• Date 6/23/09 Tape entry 1
    Subjects Interviewed in process. Davis, and Taylor millers.
    Subjects relation. married

    "Mr, and misses miller's I'm going to ask you a few questions before we start." Those were the first few words I can recall starting our conversation with before it began to delve into utter madness, a madness which I wish I never heard, a madness that made me question the sanity of the children, and this world they were put into. I regret ever getting this job, ever meeting these people, hearing these stories.

    I work as an interrogator for the County police of new york, there's always an issue going around new york- crime, theft, break ends. but sometimes it makes me question why the hell people still bother to live here, they're always complaining, but after a while, you get used to people whining about how terrible there life's are.

    Mr, and misses millers were a married couple, only married for 10 years surprisingly. sadly there's something wrong with the wife not being able to produce a child of there own, explains why they went through the trouble of foster care kids.

    Can't say I didn't feel bad for the couple, having to get stuck with such awful children or at least one of them was entirely awful. the couple first got stuck with a little girl she was around 10 they were thrilled until they learned about why she was in the foster care program, her parents were slaughtered the job looked like it was done by a butcher, and the parents were his cow the only person left in the house was her, the police found her sleeping in a closet. they suspected the parents put her in there during the invasion, the case never made a lick of sense.

    they reviewed the girl lastly with no other suspects to be found, they took her off the suspects list after interviewing the poor girl for 48 hours straight it would have lasted longer if one of the head investigators hadn't stepped in like he did they couldn't find a single misstep in her story leaving them to believe she couldn't have done it so knowing this they closed the case and left it as unsolved.

    at the end of the day, none of us could have seen it befalling onto us that something was going on here a whole lot greater than any of us simple-minded folk could think of.

    The couple in this room looked frightened, agitated, and all-around just scared for there own life. it was sad to see people like this but I mean who wouldn't feel this way in the room you're stuck in a white room, with a window behind you, stuck sitting in hard metal chairs, as you are required to answer questions that no one wishes to answer.

    "You do understand that you are our only suspects, in this case, so lying, or diverting us in our search for the fugitives will be more punishable in this case. doubling the normal conventionalities used when someone diverts the path of justice." they simply ended up nodding, they hadn't spoken a word sense the incident.

    "can one of you inform us of any history between the two kids you were provided by the foster care system?" the mother looked as if she was going to say something, but she stopped the self before she could. it was getting a bit frustrating they weren't giving us the answers we needed frantically. we sat there in silence tempting as it was maybe starting up a smaller much less painful to remember conversation would help bring somethings into perspective to help us. "Benjamin Clark, I read as much info I could get on the shoddy soul before going in here. Feel bad for what happened to him don't you to agree?" the mother shuddered as if goosebumps had run down her spine. the father placing his hand on top of her's to comfort her to at least know things might be ok, but still uncertain.

    finally, the father spoke out for her "Benjamin.. we have some remorse for the boy, he behaved himself better than She did, I just wish we had a better thought process going through our head's when they played together-" the mother stopped him in the tracks of his words finally bothering to letting out what was building in her "We should have done something.." she paused for a second allowing her voice to gradually become more angered, and loud with sorrow beginning to run its pace in the form of tears down her face. "We should Have ******** put that little b***h in a basement, and locked the door for the safety of our god damn lives! For all the whole ******** world knows that little boy could be dead!" she screamed with grief showing painfully in her tone "ma'am please calm your self, just listen--" she cut another person off before they could finish their trail of speech. she slammed her hands on the white metal table leaving a loud bang to echo in the room her chair falling over "Do you even care about the danger he in! you need to listen to us! they should have listened to us! there was something wrong about that child, and no one did a thing she ********- up another life, and it shouldn't have ******** god ******** damn done it again..." she slurred some words in the angered sentence the words she was spouting off at me were like the form of lava as spitballs. she finally was forced to stop after the husband contained her spiral out of the anger that had been boiling in her.

    couldn't say that she was wrong. something that appeared a lot during my investigation for the erudition of the girl was the fact the foster parents had sent her to a therapist that practices it works mostly for people who are in an insane asylum, they kept filling in reports to put her in one including but they kept declining there request to place her in there when there appeared to be nothing wrong with the girl- not to mention that the girl was too young to even be there. To what I can conclude from our reports the girl was a full-blown psychopath, manipulative to add on to her problems which would explain another reason why he fell into her pit of hell, and despair.

