• Do you know what it feels like missing something? Anything at all, I bet you don't. MIssing something dear in life without knowing that its gone. Losing a screw inside you and it drifting to another place hard from grasping it. Leaving something behind that means most to you. Heath, friends, lover or other things. I have lost everything, I'm a complete pile of useless items pushed aside and put off till another day. But being incomplete of broken doesn't make you less than you are. People like me are always around, piles of junk, used to help put people back to where they are. So i guess being broken isn't a bad thing, it just means whenever someone else is missing something they can come to me and use my pieces of the puzzle to pick them self up and carry on. But don't be over abusive to me, take me home with you and stay with me until we are part of each other. Until these broken wings can learn how to fly. Creating a road of wind taking us higher than we ever could have gone ourself. Our teamwork, our friendship our love for it will make us strong. Always believe in yourself and those who care about you the most. This wind is so peaceful, breezing though our hair as we fly away into the empty space of the world and find a place just for me and just for you.
    Forever and Always
    There for you. In sickness and in life.