• [File Edited, date [Data Expunged] hidden file corrupted.]

    [Opening related files.]

    [1 result found, open file?]

    [Opening Communications log]

    To Colonel [Redacted] of the 105th Garrison U.S. Marines

    Hello Colonel [Redacted], that file you wanted me to fetch? Me and my team were able to retrieve it before the decommissioning started, however, we ran into a snag when their systems detected a breach. Still we managed to grab whatever files we could get but most of them got corrupted during the transfer, some even tried to infect our own systems with a viral purge but thanks to the Psychiatrist and his Access Key, we managed to restore our computers and fix up some of the major files you wanted.

    I know you didn’t want the Psychiatrist to be involved, but we were in a time limit when the virus hit and knowing that he had a connection with the Shrink was the only option we had at the time. He even stated that the request you gave us will be pardoned on his behalf as he also wants the data, he also helped fill in some blanks and gave us the rundown on the blueprints for the Compass Gate design; it’s amazing how the First Iteration was able to hide and appear out of thin air, as well as transporting supplies from point A to B. The programming was flawless too and must’ve come as a shock when the whole thing suddenly shutdown. Anyways I’ve attached the blueprints in this email, I’ll give you the passcode at our usual gathering point.

    There is something else I’d like to ask though, why did their leaders suddenly shutdown the gates’ system? If they’ve kept it up and running, they could’ve easily won the war against the Second and they could’ve had a strong foothold with their fight against this Collective, we’re still unsure who they are but the Psychiatrist informed us that they’re none of our concern; still the number of reports we’ve been seeing suggest we ought to be cautious, we even found audio transcriptions between comm officers and field agents informing their allies on various instructions in keeping radio silence as well as using high-tier anesthetics for memory wipes. Things must’ve taken a turn for worse when the gates fell and the reaction of a hardened faction suddenly running in fear surprised me, i’ll keep the other files in a flash drive and pass it to you during our meet.

    Stay safe Colonel.

    [Funny how even those around can trust someone like me even to provide “assistance” when their greatest ally is about to fall, though you can’t blame them for wanting to dig into files for useful tech that could benefit them. In the end, they never got a chance to wake up the next morning. I’m sure you can understand the heartbreak when the father of your wife suddenly got gunned down at your own wedding, especially when she walked down the aisle, there’s always a shrink that can help with trauma like that though and a lifetime of recovery. Not sure how you're holding up since the Colonel was your friend. I only pulled strings, though blood is partially on my hands.

    But I’m sure you’re only here to read the file on the First’s greatest creation: The Compass Gates Dimensional Logistics Portal and how works so that you yourself can make in order to find the Psychiatrist.

    Well I’m afraid that data like that comes at a cost, not that there is any data since the hacker team that were working on the system breach suddenly got gunned down moments before they managed to retrieve a boat load of dummy information. I was on site during the raid so it only made sense for me to plant a bait; though I would be called to court for copyrights violation. I’m slightly surprised he even fell for the bait and made plans to meet the lead hacker after the wedding. I’ll give you some hope though, the real file is in the email after all.

    Now I know you’d hurry and fetch the file at this point but how about a little idea of about the portal system since I figured you’d want to know the idea behind it.

    The Compass Gates is the brainchild of the First Iteration’s Professor, at first it was a means for getting in and out time or I guess doing time travel stuff since he wanted to replicate the same concept he’s seen in pop fiction. It’s also responsible for the founding of the [Expunged] and the Collective, (mind the automated redaction, I still have to keep my side of the retirement deal).

    You see the Gates were meant as a tool that’s used for study, by opening up a doorway to other worlds, to study them and their inhabitants and their cultures. So instead of being used to study history more thoroughly, the Professor opened up a new field of study by allowing scientists to have access to a vast array of dimensions, but seeing as how that much power got him, the Professor decided to have a little fun with his own creation. So thus, the First Iteration was born with the first paramilitary turned corporate magnate, which resulted in the creation of an activist led by a former employee who helped a czar create his own empire with the numerous test subjects he escaped with.

    So let’s see if you’d end up like the Professor once you’ve built this device, because you know that you won’t be able to stand up against me.

    But I’ll wish you luck.]