    I step out of my chair heading out of the room to leave the couple alone for a few minutes, most the time we spent recording was just us sitting in silence, though some information could be valuable to us in future needs, it most likely will just throw this tape away. we're done for today.

    > Date 6/30/09
    > Subjects interviewed in the process. Taylor Millers
    > Subjects relation. married
    > proceed

    its been one week since my last interview with the millers they still seem pretty shaken by this whole ******** mess, but I mean can you blame them. they were living, and raising a borderline psychopath and trying there darndest to tell the public that they were a danger to society but no one listened.

    we moved them to live in a more secure place tell this is all over, we can only suspect that they would come for them next, and if we lose these two we have no suspects to our case.

    we only concluded this process due to the fact the first people slaughtered in were the mother of Benjamin Clark and the stepfather, that and there dog we can only believe that they were attacking people that were close to them, of course, they weren't able to strike at the other two parents. since our search for the two kid's, there have been countless slaughterings across the city no relation no exact targets. there just killing to kill it's rather sickening, to say the least.

    though here we are again in the white room as before though it was only just me, and the mother this time. I wanted to get more information out of her since she did have the whole blow up the last time we spoke. "Miss millers... I know this situation painful right now I do understand that part- but we need more out of you right now, you had the most to say at our last talk, and people are being slaughtered left, and right, and you and your husband are the only hope we have to end there terror.."

    All I can hope for now is this meeting won't go to waste.

    she looked me in the eye's, and as we sat there in silence the minutes passing by until she finally decided to speak out.

    "as to your knowledge hopefully you know that I and my husband couldn't have a child due to me having my fallopian tube blocked. so the last thing we could do would be to go into the foster care program, and that little idea that went through our small heads us joining the foster care program was the biggest mistake in our entire life's..." she took a deep breath in through her nose, and out through her mouth before continuing on. attempting to calm her self, as it was clear that tears happen to be forming in her small brown eyes.

    "The first child we got was Echo hecatee, I swear that child is not human..she a devil. the first week she lived with us I knew something was wrong with that child, it took my husband nearly 4 months to go along, and understand what I had been spouting off to him about. none the less to put it into perspective she made our life a living hell...After my husband finally understood what I had been telling him for the past several months since we got her we both agreed to send her to a therapist, of course, people are easily fooled, and she fooled them left, and right she even fooled someone who deals with insane people every day this child was not ok, and not even they could see it..." she then just stopped talking. it was understandable, the horror to know that they were living, and attempting to raise a child that would go on to be a murder, maybe even a soon serial killer is mentally draining to any parent. it makes them question what they could have done.

    time scared in a situation like this but I needed to calm her down before she broke out, and I would have to end this session. "that treehouse in the backyard, did your husband build it?" in the polices search around the home they had found several pills's that in a lab test concluded to be pills that ranged from painkillers to Anxiolytic, and one of the prescriptions benjamin Clark had been appointed for his anxiety was Anxiolytic. there was something that frightened a few of us when we went up there, and that was the fact there were dried bone's that belonged to small creatures such as squirrels and birds. the mother looked to the side of the room and looked back as if she had happened to see something there from the corner of her eye. "Yes, my husband had built it around the time Benjamin started to live with us none the less I was simply worried about having another child in the house being around.." she choked back some of the tear's she was withdrawing the time that she would waste crying, and spending it on providing us with some erudition.

