• Dawn:Chapter 0
    Year 2090,10 years go by, Dawn has discovered new areas of the world that others haven't seen before, what's interesting is nobody truly lives in real time on this world, but rather they live in their own time. here on Dawn we are extremely high tech and every once in a while we may get a visitor from a different part of this planet, but a lot of people are too afraid to come here, we're actually nice people, but we’re just very different in advance. Sitting on a building looking down at Dawn is a hunter, a hunter with a purpose.

    “My name is Keira, i'm a former worker for Cyber-Technologies and a hireable assassin if a job is needed to be done, I was once told I had a brother once, but i never got to see him because i was a miscarage which was found out later when DNA testing was done. I was also told that sightings of my brother was at The Federation which is a place i was told is very sad to goto, they make little kids soldiers?!! Like what place would do such a thing!? There is a war going on there constantly and it needs help,but nobody here cares so i'm making a tech delivery for a soldier who is on top and most highly, and if im looking at my holographic paper right, the most highly of soldiers for what i know is named Estelle Lucis”. I open the building door and go down to my lab, and create a bracelet that is very special, when this bracelet is released it will float above wherever you put it, once its placed and you snap your fingers 3 times it will create a plasma vortex in between the bracelet and begin circling around you at blurry speeds: It charges itself by using micro solar panels and will constantly work in the day.
    Once the bracelet is approached it will attack and aggressively shock the attacker when the bracelet senses distress from the person whom its protecting. When you whistle, and it will only understand your whistle note you can program its whistle code when you first get it, it will retreat back around your wrist. I finish the bracelet and put it in a black carbon fiber box that is also a drone, the drone ask’s for the location “Please state your location” I pull up a hologram picture of the person and put in the name, “scanning complete, sending to Estelle Lucis” it leaves at 500 mph while it zooms through the air” i look down for a moment “hope it doesn't hurt her”. A few days go by and my package that I sent shoots right at me “AHHHHHH” I fall to my knees out of breath while the package that i sent just floats their. Finally back with breath I stand back up and throw the drone box to the wall “PIECE OF S***!!!” i open the box and take the bracelet out and put it in a safe for safe keeping.

    Chapter 1: Lucy is missing
    There is a special child that is the daughter of Vincent who is the creator of the Clockwork House back at Dusk, but because of what happened, the place is abandoned after a war happened. Lucy has alot of knowledge about the abandoned lands of Dusk and is a royal child because she is the daughter of Vincent, so across Dawn and Dusk she is royalty, because if it wasn't for her and Nile, we wouldn't have been here. Although a bit complicated, but basically Lucy has been missing for years now and should be out there alive hopefully. I sit at my desk and pull out a map until I realized something is off, this is an old map? running back upstairs i hop on the city top of a building and realized that theres an island that i never realized that isn’t on the map, i snap my fingers as my drone flys up the stairs, looking at the drone i ask it a question “what happened years ago?” the drone answers “ there was a volcano that formed a new continent, but a mysterious mystical force started to become the island as time passed.” with a smile and a glare i look off at this strange island, this could be our chance.

    The New Beginning [chapter 2]
    I look across the waters through the night sky as the moonlight dances on the lake, I grab my drone as it attaches itself to my back and morphs into a jet glider that appears as wings, then i jump, the breeze hits my face and suddenly, wooosh, I fly just above the waters just touching it with my hand. just as im flying I notice something off, a feeling of being watched, just when i hit the lands my wings deactivate, i shoulder roll on the island and rush behind a tree, my glowing eye begins to activate and I cover the other eye with a black headband. Something about this place isn't right, I run across the forest hoping to find Lucy, but there seemed to be no signs of life, in fact it seemed strange because fauna levels seems perfect for a place like this, yet again i don't see how anything can get here across this unless people brought animals here to populate. Just when im about to lose all hope, i fall to the ground and look across the rising thick bamboo forest, “wait a second is that a pandoga?, I quietly go across the forest and look through a window, “ NO WAY?!!, THAT CANT BE HER!!!” my drone looks at me “[[you must be careful, she has never seen nor heard of you before]]”
    she sits alone in the middle of the floor holding a rose seeming to meditate wearing a white kimono with a sakura on the back” “she must have changed alot” she carries a rose out into the garden that sits just behind this place and sets it in front of a grave” then she begins to speak, tears begin falling, “you adopted me, you were there when my father died, you were my father,you saved my life when i should have been dead, you were there for me, i dont know if your dead or alive, but you left me here on this island that brought so much peace and protection, i dont know when you will comeback if your still there my father Nile, I’LL NEVER LET THOSE MEN HURT YOU AGAIN, THEY WILL FEEL MY WRATH; I MAY HAVE BEEN WEAK, BUT I'M STRONGER THAN THE FLAMES OF HELL!!!” just as she continues to speak, a glowing red aura starts to glow. my drone attaches itself to my back “what are you doing?” “[[i think its best that we leave]”
