• Loki, God of Mischief, son of Laufey, had lost the battle of New York, lost his birthright to the throne and lost the respect of the Allfather. One thing he didn't lose was my heart. I am Valencia, daughter of Apollo and the Court Alchemist of Asgard.

    I grew up with Loki, I considered him to be my only friend. He was always kind to me and even went out of his way to make sure I smiled every day. We were inseparable until the day he fell off the bifrost.

    I'll never forget the feeling I got when Thor told me what had happened. I knew he had done wrong. But that did not change the fact that I had fallen in love with him. He fell and took.with him, my heart. I mourned his loss but never truly got over him.

    I remember the day he returned. Heimdale had alerted me to the troubles on Midgar. Loki had returned to us, but at what cost? Hundreds of innocent lives were lost in the battle of New York. As selfish as this may sound, I cared not for lives lost on Midgar. My heart had returned to me and with it, doubt.

    I knew Odin would never allow me to see him. I knew I would never be able to tell him just how much I loved him. The decision to leave Asgard came swiftly. Leaving would.be my only chance to feel the warmth of my lovers arms.

    I begged Heimdale to send me to Loki. I cried and pleaded for him to let me see my lost love before it was too late. After what seemed like forever, Heimdale allowed me through.

    And there he was, standing on the top of a tall tower, smiling at all the trouble he had caused. I took out my chalk from the satchel at my side and drew an alchemy circle. I clapped my hands together and felt the magic flowing through my fingertips. When I put my palms down in the circle, a staircase of stone and earth rose.

    I don't think I'd ever run so fast in my life. I climbed the stairs as fast as my legs could carry me and when i finally reached the top, there he was, his back turned to me.

    "Loki!" I cried, tears running down my porcelain cheeks. He turned to face me, the smile he wore just moments before vanished.

    "Valencia." He said softly. He took a step forward, with his hand outstretched. He brushed my cheek, gently with his fingertips, as if he were afraid I was just an illusion that would vanish at the slightest touch. He seemed surprised when his hand didn't go right through me. "It really is you," he smiled with tears in his eyes.

    I didn't say anything, I just draped my arms around his shoulders and pulled him closer to me. When our lips met for the first time, it was like thousands of butterflies had been released inside of me. When we finally pulled away, I managed to whisper "Loki, I love you."
    "Prove it," he said with a mischievous grin. Then he whispered in my ear, "Run away with me."