    "Around echo though surprisingly they got along, despite the fact Benjamin was socially challenged, and her not being around children a lot. we decided to homeschool her after she bit another child at her school one day, we couldn't let her harm anyone else. it was for the best. they loved playing in that treehouse, they loved playing together in general but the place they stayed the most was up there. it makes me wonder what they could have done up there.." it was slightly pitiful that she didn't know about the pill's, or animal bones that lied up there. it would be rather a heartbreaking to see her face if I told her about those two thing's but anything to help us get closer is helpful.

    "miss millers it is apparent that you are not aware of the fact that while searching the treehouse we happen to find several pills up there many of them being pills such as painkillers, and Anxiolytic. the second pill being prescribed to Benjamin Clark himself, to include also is the fact animal bones were belonging to small creatures like birds and squirrels." her face slowly drifted into a face a terror, I knew this was going to happen but business is business. "Do you know if-" my sentence cut off by her as she slowly lowered her head down.

    "I'm done, I don't want to talk about any of this anymore." her body shaking, as tears fell onto her lap. small amounts of sniffles could be heard as her crying only worsened. the woman had finally broken down.

    it was obvious she wasn't going to answer me anymore. so it would appear our session was done. there were important amounts of information I was able to get out of her still not enough to help us immensely in our investigation. I regret my choice of trying to calm her down, as the outcome leads to a dead end.

    I must keep in mind that people who are in that room are not our friends, but nearly a database that must be opened for the safety of others.

    > Date 04/23/01

    "Hi there so we're gonna ask you a few questions, and please do understand we'll find out if you're lying so its best if you just go out and tell the truth.." a tall man in a sufficient black suit told me that word's when I was 11 a few months before those word's and this whole situation started. my parents were slaughtered. people are saying I did it, surprisingly they'd be right, and wrong. I didn't kill my parents but I did help in the murder.

    people are always so quick to assume the last person to survive in a massacre like this in a family is the killer, can't we just be lucky that they were the lucky man out? not cause the police to have stooped low enough to have the thought that an 11-year-old had killed her own family. well I mean guess you can't blame them another 11-year-old girl strangled 2 little boys to there demise and no one suspected her until she killed the second one, so I guess it's fair to give them the right to accuse me.

    "so echo, what was your relationship like with your parent's?" they were my parents what do you want me to say about them?? that they were sleazy scumbags that traded out each other love every a weekend to screw another person who has no sense in loyalty also? people are sickening being's, "sir..why am I here? is m-my mom a-a dad go-going to be ok?" I put on this little act of how I look scared and stumble in my word's with the look of a child who knows that there parent's aren't ok and that there never going to come back the look of someone who going to burst out and cry even it easy at my age to guilt-trip others into believing the acts I do though it depends on what kind of person they put in here.

    the man they assigned to my case is a softy, to say the least, he speaks in a melodious affair instead of a stringent tone despite the fact it could be found I was the one who helped in the death of my very own parents. possibly he has some children of his own? he's talking to me as if he speaks to kids a lot so maybe that's his case.

    the man looks shocked that I would ask such a question, does he not know how gullible kids can be to stuff like this? "Your parents are hurt badly, extremely bad and they won't be able to-" he was trying to find the correct words to inform me my parents were dead so I said them for him "so they are dead.." the emotion of shock coming off from this mans face was unbelievable it was a catechism of was my mother, and father dead and to make it so a child has to answer for an adult on that question shows how senseless, and trusting this person is.