    I stop my drone, “ wait” I run up and give her a hug,”calm..” as i hug her, the aura around her began to die down, it was almost as if she had some kind of power or connection to this magical land, she must have learned something different. bright eyes stare back at me “who are you?”, my name is Keira, i used to work for your father, “just as im speaking, person approaches me from behind and puts me in a chokehold, I dont want to fight back and end up with suspicion of who i am Lucy yells at the person to let me go, then he single handedly lifted me by my neck with one hand with seemingly supernatural strength, I knew it was merely impossible for me to die so i just for the sake of it, i let him try to kill me, even though i knew it wasn't going to happen, so i figured that there is no point in fighting back until an aura formed around this person which started heating up really quickly and at this point might kill me, i know i shouldn't fight back to cause suspicion, “LET HER GO”lucy grabs the rose that was on the ground and crushed it in her hand, she aimed her hand at the person and a red orb shot out of her hand and knocked the man unconscious. Gasping for air i thank Lucy, me and lucy talk for a bit and the man wakes up in question, “why didn't you stop her?” “because she is a very important person” the man looks back “how so?” “she is my step Aunt, you know, like were family”, “why does she look so different to us?” lucy points at my island and the man wonders “why strange magical objects?” i look at the man and say “these are not magic, this is Technology, the man still wonders, I grab lucys hand and say”Magic” my nanites turn into a sword and i say “Technology” the man in shock wonders, “But how??, it looks like magic?” i explain a little further “indeed it does, and you are similar to us, but very different” i explain everything to the man and he seemed scared at first and was very surprised how everything worked, “the man grabs my hand,”Technology…” and then he looks at his hands “Magic…” after a long while we all eventually got along, i might stay here for a bit. I knew that what i was doing was really smart, as long as they're able to recognize who we are and our similarities, we all might one day get along, so i stayed for a long while knowing that i can change how these people see us as a whole, I look over my shoulder and notice Lucy and my drone were running around the forest playing tag, i look up at the distant stars clean from light pollution that i haven't seen in a very long time,”this is my chance to change who i could be”.

    propaganda chapter 3]
    a few weeks fly by and me and the Tribe seemed to get along well, until one night an unexpected visitor comes by. I fall into bed sleeping in the pandoga, I wake up and hear ever slight footsteps on the floor, my eye begins to activate and i look around, something is not right here, suddenly im shot to the wall being choke held to the wall, i try to release his hand, but was too strong, i knew who it was the second i saw the scar down his face just below the eye, he wore a big black circular hat and he had Black wings made of nanite, he is a special agent that hunts for missing people and hunts the bad, i knew i was stepping into bad territory, “Wolf, what are you doing!!” i struggle to speak and he begins to speak “WHY ARE YOU INTERFERING WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!” he throws me to the ground and i begin to cough up blood gasping for air”, “WHATS YOUR DEAL!!”, he looks at me with angered silver eyes,”MY DEAL!!!, if you don't stop doing what your doing now these people will come to our city and cause havoc because YOU DON'T REALIZE WHAT THEY CAN DO!!!, these people are dangerous, these are summoners that can kill us, but if you want to continue this, then you best not screw this up.” just as he finishes, he leaves and seemingly dissolves in the shadows almost as if he were never there. struggling to speak, I snap my fingers in a special code and the drone shoots by,[[you seem to be in distress]] (no s***) [[medical analysis]] [[you have a damaged lung from sudden force which is why your bleeding out from your mouth]] I look at the cracked wall and think of how he could have killed me. [[I want you to lie flat with arms spread out,]] the nanites begin to come out of the drone, almost like watching water droplets fall from a rain cloud, the nanites begin attaching to each other creating a cylindrical object with a blade on the rim of it, and with exact precision it shoots in my neck, i begin to breath with a sudden shock of pain,[[begin cell research]] a nanite goes down my throat, almost like swallowing a pill. I feel nanites morphing as an aid inside my body. basically it will partake as an aid that will act as the skin that will go over any cuts and will constantly take skin samples and place it over the cut, and then phase 2 is heat treatment,real pain kicks in, then it will begin to flame over the cuts so the skin cells connect each other creating a blister, and phase 3 is when the nanites stick as skin cells for now, its basically an internal bandage.
