• The man looked up to see the female Muto giving a cackling growl. It's upper beak like jaw showed razor sharp teeth, while the bottom jaw, which could be called mandibles were it not for the skin connecting it. It opened it's mouth, ready to swallow the man and bomb. The man pulled a pistol out, knowing it would do nothing to the three hundred foot tall monster. The Muto came closer, the man ready for his last fight. Suddenly, the Muto stopped, and gave a unnatural squawk like noise, almost if something stopped her dead in her tracks. The man looked up to see a reptilian creature biting on the Muto's neck, and lowered his weapon.

    The reptile tightened it's jaws onto the creature's neck, thousands of tons of power making the Muto choke. The reptile moved the Muto away, making a few of the Muto's neck bones snap, which made her give a screech. The reptile then grabbed her jaws, his head positioning above hers, and a low hum filled the air. He then opened the Muto's jaws, the Muto's extra arms clawing at his neck, and inhaled deeply.

    His brown eyes eyed his foe, before he positioned his head to aim down the Muto's throat. He opened his jaws, and a beam of pure radiation spilled from his maw, going down the Muto's throat. Her struggling sloes until her arms feel limp. Although this creature fed off of radiation, it couldn't handle this much. It's belly glowed blue, then trailed to her throat. Her head then tore off, making the large reptile stop breathing radiation. He then aimed his maw at the sky, giving a roar that seemed to split the earth and sky itself. He then dropped his foe's head, making it sink into the water.

    He was known by many names. Hero. Monster. Killer. King. A God. But he had a personal title, one that everyone called him, no matter what country or world. He was known as one name.