• “I live on a land surrounded by the roaring oceans, crowded with random mountains, and filled with the most beautiful flowers a person would ever lay their eyes on.”

    A smile appears on the face of a young man, only described by his worn grey shirt plopping out of the red long sleeved gi he wears. “And people still would not know that you were talking about Kyoto.”

    The sudden expression of confusion grasps the face of a skinny boy with eyes covered by his mushroom like hair style. A gust of wind blows towards the pair and for a moment, the boy’s eyes flash with a strong blue. “Well, then how would you go about describing where Kyoto is?”

    Gripping the tall grass with his fist, a grin overcomes the man’s face as the smell of grass engulfs him. “There’s too much to describe Lei. If I had a map of world, I would say Kyoto is the small continent with rugged edges southwest of Yokon and east of Kies. If that isn’t obvious enough, then I’ll just talk about the one place where the land is divided by the Great Mountains.” Shock overcame the man as Lei slowly rolled down the hill, the wind suddenly slamming his face to the point where his eyes closed shut for a second. “Are you even listening to me!”

    Getting to his feet, happiness consumed Lei after his descent with his seemingly simple white shirt destroyed by the never ending grass. “Nope! Not one bit. Sho, you can be a real bore sometimes, see you around!”

    With palms collapsing into his face, Sho fell back into the grass and questioned the idea of ever trying to explain anything to Lei. Arms flew free and only bliss could be felt as Sho lay in the sun as if a star was sleeping.