    the cylindrical object morphs into a bandage over my neck and I'm able to breathe again, but I need to rest here for at least 24hours from now, I begin to hear running from outside the pandoga “KEIRA!!” she looks at the cracked wall and sees me on the floor, “what happened to you?” “lets just say that someone got personal with me, but other then that im fine”. I sit up and I look down for a moment “I need to go” Lucy runs up giving me a hug, shimmering eyes stare back at me “please don't go!” I look down at Lucy “I know, but it's just something that I need to do or else my own people will turn on me, because i've been interfering with your people”. lucy looks at me, “i want you to keep this, this is gift from our people, just remember that your always welcome to come back” it was a hand forged locket made of gold with a rose petal inside a piece of glass when you open it, it was shaped like a heart, i turn the locket around and see a tiny message written on it, “Special” I look at Lucy and the people on the island, my nanites begin to form a surface under my feet, I begin to walk on water, i had to because my lung was healing still. the people wave to me, i wave back in great fullness, I put the locket around my neck and begin a really long walk.
    { going back home[chapter 4]
    ♪https://youtu.be/X0eieyeViS0♪ hours fly by and and the moon steals the sky, light dances across the ever so ever soothing waters, not so aggressive and not too still, it's perfect. As the water flows beneath my feet, i feel soothed. I make it across the ocean and once i get there, Wolf decides to show up and then looks at me with a question “i dont think your one of us anymore” i told him to shut the hell up and im not siding with anyone. in out of interest the man looks at me “hey, whats with the mask?” i look back at him “there was an accident, I was to be transported to the Federation because their was a war, bullets filled the sky's and out of nowhere a sniper shot the bottom half of my face off.” in fear i pull down my mask revealing a cybernetic face“I later got taken to the Hospital to get my face fixed, but i hated it, so i always cover my face, NOW LEAVE ME ALONE WOLF!!!” I shouted at him and walked to my apartment and went to bed. knock,knock, “UGGGGHHHH!!!!! GO AWAY!!”, from outside the door i hear “hey im sorry for almost killing you, its jus”, “ ITS JUST WHAT!!!” he kicks the door a little and then hes gone. 4 weeks go by and i haven't heard from Wolf or anyone, it was quiet, really quiet,
    i walk out of my room and go to an elevator, it takes me to the lowest floor aka the special training room which allows you to shoot anywhere in the room because the whole room is bulletproof, but still keeping that basic high school gym look. I goto the locker room and there are 2 different room that are always individual from each other, each room has 2 different kinds of clothing, the 1st kind is just gym wear while the other is a full bulletproof outfit that is made of many different polymers which is a real thing, its lightweight and smooth to move in. I go to a dressing room and hit the bulletproof clothing, my clothing seems to materialize while like magic the clothing i chose appears on me with a bulletproof helmet that covers the whole face, and in just under 3 seconds!!, special nano machinery. just before I walk out, a pistol out in between the 2 buttons, it's a Colt M1911A1 with a slick silver sheen. I go back to the gym and see him, Wolf?. As he walks in the gym he says to me “why don't you get over here, i'd like to challenge an assassin, such as we, after all, we are only 2”. I stand on one end of the gym as he does the same, “3...2...1!” We rush at each other and just as he’s about to shoot, i knock his aim down making him shoot the floor, i just about shoot his chest, he side steps just as i pull the trigger and then kicks my gun out of my hand, “your pretty good”, he aims both guns at my head, I crouch/sweep kick him just as he pulls both triggers, i grab and lock his arm to his back, while im on his back with his other gun under him, i twist his wrist forcing him to let go of the gun, he drops the gun and i aim at his head “yeah.. well your not bad yourself”. I get off his back, and just as i do, he turns his body towards me with his gun at my face, and in a very swift motion, I kick the inside of his elbow, right where your arm moves, and his arm closes making him shoot away from me, and then i kick his gun up out of his hand and in the air, and then I catch it. “Well Well, look at you being all fierce”. He gets up and walks to the wall and just as he's doing so, he says “you’d better reload”. A slot opens up from the wall and he pulls out a bulletproof katana i look at him in question and he looks back with a smirk “what if I told you i can slice a bullet” “your full of it” he looks back with a shimmer in his eye “AM I” i didn't know if he was serious, but he sure seemed like it, and then he explains “here's the thing, there is a special thing called priming your mind, and priming your mind is creating an action just before reaction and when you get good at it, it will stick to you as muscle memory making your reaction almost as if inhuman, now with your gun aimed at me without any luck at all, i am able just by looking at your gun can visualize where your going to shoot, where the bullet is going to go and when you will shoot, and i only need to know when you will shoot to know everything else.” I aim at him, he lowers his center of gravity with a slight spread of the legs, in a hasso no kamae stance. Just before I fire he turns his blade, with the blade aimed at the barrel of the gun, and like magic the bullet just slices in half with the 2 halves, and because it was his sword instead of him being in front of the gun, the 2 bullet halves missed him. In shock i look at him and then he talks about his scar under his eye “for years ive been a assassin ive mastered the katana, and i always won, but one day i got into a fight with a samurai, that uppercutted his sword up across the right side of my face almost cutting my eye out, but i barely moved my head back in time,I never forgot, and it changed who i thought i was, forever”. Wolf gives me the katana and says one more thing “We all lose eventually no matter how good we may be,” i give back his gun, i end up putting his sword back into the wall and we go to our locker rooms and change back to our normal wear, and we both take our separate ways.

