• "What did you call it?" Jana asked.

    "You're a changeling," said the stranger.

    "What is that?" asked Jana.

    "It means that you can shape-shift," Luke said. "Normally, changelings can take on the form of whatever living thing they want."

    "In some cases, they've been able to transform into non-living things," said Jona.

    "Those cases have been extremely rare," said the stranger.

    "Who are you?" asked Luke.

    "I am Gihan," said the stranger. "And I have been searching for you for many years."

    "Why have you been searching for me?" asked Jana.

    "Because your kind is dying out," Gihan said. "You may very well be one of the last of your kind."

    "'One of the last'?" Luke echoed. "You mean there are more like Jana?"

    "If there are, I haven't found them yet," Gihan said. "And, as a seer, it is my duty to find those who remain, if there are any."

    "Not to seem rude or anything, but it took you years just to find me," Jana said. "How are you going to find any more?"

    "I'm not," Gihan said. "You are."

    "Me?" Jana echoed. "How do you expect me to find others?"

    "I think I can answer that, Jana," said Luke. "Legend says that changelings have the ability to sense when another changeling is nearby."

    "How?" Jana asked.

    "They give off a certain scent that can only be detected by another changeling," Luke said.

    "Am I right, Gihan?" Gihan nodded.

    "Yes, Luke, you are correct," he said. "That is why I said you are going to find others, Jana."

    "If only a changeling can sense when another is nearby, then how did you find me?" Jana asked.

    "I heard the others fleeing in terror," Gihan said.

    "How?" Jona asked. "They didn't make any noise, even when they fled."

    "To my highly-trained hearing, they sounded like horses running," Gihan said.

    "You also happened to hear my friends say that I changed into a monster," Jana said.

    "I only caught the last few words," Gihan said.

    "How do we know you're not lying?" Jana asked.

    "If I were lying, I'd have slain all three of you by now," Gihan said.

    "How-why-is this happening?" Jana asked.

    "You've come of age," Gihan said. "You were able to transform because of your emotions. With the proper training, you will be able to transform at will."

    "Okay, then why a dragon?"

    "Because of your anger," Gihan said. "A dragon's wrath is terrible to behold, and your anger allowed you to transform into a dragon.