• March 24th 2009 The meeting. heart

    I walked into my class and saw this boy his name was Zac.When I saw him i always smiled.I went to sit next to him but some girl called Jodie pushed me out of the way.I fell on the floor and my hair went all messy.My best friend James,(I know my best friend is a boy.)Helped me up from the back and said "God Amy you look like a absolute mess!". I was like "James I know...".Well anyways me and James went over to two seats and I took out my hair brush while talking to James.
    "Attention,attention!,I said attention!!!". The whole class became silent.The person who shouted was Mrs Hashim,shes the strictest teacher in the school."Ok class welcome did you all enjoy your bank holiday?(The class started chattering about it) Well we have a new student Zac McGregor.Hmmm Amy I don't care if you don't want to but show Zac around!".Jodie stared at me in a very angry way.We contiuned with english but i'm not gonna say what happend it's very long and boring.
    After class me and James walked over to Zac."Emmm errrrr hi i'm Amy.". "Hi Zac,i'm James sooo what do you like so far about Rosshall Academy?" Zac raised his eyebrow "I've only been here for 2 hours but already got lost and alot of girls keep looking at me." "Wow lucky you,getting all the girls already!"Me and Zac looked at James weirdly.We went to the office to get Zac his key to his locker.We started looking for his locker it was right next to mine,counsidence yes i know.
    Me and James were waiting for Zac to put all his stuff in his locker."Oooh hi Zac and losers,Come on Zac do you want to hang with these losers?" "Yes,to you they are losers but to me they are cool,i think you are the real loser here!".Jodie growled and walked into the girl's toilet's.Zac smiled at me and said "what i said back there is the truth,you guy's are pretty cool."."Thanks Zac".
    A few hours later school finished and I went home.I switched on my computer and went onto yahoo.I got a message from James sayying he gave Zac my email.Then I got another message it was from Zac it said "Amy,I know i've just met you and i think you are pretty cool.I think you know what im asking you. Love Zac.xxx
    I grabbed my phone and went to Zac's house and I rang the doorbell.Zac answered the door,i hugged him and said "Yes!".I went to kiss him but he said "Amy,I want our first kiss to be special,so can we wait?"."Sure.".I went home thinking about Zac and could'nt of think anything but Zac,I have to admit i was in love!

    The next day

    I went to school and found out the Spring dance was it was on the of January!I went into my bag got my phone and texted my mom and said "Mum,can you get me a dress strapless,spring colour. Thanks,Amy.x".I saw Zac and we were talking about it and he said "It's funny my Dad runs a limo company it's called Prom limo's!".
    The rest of the day was pretty long and boring!

    The dance day

    We were off school this day because of the dance.I took a long bath,Got dried then dressed,made breakfast,fed Candy,took Candy for a walk,Listened to the charts,Called James,James came over,we talked for a while and then James went into a different room and we got changed for the dance.Zac picked us up in the limo.

    The Dance

    We got out of the limo and went into the school.All my favourite songs were playing.I danced with James at one point because me and James have a song.After that I just danced with Zac!Everysong that played I sang it!It came to my most favourite Taylor Swift song Love story i was sitting down when this came on.Zac grabbed me and took me into the middle of the dance floor and it got to the he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said marry me juilet bit and we kissed!

    The Unhappy Amy... =(

    The next day i woke up and started walking to James house.I rang James doorbell he answered,we started walking to Zac's house while talking.We got to Zac's house and his mum said he already went to school.
    Me and James got to school and we saw the pack of Zac's head and crying he was kissing my enemie Danielle.He turned around and he just said "I'm sorry?" then shrugged his shoulders!I started to cry come on who would'nt!
    At lunch I sat with James and a box of tissue's.Zac tried talking to me but i kept shouting at him to go away!

    This story is true and if you want to know more pm or comment me.