• The Embodiment of Death was everything one would expect, and at the same time something entirely different.

    After the initial shock of seeing Death incarnate, the first thing most people noticed about him was that he was tall, easily a head taller than any of the mortals he visited. His companions believed he chose the dramatic height difference out of a sense of superiority. In actuality, he was just couldn't bring himself to be at the same level of the humans for the possibility of catching the emotions in their eyes. If he did, he feared compassion and mercy would push him to rebel against his assignment, force him to deny what needed to be done. What people didn't understand was that death was his job; it was who he was. It wasn't his place to ignore his duty, whether he wished to do so or not.

    The rest of his appearance was pretty plain, especially his coal black hair, the same shade of his pet crows. For the most part he kept the style simple, as he kept everything about him simple. Unlike the other Embodiments, Death wasn't interested in leaving people awestruck from his power, beauty, or grace. Mostly because he rarely left anyone alive.

    His skin was ghastly pale and there was practically no meat upon his bones, giving him a sickly demeanor. Though more healthy than any mortal could ever be, Death had no desire to lead anyone into a false pretense of security. It was one of his deepest beliefs that people should be told the truth, whether bad or good, for, as he had heard from saints, Truth was Life. His sickly appearance could have also been the product of learning early on that people reacted more calmly and were easier to ease into the process if their reaper seemed to be close to dying himself.

    The last noticeable aspect of Death were his eyes, a dull, lifeless, gray, where so little hope had been left behind. It was only part of his physical appearance, that he had no choice in the matter. Being Death had killed his spirit, and there was hiding the despair that now tormented him day in and day out.

    Death looked exactly as society claimed him to be, but it was for reasons that no one would ever understand.