• Through four years of high school, I was the kid who sat in the back row reading. Or something. It didn't matter, because nobody cared about the quiet girl with long brown hair who didn't talk to anyone. And she didn't care about the people around her, because as far as she was concerned, they didn't exist until their world forcibly brushed against hers. And that never happened, since her world was so small, most didn't know it existed either.

    From that paragraph, you'll probably be thinking this will be one of those life changing experiences where you cut your hair and start wearing different clothes, like in all those movies that are exactly like this. No, this was far more subtle, but more important than a transformation.

    Who would have thought that the people sitting in the desks around you had friends? That the boy who sits in front of you in Algebra and never does his homework doesn't have a head just to block your view of the notes you should be taking, but actually has thoughts and feelings? It took until the end of my schooling to realize this, while most people know from a young age that people aren't objects. But for me, it was like coming out of a veil, taking off the blinders and seeing the world and the people in it. After you come out, there's no going back.