• There I was,
    Amidst the flowing trees of the Firefly Forest,
    With the corpse of Gremor the fallen,
    SIlently sulking.
    Mother Earth was grieving,
    Luna was devastated,
    This was the moment I decided i will embark on the journey to become Pluton King.

    Gremor the Great,
    Was lying dead in my arms.
    What becomes of the great when they become deceased?
    How great is it to be great when you no longer are?

    Eyes like flourescent suns,
    Lips that quivered never,
    A heart that beat as a thousand thousands drums,
    A passion for every living creature,
    Has become a corpse.
    I pray to the vast universe,
    I shout to her to hear my prayers.
    "Dear vast vast Universe that surrounds us tonight,
    In regards to the loss of my best friend,
    My family ,
    my only rock,
    Be with his soul,
    Be with Him in the world in which He embarks upon,
    Allow the life in which He has now is prosperous,
    Keep him safe from the arrows in which pierced him tonight.
    I have the blood of my love,
    Of the strongest creature i have ever met,
    upon my hands,
    I have his corpse,
    The vessel of his entirety,
    In my arms.
    Yet his soul is with you.
    Grant him safety,
    and be with me vast Universe,
    Be with me as I venture,
    As I journey to the furthest section of Earth I have never been to,
    In order to be transferred to the Land of Luna,
    In preparation for the Universal competition to become The Pluton King,
    I do all in the remembrance of my brethren,
    Of my best friend,
    Of my Soul mate,
    Allow him to be with me as I venture,
    Allow him to watch over me and grant me protection,
    In the Universes name,
    As the prayer was sent,
    from my lips to the breeze,
    Breeze to the sky,
    Sky to the stars,
    Stars to the cosmos that surround,
    Tears billow from swelling eyes,
    showering the dormant face of Gremor,
    I freeze.
    The cold, frigid skin,
    The beatless drum that is his heart,
    Begins to send a trembling stutter,
    The lids in which shade his swollen eyes,
    Shutter swiftly.
    In awe and faith,
    I speak solemnly,
    Gremor can you hear me,
    Or have I become dilusional from distraught in which I been become captive?"
    His lips,
    His lips in which never quivered,
    Quivered into a smile of pure vitality,
    "You're prayer...has been heard..."
    Gremors eyes like flourescent suns,
    beamed brighter than ever,
    Glaring into my swollen eyes,
    He speaks
    "My time upon this Earth,
    has come to an end,
    But through your prayer,
    You have set me free,
    I am devoted to you,
    YOur devotedness has proven to the Universe,
    That we are one,
    And with a Kiss,
    Press your lips upon mine,
    And my soul will be grafted to yours,
    Where you go,
    I go,
    In faith,
    In spirit,
    We truly will be one,
    For all eternity,
    In this life and in the next.
    Seize the moment before it is gone Humor.
    Humor, you must kiss me,
    And believe,
    And we will be one."
    THrough faith,
    I overcame the distraught values that nearly enveloped my dying soul,
    Pressed my quivering lips upon His.
    My eyes,
    As I felt the merging,
    His arms grasping me tight,
    Our souls,
    Now one.