking a break so they can write new songs.”
    “They, as in the whole family?”
    Faay nodded. “Everybody.”
    “Okay,” I whispered as I leaned up on the table. “Where does that involve me going on a date with your brother, because honestly if your worrying about me being a third wheel, I’m sure I can find another date.”
    “Well, my mother said I could go if Wraith accompanied me, but when I asked him he said no.” She paused. “So I begged him,”
    “You, begged?” I scoffed.
    “I know, I know, but so not the point right now.“ Faay smiled. “I promised him I would do anything. He then thought about it for all of six seconds before forming the most sadistic smile I have ever seen. He then asked me to ask you to be his date. Something he was sure that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish.”
    I bit into my thumb as I looked back out to where the boys were standing they were at a hotdog stand now laughing about something that I had no doubt was ridiculous.
    I knew if I said yes at this moment and went on the said date with Wraith, that Damon would not be to happy with that..
    Why did Damon matter? Well that was a story for another time.
    “Fine,” I hissed. “As long as it’s a group thing and Damon goes too.” Then maybe I could just hit on Damon all night.
    Faay’s face brightened. “Yeah! But,” She paused. “Are you sure that we can get Damon to go with us.” She whispered coming to a complete halt.
    “We’ll just have to tell Wraith that he has to bring him. I mean it’s the fetish club isn't that his scene anyway?”
    She looked at me for a long moment as if wondering what I had up my sleeve. She finally rolled her eyes and stood up. “I’ll be back I’m going to go pay the tab.” She whispered as she dug through her hello kitty purse for her wallet.
    I grabbed my chained wallet to hand Faay a ten when she cleared her throat, and waved her hands.
    “Don’t worry about it.” She insisted. “ You've helped me enough today.”
    I exhaled and turned so I could stare out the window once again.
    There was something nagging at the back of my mind. Something telling me that something was going to go terribly wrong. I would just have to make it clear to Wraith that nothing was ever going to happen between us.
    I thought about many ways that this could go, and none of them really having a good ending.
    Faay walked over with a smile and held out her gloved hand. “Let's go,” She stated.
    As we walked out of the building, almost immediately Faay pointed out her brother leaning against a newspaper stand.
    I rolled my eyes, like I hadn’t seen him earlier.
    I looked over at the Boy version of Faay then looked over at Faay herself who was giving me 'the look' that meant that I needed to go over to him and tell him what was going on.
    “Fine.” I growled. “I'm going.”
    As I made my way over to him I stared at him trying to find anything about him that I found attractive. But the more I tried the more that I saw that he wasn't much to look at, he had long blond hair that graced his shoulders that he mostly woke in a ponytail, and he was wearing his glasses that didn't help the nerd factor.
    Before I could look any further at Wraith I found myself looking at Damon once more. He was wearing a tight black shirt that clung to his every perfect curve. His dark colored jeans were tight but not skinny jean tight. He was holding his leather jacket in his hand as he leaned against the corner of the music store that he worked at.
    I looked back at Faay and sighed. “Couldn't I just attempt to ask Damon?”
    I bit my lip in angst. At least I was attracted to Damon.
    Faay rolled her eyes. “You know as well as I do that he would tell you no.”
    Why would she keep waving that in front of my face?
    I sighed playing into Faay's hands. “Fine.” I then started to quicken my pace to cross the street.
    “Hey Wraith,” I yelled waving my hands in the air, trying to make a fool out of everyone who was involved.
    Wraith stopped reading the paper he had in his hand and looked up at me with a surprised look. “Rena?”
    I cleared my throat and swallowed the bile that was making itself known “Were all going to be going to the Dancing Skeleton tomorrow.” Before he could get to excited I laid out the rules. “It is going to be a group thing so Damon has to come too.” I stated quickly then looked over at the handsome Midnight blue haired boy and winked. “You guys can pick me up at Seven.” I insisted, ignoring the wide eyes that everyone was giving me and finished with a smile.