    Chapter 4(Once Among The Lands Of Dusk)
    Where the sun falls is a place where almost nobody goes anymore it is known as Dusk, where the clockwork house used to be, but is now destroyed and scattered amongst the sands that steal the wind. The only reason why i went there was to see what happened after a war that had once broken out many years ago, their were men in black suits wearing mask, they were the Mafia, they would do anything to get there hands on what they want and Niles father was one of them, he once lived here on Dawn, his name was Mike, he was a special man for the cyber community and even worked for cyber technologies at the time. The reason why the Mafia wanted him was for various reason’s, they wanted the company for use of having there own power to steal the world from us and make us there slaves. At the time, they were even working on creating *SPECIAL* soldiers, basically what they do is, put them is different categories, A,B,C, Category A was for people who were Cyber agents, category B was for people that had a special gene called the X-G, which Stood for “Extra Gene”, people that had this didn't just have any normal gene, they would have special gifts from this gene, it is currently unknown why this gene is so special, but its obvious that whoever has this gene, they are beyond wanted. The Clockwork house was more then a place to live, it was meant to grant protection of Vincent's daughter Lucy, Lucy new all that there was about it, the house was full of wonder, but then they came, the mafia came in with a briefcase full of money, the mafia new that this place was more than a place to live,but almost as if the place was alive, they knew this which is why they wanted it so badly, but not only did they want the house, they wanted Nile, he was exposed to X-G virus when it spread, only very few were affected. They failed at their task at hand, and walked away with pain and wrath, and later came back in mechas destroying everything in its path, very few made it out alive, and now we're here, they still roam the lands, but it's unknown where they're hiding, we know that Lucy is still alive and Nile had gotten himself kidnapped, because if he didn't give up himself, the mafia not only would kill Lucy, but they would steal the world for themselves, it was the world or himself. and this is where were at today, missing and hasn't been seen in years. *GASP*, I awaken from my nightmare and think to myself “i can't imagine how much hell i'd be in if they really did take the world for themselves, it's scary enough how much power they have already.