    "y-yes..look I know neither of us wishes to be in here but the faster you answer the questions, or confess-"I stopped him dead in his sentence erupting a yell with tears I forced out on to my self-withering down my face. "Are you like them too? do you honestly believe that I would kill my parents! people who cared, and loved for me? people who provided my life into this world. Would it even matter if I shouted out into this room that I didn't kill my parent's cause I loved them!" this was an emotion I've always felt towards my parents though anger. I've always been angry at them, for giving life to me, for never being around for me, they didn't even notice or care that I was kidnapped, and gone for ******** 2 days!

    what happened to them was what was coming to them all along. those two days were hell until I finally understood this world was meant for another awakening, another ocean of blood to rise and take its final form realizing this I find ways to freak out and ******** with the kidnapper and that's when we struck a deal. that he let me go I don't tell anyone on my life, and if I do well that he could go ahead and kill me, and by allowing me to go, and In exchanged i offered him the life of my two parent's if he was to that point of breaking where he had to see the blood drip and decay away from the flesh of to unaware, and uncaring being's. though I realized something this wasn't his first rodeo so I shared some information with him and the fact we both enjoyed the pleasure of seeing something that we've been longing to see, and that was to see someone solicit for the one chance at life before it is taken away like that by another person who uncaring for there act of begging like a dog to live only for them to fail, and for us to see what makes up another human being dissecting them, basically imaging as if it was like playing with your food.

    so I after I came back home they didn't even realize I was gone, so the next night that's when he came and took my offer I heard the crashing of object's hitting the ground, fragmenting, crying, and shouting all coming from a room not too far from mine. I wasn't scared though I was rather yet prepared so I walked out of my room, and down a hallway that leads to my parent's room and there he was hunched over bodies, as the color of a crimson red was the new wallpaper. it was surprising, and amusing even to see what people can do when they're pushed far enough.

    those two days I was stuck with another psychopath I was able to communicate with another person and I wouldn't be the one sounding crazy, I got inside the head of my kidnapper and learned thing's that probably would have taken me years to find out for my self.

    the man decided to take an interim for the both of us in the interrogation room like that lethargic a** ever did anything.

    > Date 09/05/09 Tape entry 6

    > Subjects interviewed in the process. Theodor Hagins

    > Subjects relation. divorced

    > proceed

    it's been nearly 2 months since the last interview with either miller that provide actual info which could be helpful. at this point, and second, the two children are now classified as serial killers. killing over 8 people they've left evidence of them being there by writing on the wall's as if it was a chalkboard, leaving teasing notes to the police, and if this bullshit keeps up this case is going to be forked over to the FBI I'm genuinely astonished they haven't done it yet.

    the millers have been resisting to provide us with any erudition as both of them simply sit there no matter how many consequences we pile onto them. people are starting to blame me for this cause due to the fact the last time we spoke, and were able to be provided with actual evidence was my interview with Taylor Millers the wife.

    frustrating as it is it may appear my luck has turned for me they brought in someone who claims they were attacked by the two children, managing to survive after people brutally beaten and stabbed in the stomach multiple times as experts counted around 27 these children have no sympathy for people. the only thing we notice that relates to a pattern is there spreading out away from the city most likely trying to escape the state.

    though today I am not questioning from the white room the man hasn't been emancipated from the hospital but we have moved him into a more secure room to interview him in so there may not be any disturbances. the look on his face currently looks like the same look the Millers gave off the first interview. It's hard not to feel sorry for the people who have to deal with the loss or ordeal caused by these two kids. it is somewhat an outrage to not have these two children caught already to let people continue getting harmed while people are being fools, and not helping us to stop it, and then they whine about how we haven't done anything to put an end to this bull ********.

    "Sir I know you don't wish to currently discuss the subject at the matter but if you wish for no more people to be harmed like you were, or harmed worse you are going to have to cooperate with me." I'm done speaking in soft tone voices, and attempting to sugar coat thing's if I want to get anywhere in this investigation I need answers now, not later. now. He looked a bit razzled probably surprised I wasn't attempting to be calming, but rather yet I sounded demanding but who wouldn't in a circumstance like this. to much time has been dissipated.

