• Kami was walking home school when suddenly out of nowhere two armed boys cornered her.
    "What do you want with me," Kami asked.
    The taller boy replied, "Oh, we just want to see those."
    He pointed at her chest. The other armed boy chuckled in agreement. Kami started to inhale as much air as she could, then she tried to scream, but nothing came out. The two boys laughed.
    The tall boy questioned, "What the hell are you trying to do babe?"
    They both grabbed her wrists, locking it down to the wall. Then suddenly, another boy came out of nowhere and punched the shorter armed boy in the face. The shorter boy was down on the ground bleeding.
    The taller boy turned around.
    "What th-" The stranger kicked him in the guts and then uppercut him. The tall boy was flying in the air and landed in a garbage can. Kami was afraid, but she recognized her savior. It was her best friend for life, Karoshi. Karoshi sighed.
    "Geez Kami, do you always have to walk home by yourself almost like everyday? I knew something was up when I saw these two guys following you armed," Karoshi said calmly.
    Kami furiously shouted, "You idiot! I almost got murdered when those two were done with me! I hate you!"
    Karoshi answered, "Hey, at least you're sa-"
    Kami hugged him tightly. Karoshi, embarrassed hugged her back by putting his arms around her. Kami cried after that scene.
    "I can't believe this is happening..." Kami said to herself quietly.
    "What's that Kami?" Karoshi asked.
    "Nothing, it's nothing," Kami replied.
    "Hey, Kami, I got something to tell you and I should've told you years ago while we were still in middle school..." Karoshi said straight forwardly.
    "What is it Karoshi?" Kami asked.
    Kami's heart was beating very fast. *ba dump...ba dump... badump* So was Karoshi's. Karoshi was thinking, "Dammit... I can do it! I gotta tell her that I love her..."
    Karoshi shouted, " Kami, the truth is that I lo-"
    At that moment there was a gunshot. Kami was shocked and screamed. Karoshi closed his eyes and smiled, "Argh, I'm alright...damn, the armed guy isn't unconscious?! Don't worry, the bullet only scraped my arm." There was another gunshot. The guy shot Karoshi's back.
    Karoshi fell down forward landing into the shocked girl's arms. Kami fell backwards wide eyed. Kami regained conscience. She took a rock and threw it at the armed guys forehead, and soon he was dead.
    "Karoshi! Karoshi!! Are you alright?!" She shouted while bursting into tears.
    "Argh... I'm...okay...don't... (coughs) cry please..." Karoshi weakly replied to her.
    "Kami... (coughs coughs) I...really... love..." Karoshi didn't say the last word to her because he has passed on.
    "Karoshi?! Karoshi?! KAROSHI!!!!" Kami yelled out to the world.

    End of the flashback.