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    My original self always relied on an army to keep things in order, usually he’d do what he can to maintain peace and order with sheer force even if the party he’s assisting finds it “too harsh”, what do they know about what they’re truly asking for? A peace treaty? Armistice? A global ceasefire?

    They should’ve realized that by opening their doors, they’ve let something too great as it casually waltz inside their home, their life, their society. They’ve given up their lives for more trouble to be honest, now the majority of them are dead or imprisoned by the very people they fought against, though I was told to cleanse any and all who might be linked with those within the 1st Iteration, so for all I can admit; everyone’s dead, it didn’t even took an army to do so either. Those that did managed to escape however they can, they no longer pose as a threat to my former employers and even if they do, I’ve given The Collective a way to deal with them and it all lies with those who’ve taken our roles within the 2nd Iteration. With the 2nd, The Collective can breathe easy knowing that they’ll always stay ahead of any sentient life within their dimension and those in the multiverse of whoever or whichever may pose as a major threat to [Redacted] or The Collective. And like the minister have said, “Death is the only answer.”

    I for once say, “Death is a preferable alternative.”

    Still looking back at what my original self have achieved, the vast armies he’s managed to string up together even though internally they’re split, the things they’ve managed to accomplish, invent, solve, and save in the hopes of bribing a better future for everyone they’ve managed to reach out with open arms. A lot of people who saw hope through the 1st will always remember that feeling of a better tomorrow; well if they weren’t dead that is. Well it’s not like it was personal, dimensional and/or multiverse genocide is just something that needs to be done, it’s part of the job either way. Now retirement after a long civil war is the only thing I look forward too and the troubles that might find its way towards me ain’t going to be an issue. I’ve done my job, we’ve earned our freedom from the choices we made, our lives are in our hands now, and accepting the harsh and inhuman things we’ve done is what makes us move forward.

    The past will always stay where it is, the lives affected by our choices can never change what we had to do for ourselves. No one is a hero, nor a villain, it’s a life we chose. This is who we are now, we’ve done terrible things to have a piece of mind, a road paved through genocide.

    It’s nothing personal.