    "I.," he spoke without silence at the rate this is going they are going to take away this case from me, and I might lose my job for wasting the sand in a ticking hourglass. "Listen. I am sick and tired of dealing with people like you, who won't give me the answers I need. eight people have died out there. Eight! and you know what those people didn't deserve to die, so for you to be the lucky man out, and not be more helpful is outrages now if you don't want me to wish upon every hell-raising demon out there that they take away your second chance, and you get hit by a car when you get out of this godforsaken hospital then I suggest you start speaking." Never in my career was it this hard to get information out of people, people who were guilty of crimes broke out pieces of information and confessed faster than what these people have given me.

    Yelling at him I wouldn't be surprised if it was definite that he wouldn't speak now. "..I atone for wasting our time... though they're not much I can tell you, it was at 2:38 am I was at work mostly just reading a magazine off the shelf since no one ever comes in at this time at night... but to surprise two people did-" he stopped speaking his body began to shake as he places his right hand over the area of his stomach where he had been stabbed, the fellow was a bit chunky so they must have been stabbing fat didn't harm him too much but still that would leave anyone scared to remember the incident.

    his eyes began to well up with tears as he began to bawl snot running down his face as he removed his hand from the area on his stomach to his head, seizing tightly on to his brown scruffed up hair. throughout his mess of crying he began to talk "I'm just scared, your right I shouldn't have been the lucky man out of the others who lost their life's, those people probably had something worth to live for..." he crying worsened, I hate it imperceptibly when I have to deal with crybaby people like him. I got up from the chair I was sitting at and placed my hand on his shoulder hoping to comfort him, I've never been the best at comforting people I've always contorted trying to calm another person down, and most times just ******** things up more.

    "look I'm sorry about what happened but neither you or I have the time to sit here playing crying games, I need that information now for the safety of this country." this was the first time in the entire interview I reverted to speaking to another person in a more softer tone maybe it was for the best. he looked up at me shifting my hand off his shoulder gesturing me to go sit back down to where I was as he wiped the tears and snot off his face.

    "l-like I said... I can't tell you much these kids walked in...a-a-and they looked to be around the ages of 14 maybe 15?.. all I knew is they looked a bit too young to be off searching in a convenience store this late... So I watched them, and I noticed something as they were looking around-- the girl the one with the red hair she had a baseball bat handle sticking out of her pink backpack.. there was someone else with her through a tall young fella good 5'8 he looked as if hadn't slept in days, dark brown hair I will say and looking at them- i-i had realized these were the two killer kids from the report I saw in the magazine I was reading.." he stopped like before tears began to form in his eyes once again it was hard to contain tear's while remembering this event I could tell. "and?" I said motioning for him to continue.

    "And so I pressed a button under the counter to contact the police- t- they didn't suspect anything at first until I walked over towards the break room that's when they went up to the counter..they places a bottle of painkillers up on to the counter along with some chips and a gallon of chocolate milk.. I took there item's and began to check them out the police had to be coming soon so while scanning the products I said 'there must be an error in the system.. let me go grab something from the back' that's when they knew they began to shuffle towards the break room along with me trying to start up a conversation- and- and I just bolted for the door, of course, that's when.." he stopped talk the tear's that were ready to burst once again had come knocking at his door, I dealt with enough of his whining.

    I got up from my chair once again and before leaving the room I couldn't help but leave him with a few parting words that might make him feel a little safer "Nothing bad will happen to you, I promise the police force will keep you safe."

    > Date 10/07/09 tape entry 6.5

    > Subject interviewed. Mathew woods

    > proceed

    "Nothing bad will happen to you, I promise the police will keep you safe." those were the last parting words I said towards Theodor Hagins, those words kept him in spirit says most the nurses, and doctors there. a week later after he was discharged he was found dead in his home, brutally beaten, but this time he was cut open like he was a frog experiment, and his insistence hanging from the walls like they were Christmas lights. along the wall's were written that last word's I said to him, how the ******** did they know what I told him. how. those kids have no mercy for the people they kill, they don't care who they are, if they're married, or if they have kids of there own. it's like this is their drug, their ecstasy. these kids aren't human there mindless devil's doing what gives them a high.

    I'm taking two weeks off from the case, I need a break.