    :Chapter 5: Wolf
    I get up to and go outside and in the shadows there he is, hiding in plain sight and watching over Dawn, but the thing about him that confused me was the fact that no matter where he goes, he's looking down almost as if he is thinking of something, like you don't just look at the ground and think just how nice the concrete looks; right out of the shadows, he begins walking in a big crowd of people, i was curious to see what he was up to, so i follow him and then im beside him, with my shoulder i gently hit his shoulder, we continue walking and he notices that i'm right there beside him, he begins to speak “So, what's up with you tonight,” i reply “not much, i just wondered what's wrong, your always looking down, and i just thought that maybe there is something wrong” he looks back at me and then points to a dark alleyway, “follow me” i begin to follow him in the alleyway and then when we make it he begins by tapping his foot in a sequence, then a door opened in the ground, we go downstairs and automatically, it closes by itself. I begin by looking around at everything and it was really nice here, it looked like a really well designed home from years ago. “this is my home, and pretty much where i disappear to” we sit at a nice wooden table, i looked at him and asked him what was wrong, he looks back “well there is something i need to show you. he proceeds to take off his jacket and his shirt, he presses a button on the back of his neck and then his chest opens up something i have never seen before, it was a glowing blue orb in his chest that was pulsing, then he begins to speak “im slowly dying, the more time that passes the more that my own heart will kill me” in confusion i get a closer look and realize that he is a experiment, “what are you?” “it began long ago when i was being transferred to a new body, so i can live on through out my life saving people and keeping them safe, but before i was transferred, Cyber-Technologies was doing a side experiment, you see its extremely hard to transfer a whole brain to a cybernetic body, so they were then going to create a way to transfer your consciousness to the body instead, how it worked was when your young they will ask your parents to see if you would like to sign up for the latest experiment, it wasn't free though, it came at a cost, it was at least around a very rough 10 million dollars to try this experiment, then what they did was put a special chip in your brain as a baby, this chip would record everything you did throughout your whole life time up until you died, it recharged by converting motion into energy, so i was always outside the house, years flew by and then i got shot in a war, which is when i died, up until many years back i got my chip transferred to a new body, the glowing blue orb you see in my chest is a count down, when it turns white, my body will deactivate and i will be gone, i don't have long till my chip begins to wear out: “there is only so much memory my chip can hold before i start to forget everything because once it reaches it full capacity no more memory can be stored and it will constantly delete and create, i want remember and live life at its fullest” i look at him and wonder “hey, where did your chip come from?” he looks back “it's unknown where it came from, they say that cyber-technologies discovered it, but they never made it, it came from somewhere else, but the thing is, replicating such a chip would take years to make, because it has such capacity to record my whole life and everything that i did as a human and as of now.” i look down at the table wondering what these people were doing, my father's dead, and it was done in secret, and Wolf is the only truly revived man that came out of the dead, the only problem is, if others were to know about this, many would be outraged and maybe even start a riot. I could always make a dongle to hook my terabyte drive, but i'm not sure if that will do very much, i don't want to mess around with this unknown chip and accidentally mess up something that could quite literally change who he is, but it seems that for now, i'm going to have to find away to hook up a few terabytes to him without breaking anything. i look at him, “hey, i want you to follow me” he begins to follow me and we make it back to my apartment, “ok, i want you to lay down and rest” while he's resting i plugged my computer to the bed, and then a dome from bed closes him in, *scanning in progress* i look at the program and it begins, 24 hours was how long i had to wait, while i'm waiting i fall asleep on my desk and noticed that the scan was complete, i knocked on the glass and opened the dome, you can come out now; he proceeds to walk out and look at my computer screen, “Drone!!” my drone comes by and i unplugged my computer and then to the drone, the drone creates a hologram in thin air with a whole 3D model on the inside and outside of his body. Wolf looks down for a moment, “what's the point?” I looked at him, almost pulling my words back, but nothing came out. Wolf stares at me, “I NEVER LIVED A REAL LIFE! I WANNA BE FREE! I WANNA LIVE A LIFE WITHOUT PAIN, WITHOUT PLASTIC, NOTHING ARTIFICIAL, IM DYING KEIRA, THERE'S NOTHING WE CAN DO, ITS IMPOSSIBLE!!. And then it struck me, “There is a way”wiping the tears away he looked at my technology and scans the room around him and looks straight into my eyes and ask, “what do you mean?” in calming tone i say to him “for now i want you to live your life at the fullest here, then i’ll show you the way” shocked for a brief moment he walks into the doorway and seemingly dissolves in the darkness, and disappears without a trace, before hearing a few whispers behind my back, but very clear, “ thank you”, i turn around in a gasp, but i knew it was him. I stay up for a bit and around the midst of the night i take the elevator down to the training/range. as the elevator makes its way down, i hear commotion of some sort, almost like someone was cheering and clapping like there was a full gymnasium!!??, im dumbfounded, almost nobody comes down here unless you're part of a special group or an agent.

    ::Chapter 6::-Rise Of The Warriors-

    as the elevator reaches the floor, i make my way through the locker room and peek through a window in the door, their were organic beings, wearing some kind of special armor,all are wearing special helmets that arrow downward, their had to be at least a good 25 beings in this group, not a single one was modified in anyway nor was any cybernetic or robotic, all are human!! i never seen anything like this, i focus on what they're saying, then they all stand in a single file line while listening to someone that looks to be like their leader, “we will fight no matter how non human this thing is we're going against, no matter how strong, no matter how big, NO MATTER WHAT!!, WE’RE THE RISE OF DAWN” then they all cross their chest with one arm and then proceed to kneel down on one knee. it goes quiet for a few moments and then they all stand back up in sync “you are dismissed”