• I ran down the hall, fearing for my life and constantly looking over my shoulder. The drying food on my clothes bothered me none. I dashed passed busy classrooms, wondering how nice it might have been just to be them. It doesn't help that I'm scrawny with barely any muscle. I was only good at running, but my chaser was good at everything when it comes to maiming.

    "Finally got you!" the bully shouted, grabbing my shoulders. His grip felt like iron, and my heart raced with fear. What was going to happen this time? I could see the bits of food in his hair and on his brand-new varsity football jacket. His face was jumbled into a glare and a sneer. He dragged me right to the nearest locker. "Good luck getting you out of a locker that's broken!" He shoved me into the locket and slammed the door. I was in shock when I hurt the lock being broke and the door dented. I felt clastrophobic suddenly.

    "Help!" I started to shout once I knew for sure that the bully was gone. I was accused of throwing the first piece of food at the bully just because I was easy to blame. I was the idiot for running. That just sealed the deal. Nobody listened to me shouting because nobody cared. I felt my legs go numb and wobble. The close walls were suffercating me, and I had my face pressed against the slits in the door. The shelf had a sharp piece in the middle, so I had to watch how I moved my head. The darkness was the worst part. I felt like I was in some sort of hole, being buried alive.

    I banged on the door frantically whenever the last bell went off. I didn't know how long I was in the locker, but I was sure that if I didn't talk to myself, I would've been left over night.

    "Who locked you in there?" a voice said. It was a football player because I heard his helmet and shoulder pads fall to the ground. "Hang tight, okay?" I've been waiting for hours. Another few minutes wouldn't have killed me. He came back with the metal shop teacher who brought along bolt cutters. I was free again in twenty minutes. The door had to be bent all over to get me out. As soon as I attempted to step out, I collasped. "Wow, you should really work out, and then you won't be bullied anymore. I've got to go." The football player left as the teacher helped me to the nurse's office. It turns out that the locker that I was shoved in was my own, and I was now trading lockers with the bully. When the teacher asked me what it was like, I shuddered.