• It was a great friday morning at school. I remember getting my award for getting great grades, laughing out loud with my friends, but then all of a sudden we had a lock down! The huge speakers around the school came on and the lady at the front desk sounded panicked but also calm.
    She had said "We are having a lock down. Please go to your classrooms quickly if you are outside the premasis."
    She repeated it once more then logged off.
    The problem was I was outside heading to the bathroom!
    I had to really go so I decided to just hurry to the bathroom then go to class.
    So I ran as fast as I could to the bathroom and when I walked in I noticed something different.
    Why is the wall blue? I thought as I looked around. Usually the wall was white...
    Could they have changed it? No! They couldn't have!
    And as I walked more closer to the sinks I saw 4 boys.
    .............. OH SH*T! I thought as my heart was racing! The boys were my friends and one my old crushes!
    I didn't know what to do! I mean they were just washing their hands and talking nothing to be to embarrassed about! HA YA RIGHT! I was in the boys bathroom for cryin out loud!
    I began to walk away very slowly. Opening the door as quietly as I could and when I was out side I dashed around the corner and bumped into someone.
    Owwwwy I said as I rubbed my booty that just got thrown to the ground.
    "Liana?" I heard the person say.
    "Huh" I said as I looked up and there he was.
    My OLD OLD OLD OLD guy friend I used to hang out with ALL the time.
    I was to emabarrassed to talk, what if he saw me running out of the mens bathroom!
    He helped me up and when were standing I looked up at him.
    He was laughing? "What so funny?" I asked.
    Oh well your-
    "HEY GET TO CLASS! WERE ON LOCK DOWN!" one of the yard dutys yelled.
    "Oh sorry! we just were leaving the bathroom!" We both said and went our seperate ways.
    As I ran back to class I began thinking... Bathroom..... COULD HE HAVE SAWN ME!
    NO WAY! crying
    As I walked into class totally exhausted from all that had happend. Everyone looked up from their desks. Soon they started laughing!
    Whats so freakin funny! I thought as I walked to my desk.
    Thats when my friend whispered in my ear "Uh Liana, You have toilet paper hanging from your shoe."
    No way how can this get worse! Well it did. Once the drill was over and we went outside one of my guy friends came up to me and said "Liana if you want to see me that bad you can just ask. You don't have to follow me into the bathroom." He snickered.
    I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo embarrassed. And In the end we found out that the drill was because police caught somone with drugs nearby.
    Ugh that was the worst lock down drill day of my life!
    (By the way i NEVER got to go to the bathroom until I got home! What a waste!) lol