• Chapter: one
    Dimensions and Choice

    Another day... it's as if nothing matters in this world all we do is eat, work, sleep what's the point in that? I wonder what it would be like to use magic rather... any non-human ability that is beyond human knowledge. What would life be if I had magic? probably the the best. At least that's what i thought. One day while I was sleeping, images of a portal appeared. I felt that I could go through it and as i peaked into the portal I began to feel my body, it was... moving... my body was wobbling! I woke up in a hospital that day. "ahh what was that?" It was so real. I think back to that dream. A portal, rather squares making up a portal that's so realistic that when i looked what was in it i saw, A girl. It became night again, the doctors are still monitoring me to see what caused my seizure. It was weird, they found nothing that would cause it. Are these portals connected to why people get seizure while sleeping?
    if so... what will happen if I enter the portal. I closed my eyes but I couldn't see it. I ended up falling asleep. During my dream I heard a bang. I woke up. I thought i was but I see the portal again, perhaps it only appears when we wake up. I began to vision myself entering the portal only this time I did not look back, I felt my body trembling and the nurse yelling.
    I died in that world. As I woke up I felt that my chest was a little bit more heavy. "I'M A GIRL?!?!"

    And so Chitose was reborn Into a new unkown world.